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  1. Awe man, that's unfortunate! I might end up back there depending. Hostels seem to be pretty booked lately. If so I'll let you know!
  2. I was walking down the street and made eye contact with a random person. They opened up with a giant happy smile which absolutely made my day. Smiling at people makes people smile.
  3. That sounds great! I'll keep you updated on my progress! Currently I'm in Southport and then as of tomorrow I'm heading down to Coolangatta/ Tweeds Head.
  4. Yes fight club. Fantastic movie. It's true too, that quote, recently I feel I've lapsed back into the feeling I'm made of glass bit (I used to kickboxing a lot but I dropped out) and it's not really that great. I'm hoping to get back into it. Still, best exercise ever we used to do at my dojo was crunches conditioning. You're doing crunches, someone else is sitting on your knees. Every time you lift yourself up, bam a one two to the core. You'd feel it by the end and it was the absolute best kind of soreness in the world.
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! I'm Canadian but currently travelling all over the beautiful OZ. As of now, I'm at the Gold Coast and working my way down! If any events are happening I'd love to take part!
  6. Ahaha that was beautiful. Nothing like a demonic cat cult wanting initiates. Aaaaaanyways. So far, it's day 6! Things have been going pretty well. The exercise goals have been being aced no problems what-so-ever. The 30 minutes of parkour extermination have been incredibly entertaining as well. So far I've been working in some quadrepedal movement exercises, some kong vaults and trying to learn how to parkour roll! It's been a blast. Also I went surfing and totally counted that as one of my thirty minutes. Meditation had been going good as well. No complaints there, it's just the discipline o
  7. Surfing was totally awesome and a killer workout. I wish I could turn it into a regular thing but board rentals are painfully expensive. I think later down the line when I need a job and a place to live for longer than a week at a time I shall buy a board and take up surfing. But for now it just isn't quite practical. Ooookay update time! I haven't posted in a little while because the place I'm staying at doesn't have internet and it's difficult to find a decent connection that I don't have to buy something to get. Also, my iPad keyboard (an external one like a laptop) has apparently crapped o
  8. Alrighty! Well today was interesting to say the least. I've changed locations which, while exciting, meant I had to find a new playground and stuff to play on. Sadly, after the splendour of my last one, this feels a teensy bit like a downgrade. No giant towers of rope and beauty, no magnificent trees waiting to be scaled, no short posts bathed in the sun streaming across the beach. It's just a slide and some swings surrounded by buildings. Oh well. I did it and that's what matters! Tomorrow I'm also have a two hour surfing lesson and I'm totally counting that towards my cardio.
  9. That looks like an amazing breakfast. Considering I had toast and cereal ( and not even good toast and cereal) I'm very jealous.
  10. Guys today was absolutely fantastic start to my first six week challenge. So excited! Morning workout went great! I pumped out 7 pull-ups this time which was a new all time record. (Go me) And best of all, just in time for me to leave tomorrow, I got to the end of those damn posts. It felt amazingly satisfying. I'm looking forward for what my next self appointed challenge will be. Possibly learning to surf!
  11. Hey if you can quit smoking then obviously you have no issues with keeping on when things get tough. And you have your kids as motivation which is just about the best kind of motivation I can think of that's awesome!
  12. Six times a week for six weeks is one helluva goal. But just reading your stuff I can tell you're totally up for it go get em! I believe in you.
  13. Thanks Nuala! I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the assassins as of currently. Although I've done some martial arts training in the past and I'm interested in Tai Chi as well. We'll see how and where I go perhaps a delightful medley. I'm Canadian actually, Canadian and wandering around Australia. Why do you ask?Today was the first day and it went great! I just need one more person to talk to!
  14. Not a whole lot to report today. Twas a resting day. Also the weather is taking a turn for the worse and just in time for the start of my first six week challenge :/ Anyways, on the upside, I have pictures thanks to the wonderful Tapatalk thingy. Thanks Guzzi (: This is my gym. It's pretty. This is that pesky series of posts I was talking about. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll get to complete my goal of reaching the end before I leave on tuesday. It's supposed to keep on raining and I'd rather not slip and die. And then this is a tree I climbed! I think it looks delightfully attractive.
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking the metaphorical jump down the rabbit hole and into the world of the NF six week challenge. Hurrah! My main quest goal is thus : Become physically fit and get into the habit of making exercise a priority. My overarching multi quest/more vague and abstract goal however is : Become the best version of me possible. I want to be as great as I can be. Someone I can be proud of and confident of. Also something something having abs and sex appeal. Breaking down the main quest goal into three trackable goals in threetwoone Bam 1. The Nerd Fitness Playground workout (
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