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  1. Wtf... why does beginner bodyweight workout have you doing milk jug rows when inverted rows exist?
  2. I find the one way to get really consistent readings is to wake up, use the bathroom, then weigh yourself. Unless you do something to make yourself bloat up briefly, that will probably do the trick to keep your weight measurements consistent.
  3. Okay, I've gotten back to a real gym. My gimpy 10RMs (next progression) Deadlift: 245 (255) Ab wheel: same (increasingly cleaner standing negatives) Windmill: 75 (80) Bench press: 185 (195) Barbell row: 155 (165) Modified skullcrusher: 65 (75) Squat: 185 (205) Shoulder press: 95 (105) Pulldown: 7th pin on the stack (8th pin) Deadlifted shrug: 275 (285) Hammer curl: 55x10 (60) Most of those are pretty sad, but I will make progress quickly. Just have to add weight to the bar, just like I did when I was stuck on the smith. I'll still be using 20 lb increments on the squat because that is
  4. Rack pull: 335x11. Goal 15. Ab wheel: lots of standing negatives. Stabilizing my arms is becoming the hard part. Windmill: 70x15. Next time 75. Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 225x10. 10RM testing. Replacing DB fly with bench. Seated row: 175x15. Next time 190. Skullcrusher: 115x15. Next time 125. Against all odds I'm doing pretty good as far as my challenge weights go for everything except squats. Was shooting for 285x10+ squat, got 225. Wanted 355x10+ rack pull, got 335. Wanted 155x10 shoulder press, actually got it. Gloriously, school is starting again soon and I'll have access to free barbells
  5. Squat: 225x11. Goal 15. Press: 135x15. Next time 155. Pulldown: 175x13. Goal 15. Shrug: 355x15. Next time 375. Starting to have grip issues. Going to resume grip training soon. Hammer curl: 50x15. Next time 55. Next time I do this workout, it will be with free barbells so I will have to reestablish 10RMs for everything. Since all of this has been on a smith I'm expecting to leave a few pounds behind. The upside is that all of my rack pulling and shrugging should do a pretty good job working my grip for me.
  6. Rack pull: 315x16, next time 335 goal 10+. Ab wheel: still standing rollout negatives, but I do a lot of them. Windmill: 70x15. Repeat at tighter form, then 75. Fly: 60x15. Repeat at tighter form, then 65. Seated row: 160x16, next time 175 goal 10+. Modified skullcrusher: 95x15, next time 115 goal 10+. Two rounds conditioning.
  7. Currently my lower back and core, because they seem to be the only parts of me that are strong worth a crap.
  8. Squat: 205x15, clean and deep. Next time 225 AMRAP. Seated press: 135x14. *SoClose* Pulldown: 175x13 Shrug: 335x15. Next time 355 AMRAP. Hammer curl: 50x11. Goal 15. Conditioning: 10 pushups, 10 wide grip inverted rows, 10 jump squats. Completed 4 rounds at the speed of hate, then tapped out. At least I'm gaining some cardio capacity back. I feel great afterwards, every single time. I'm starting to think that what I need to do is when I reach 5 rounds without rest, go ahead and start doing 0-5 more rounds with some rest between rounds. That way it isn't just an exercise in anaerobic musc
  9. Fitness is what you make of it. If you want to be superficial about it, there's a whole subculture of fitness called "bodybuilding" centered around vanity. On the other end of things is pretty much pure athletic training, which is what I do. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who trains almost exclusively for performance. Your significant other seems to have pigeonholed all fitness into her least favorite category of fitness (bodybuilding), which is why I can tell without any further information that she basically doesn't know anything and her little opinion is unqualified and completely
  10. Today was excellent. I am totally fried after. Rack pull below the knees: 315x13. *SoClose* I am really excited to hit 15+ on this, which I surely will next workout, because then I can start 335 and then 355. I really want to be high repping in the mid 300's again. Ab wheel: now I'm able to do full standing negatives. Before it was just a belly flop with a wheel in my hands. I'll just do those for a bit, pretty soon I'll get the real deal. Did 20 total reps. Windmill: 65x15. Next time 70. Core is getting the stronk. Fly: 60x10. Seated row: 160x13. Skullcrusher with my personal fo
  11. I have to chime in a second time - not just Ross Enamait, but also add Eliott Hulse to the list. I learn something new every video he makes.
  12. I just started doing kombucha, would be very interested for you to post your own protocol. I'm still hammering the kinks out of mine. Kombucha is excellent. Oh and just to chime in again, the food that makes me feel healthiest is definitely fasting. No comparison.
  13. Today: Squat: 205x12. Goal 15, then 225. One arm hang: see notes below Seated press: 135x11. Goal 15, then 155. Pulldown: 160x17. Next time 175. Shrug: 315x15. Next time 335. Hammer curl: 45x15, next time 50. Notes on one arm hang: it's getting awkward to hold a dumbbell between my knees. From now on I'm going to shoot for a certain goal number of natural "swings" as I hang from one hand, holding the weight in the other, and then repeat for the other side. Next squat workout I do, I'll do this with 15 lbs.
  14. I baby myself hard over illness. I've learned by trial and error that exercising when sick is like driving on a flat tire - it only makes things worse. Since my goal is to become better rather than worse, I don't do myself the disservice of exercising when I'm not even biologically capable of making progress. A whole month sucks hard. I've done two weeks many times for many reasons, but dang. If I were forced to swear off for a whole month I'd probably focus on diet and every other aspect of lifestyle that could positively impact my recovery and general health and try to make "gains" in
  15. Today I saw somebody barf hard, twice. It looked like pure water. I am wondering still if he was nauseous from his workout or legitimately sick. I got out of dodge.
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