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  1. Eek! My first race ever! Anyone else in the area planning on running (or coming to cheer and throw color? )
  2. Oooh... I have 20.2 pounds to lose until my goal weight of 150. Count me in! I weigh in on Tuesday mornings, and yesterday I was 170.2.
  3. Food porn! Paleo dinner tonight of tomato, garlic, and basil chicken; paprika, cinnamon, red pepper, and almond sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Yum! (Okay I used a pinch too much paprika and my mouth is on fire. )
  4. As promised, my food porn from last night. Lemon pepper pork chop, baked sweet potato, steamed green beans and broccoli, and fresh fruit. So many colors!
  5. Ooooh... this sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing! And keep up the great work! You slipped off track for a little there, but you've been doing great at recognizing it, making a plan to get back on track, and sticking with it! Awesome job!
  6. So much good info in this thread! This is something I struggle with too... I've been losing weight and don't want to lose muscle along with fat, but eating at a deficit + lifting is tough! I've settled into doing more body weight work and running for the time being while still working on the weight loss, but once I hit my goal weight, I'll switch my focus. Just wanted to say thanks to Alex and everyone else that provided such great info in this thread, and Steph for sticking with it and being motivation to the rest of us! (Sorry for the delayed response, I've been really behind on my forum reading lately. Oops.)
  7. I love it! This is going to be my new workout when I get bored. How long until my neighbors get annoyed with me?
  8. Still hanging in there, sorry I haven't been updating much. Been crazy at work, plus packing for our move next weekend. Let's see... 2 weeks behind? Week 4: Goal 1: Pass Made my increases, 2 days of 2 circuits of the BBWW this week. I like doing the C25K on M/W/F (although I skipped Friday for lunch with coworkers, but walked more in the evenings this week to make up for it!) and the BBWW on T/H. Goal 2: +2 Paleo dinners on Wednesday (stir fry) and Thursday (grilled shrimp, sweet potatoes, broccoli) Goal 3: Nothing new. Glad I found time to try so many things early on. Life quest: Got all the letters mailed and tracked them all week so I knew they made it. Week 5: Goal 1: Pass Another increase, I'm up to 3 sets of the BBWW! (Well, 3 on Tuesday... I was feeling sick on Thursday but still got one circuit in, because I would have been mad at myself if I didn't at least try.) Moving right along with C25K, finished week 1 finally (only took me, what, 3 weeks? LOL) but jumped right in to week 2. I'll finish that today, since it's Monday and therefore a running (okay, jogging) day. Goal 2: +3 Paleo dinners on Tuesday (tilapia, sweet potatoes, cauliflower), Thursday (stir fry - so glad this recipe was a hit! ), Sunday (pork chops, sweet potatoes, green beans, fruit - food porn incoming!). Oh! +1 more, for having left over stir fry for lunch on Sunday. Goal 3: Nothing new, sorry! There are so many more things I want to try, but at least until this conference is over I'm going to be spending lots of my free time working. And fun stuff always costs money I don't have. Life quest: Starting to get some replies in about the letters! Since we're moving this weekend, they're just going in the paperwork box for now, but I think another phase of this life quest will be to organize the heap of papers I call a file cabinet and keep better records. Oh, and that little challenge my director was doing for our department? As of the end of last week, I'm the only one still in! Which means I just have to finish the month and I get the gift card. Woo! I can't believe this is the last week of the challenge! Time to start thinking about my next quests... (P.S. I know I usually link all of my workouts in my posts, but I need to get back to work. You can all snoop on my workouts from the links in my sig!)
  9. My link is in my sig... adding all of you! I'm a walker/hiker working my way up to running... slowly but surely!
  10. But I have so much energy now! I want to do ALL the things!
  11. I pictured this and laughed. Is that really a thing people can do? o.O How's it going this week Mason?
  12. Ouch! Glad to hear it's not serious. I've managed to hurt myself, but not bad enough to knock me out for a week! It's usually just soreness I can work through. Here's to a speedy recovery and getting back on track!
  13. I actually worked out to Doctor Who last night! My director at work as a little fitness challenge going for our team, where we do things like squats and planks every day - progressively more throughout the month - with the goal being to stay in the challenge until the end of the month without missing a day. Anyone who makes it gets put in a drawing to win a gift certificate. Just a little friendly competition and fun. (I'm SO gonna win this gift card! ) So last night the boyfriend and I were watching a couple episodes and I thought, let's do the workout while we watch! SO much easier to plank while watching The Doctor.
  14. Awesome job staying on track while on vacation - keeping the indulgences in moderation and fitting activity in when you could - great job! (Plus Busch Gardens is beautiful, what a great place to walk for the day!)
  15. Feeling much better today! Thank you for putting up with my rant! Yesterday's saga continued with a package not getting delivered and trying to track it down, a 20 minute drive and back to the sort facility, where they still couldn't find it, and several angry phone calls. But it came today! Yay shiny new sports bra that actually fits, so running will be more comfortable! Plus the boyfriend took me out to my favorite Mexican place last night (and a couple beers didn't hurt! ) and then put on a couple of my favorite Doctor Who episodes - just to try to cheer me up. He's a keeper. Back on track today - did the C25K on the treadmill today, which wasn't as challenging as I thought it would be with the switching speeds and all that. I think going forward, my workout will be C25K on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the BBWW on Tuesday and Thursday. (Look at me incorporating my new things I tried into my routine!) Plus I'm still in the group challenge at work, and the boyfriend and I took a nice walk this evening because it was so nice out - my fitness is starting to rub off on him, score! Paleo stir fry for dinner tonight... I'm thinking grilled shrimp tomorrow. Oh, and the CrossFit gym I tried sent me an offer for a "30 Day Test Drive" for only $59. Hmmm...
  16. I'm realizing I get grumpy when life gets in the way of my workouts... is that bad? I need to remember to breathe and be flexible. And maybe go for a run. Grrr. Yesterday I got in some gym time on lunch (and was able to manage 2 circuits of the BBWW!), but my Monday yoga class was thwarted by another appointment. We've been trying to get into a bigger apartment in our complex for almost a month now, and yesterday - after several frustrating crossed wires - my apartment manager finally could get us in for an appointment. So I skipped yoga, but we finally looked at the bigger place. Today, I was told the committee was running ahead on reviews, and wanted to review my program today, not tomorrow! One of my teammates stopped me - on the way to the gym - to tell me to get ready. Ahh! I was prepared with my materials, but I didn't even get to use the new suit I bought this weekend. And so that meant no gym on lunch today, and I'm not a happy camper about it. I'm still keeping up with my director's challenge every night, so I'm getting some activity in - and I think I actually pulled some muscles (hip flexors maybe? something at the very top of my thighs) with all the squats yesterday. I might do some C25K tonight... or I might take the night off to soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and my Kindle. It's just been that kind of week already, and it's only Tuesday. Thanks for letting me rant!
  17. Awesome progress! Congrats on making it halfway through this challenge!
  18. Ooh, I almost forgot! That's 3 weeks of the challenge done, and I'm leveling up! According to the Real Life Role Playing thread:10 points to distribute, according to actual strengths and weaknesses. STR - My physical strength does not rank very high, but I'm slowly making progress with this challenge. DEX - I don't think speed is a skill I have. At all! But I do yoga every week and am getting more flexible as time goes on. STA - I definitely have endurance and energy! I push myself to keep going, just a little further, every chance I get. I can't always go as far as others do, but I try to challenge myself every day. CON - Resisting damage? Um... sometimes in my push to keep going, I go too far. But I don't get sick very often, so I take good care of my health. WIS - I generally am aware of my situation and what needs to be done about it. I think I picked very good goals for this challenge to work on the things I needed to. CHA - What can I say? I've lost 45 pounds since October, and I'm feeling pretty hot right now! I'm going to distribute my points like this: STR 0.5, DEX 0.5, STA 2, CON 0.5, WIS 3, CHA 3.5.
  19. So for the week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was able to make increases in sets and/or reps. I'm finding myself running out of time on my lunch breaks, so I'm reevaluating what my workouts look like. Thursday was a day off from the gym because of my physical, and Friday I gave the BBWW a try. Another winning week, I'd say! Hopefully next week I can work up to 2 or 3 circuits of the BBWW, but I'm not sure what to do on my off days. Increased time/distance on cardio maybe? Goal 1/Week 3: Pass Two paleo meals this week - paleo stir fry on Tuesday (which was a total win with the boyfriend and will be repeated weekly!), and Wednesday I grilled pork chops and had baked sweet potatoes and broccoli on the side. I bought the Nerd Fitness paleo app like I said I would, and have been using it to double check things. I was worried that salt was a no-go based on various paleo blogs, but the NF app said sea salt is okay, and that's what I use. I don't use much, and I use a variety of other seasonings too, but I know it's something I could probably use less of, so next week I'll try to do better there. Goal 2/Week 3: +2 Even though I already completed this goal, I still like trying new things, so in addition to starting my director's fitness challenge, I tried the BBWW on Friday too! It's been cold and rainy every night this week and I really can't afford to make myself sick with how much I have going on at work right now, so I haven't gotten back to the C25K yet. Hopefully this week I can continue, because I would love to be able to run without getting out of breath! Goal 3/Week 3: Pass As for my life quest, I made progress! (See previous post.) I don't care if it's baby steps, it's still steps forward. On to another week!
  20. Is it Sunday again? I totally need to get better at updating throughout the week. Wednesday... cardio + abs only, so I had enough time to do more reps! Woo! Also sticking with my director's challenge. Paleo dinner of pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Thursday I took a half day at work, so no gym on lunch. But, the reason for the half day was my annual physical, and everything looks amazing! My NP was impressed with the weight I've lost since the last visit, and all my vitals and such were "gorgeous" (her words)! Plus I still did the challenge before bed, so I got some activity in. Friday I got back to it, doing some cardio and a circuit of the BBWW! (So another new thing too!) I could only do 1 circuit, but hopefully that's something I can work on increasing in the coming weeks. Work challenge before bed again, of course. Saturday - wow how I've needed a day off! Spent the day relaxing, playing games, and reading mainly, but also went out clothes shopping at a local resale shop, because I've dropped yet another size, and I'm running out of professional clothes for work! I have a project review on Wednesday where I have to wear a suit, and last time I put my suit on, the pants were huge! So I picked up a few things cheap - another suit, a pair of pants, and a couple of skirts so I have some options for this week's review, and then the first week in June where I have another project review plus I'm teaching a class. (At this rate, by the time our annual conference comes around in September, I'll have a whole new wardrobe! So this is why our director is doing this challenge...? LOL!) Today (Sunday), I've made some life quest progress already this morning! I went through my credit report and used this template from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to write letters to request verification of some of the items on my credit report that I'm unsure of. Everything else on there is student loans, which I'm sure I'll be paying until I die. I already pay a hefty chunk on those every month, but if I can clean up the other odds and ends, I'll be one step closer to getting back on track. (And thanks Steph for the info on Credit Karma! They had a couple items that weren't on my report from Experian!) Going to stop by the post office tomorrow and get all these letters mailed certified/return receipt, so I can prove they got there. Whew! Next week I promise to not shove half the week into one post again.
  21. Totally proud of my paleo stir fry tonight! It was sooooo good! Just posting for food porn.
  22. How much does the extra heart weigh? Nice job! I had a great week, but I've been sore a lot more than usual. Only one bad case of DOMS, the rest has just been general soreness. Hot baths and my heating pad keep me going... no pain, no gain, right?
  23. Agreed with the others that said don't beat yourself up over it... everything is a learning experience! Think about what you did this time that you want to change the next time you're in this situation, write it down if you need to, and move on knowing next time will be better! Awesome week overall, even with the drinking!
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