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  1. Also, I love the IIFYM presence telling paleos they are wrong in the paleo forums..... And Waldo, as you said previously, let me know when you have a complete meta-analysis on the effects of gluten being a load of dung. There are hundreds of studies that say otherwise....as well as plenty of other people's n=1 experiments saying otherwise.
  2. You could try adding in a version of trail mix that appeals to you. You can get a ton of calories very quickly with that, and pick and choose different items to get the macro balance you are looking for.
  3. Good luck, if someone had that answer, they'd be pretty wealthy. Plenty of things that can "shorten" a cold....maybe. I usually just overload myself with as many vitamins as possible.
  4. Waldo- i just read through the gnolls stuff and can see why you dont see some it as valid, especially the error in calorie counting. What is your response to all of the studies that show differences in weight gain/loss based on the different macro ratios and identical calorie counts? It would seem that unless every single study they used is faulty, then what you say about all calories being equal is not true. Please dont just cite more studies. Id rather be a lazy american and have them presented to me.
  5. Mall- Thanks for that great summary. My interests lie more in working with people than the science behind it, and I have not delved into technical details as you have. I guess that makes me a pretty poor nerd. I do plan on checking out the gnolls series, because I haven't yet.
  6. I'm happy to discuss things, but I'm not here to take insults from someone. One of the reasons I came on here is to learn more about the "fitness world's" perspective on nutrition and health. I can learn plenty without condescending comments from non-experts.
  7. I'm going to leave it with this. I have studied nutrition and am formally studying it now, as well as fitness. There will always be a "Waldo" on the forums. Basically someone that is an enthusiast that got a little carried away with his own ideas, or the ideas he has studied. There will always be disagreements in fitness and nutrition, mainly because not everyone has the same goals. While there is no defined 100% right way to peak fitness, and peak nutrition, there are a lot of right ways. Anyone, like Waldo on the extreme end of the spectrum usually only has a partial message correct. I
  8. Yeah, unfortunately it's not, but the reduction in foreign chemicals and poisons to the body is definitely a good thing.
  9. You'll be reaping the benefits long term. It's expensive to perform a long term study to prove this, but i'm sure there are a few going on right now considering how quickly the organic, natural food market is growing. Although the obvious answer is that your food would be free of antibiotics compromising your immune system, extra hormones, and fewer pesticides. If that's how you are living now, than I find that admirable and very impressive.
  10. I am not going to argue about this any further. I'm going to go eat my highly nutritious, organic, pesticide free dinner and reap the imaginary benefits. Good luck to you Waldo.
  11. Find a study that shows that food quality matters.....Are you kidding me? That's a joke, right?
  12. Well, I did my unofficial half marathon this weekend. Finished in 1:58:07! I also completed my side quests for the most part, although not 100% due to a work trip in Atlanta. In addition, I put together 2 4' by 12' raised bed gardens, which should be ready for planting by this weekend. A very productive 6 weeks for me.
  13. Waldo- you crack me up with how absolute your knowledge is. CICO is not some end all authority on nutrition. Just as the amount and quality of your workout is important, so is the amount and quality of your food. You are in a minority in the nutrition community that believes in strict CICO
  14. It's perfectly fine to skip breakfast, unless you are skipping it because you binged the night before. One thing to consider, in addition to a calorie deficit is that the nutritional value of your meals really matter when you are skipping meals. Make sure when you break your fasted state that you start off the day with a healthy meal. Weight loss can be hard, but it is even harder when you eat empty calories.
  15. For your budget, brown rice, quinoa, in season vegetables, and beans are a good bang for your buck. As far as prep, healthier foods will typically require more prep, so you may have to ask yourself if you are willing to prepare healthy meals. Quinoa, beans, vegetables, and meat in a stir fry with some olive oil and spices give you a pretty complete meal as far as macro/micro nutrients for a good price.
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