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  1. I love that, thank you, 18ck!! I'm not entirely new to meditation. I started about a year ago during my senior year of college and just kind of fell off. I'm an avid day dreamer and learned how to channel that energy toward stilling my mind so hopefully it'll work out. As for the smoking, I think substituting for water may work sense I need to drink more anyway. I finished what is hopefully my last pack just 10 minutes ago. Wish me luck!!
  2. #1) Meditate tomorrow morning and night, #2) Drink at least 8 glasses of water, #3) a 1 hour yoga session All the while, I'm going to try my damnest to quit smoking, that's going to be my biggest struggle.
  3. Not at all 18ck, like I said in my update yesterday, had to refocus and recommit... drastically lol.
  4. Thank you all for your kind words and support! I'm definitely taking your advice, Attila and reeling it back significantly Lol, you can see my edits above if anyone is interested. Oh and Attila, the show was called American Dragon: Jake Long!! It was one of my favorites that I totally forgot about! Thanks for bringing that memory back lol
  5. UPDATE (04/25/14): So I've been horrible and have not committed AT ALL to the challenge. I will not make excuses, instead I will recommit. I realize, with the replies I've received and my lack of progress, I am trying to tackle WAY too much at once and not focusing on my core problems so here are the edits of my personal challenge: MAIN QUEST: Achieve balance and inner peace while improving health and fitness. MISSION #1: Complete beginner body weight workout at least 3x/week. Meditate every morning and night. MISSION #2: Meditate every morning and night. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  6. There's also sweet potato bread! I'm going to the farmer's market today. I'll report back later lol
  7. From my understanding of the Paleo lifestyle, dairy and carbohydrates are frowned upon. I'm fine with nixing dairy because I actually love soy milk, but dropping bread will be hard for me because I'm not the most experienced cook, I eat my share in sandwiches. Is there a brand and type of bread that is the least harmful? For example, whole wheat? I'm so suspicious of preservatives and hormones in everything that I had to ask lol.
  8. Thank you, Uberleben. I'll definitely take your advice because I do tend to nap fairly long when I do so. Also, I'm hoping that when I become more consistently active, my energy will soar. Thanks again!
  9. Seriously, though. With all things I want to change in my life and all the goals I want to pursue, I feel like there is literally not enough available days in one lifetime. I'm coming at this from a pretty exhausted place. I just recently just a full time job at Leslie's Pool Supplies as an assistant manager. As thankful as I am to have the job after months of a fruitless job hunt post-graduation last summer, it's really kicking my ass and I'm frustrated because my dream is to work on set--not sell buckets of chlorine and test pool water. I think back when I was in school. Studying full
  10. Check out TaijiZen. It's an online course sponsored by Jet Li. I signed up about a week ago and I find it very informative and useful. and the first level is free!
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