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  1. I think I got confused from the hi-tech gadgety thing. I kind of already knew that, I just hadn't heard of it being expressed like that.
  2. First of all welcome iamnotjess, to the rebellion! We're all here to help you! let us know if you have questions about things or even stuff! That being said, Hey Basement Cat, how would one practically apply the knowledge gained from the above mentioned calculators, I was wondering/hoping if you could educate me, or refer me to an article that would. whatdya say?
  3. I shoot for 5 sets of 5 on my lifts, following the stronglifts style program. I'm making sure to get enough sleep on my training days so I'm no burning the candle at both ends. Whereabouts are you from? I'm training up for a Spartan run in August. Once like late June Rolls around, I'm going to be switching gear a little bit and getting myself better acquainted with the running aspect. Do you have a 6 week challenge going?
  4. Hey! Welcome to the Rebellion! I love your attitude about progress. to paraphrase Denzel Washington in The Equalizer " Progress not perfection". Welcome again!!!
  5. SmoothRobb, sometimes you got just put your hard hat back on and go back to work. I know I did! Keep on keepin on brother.
  6. MWF I'm lifting heavy things ( Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Clean and Press, and also pull ups) . Tuesday and Thursday I alternate weeks between distance running, and HIIT. I keep checking the Chicago thread, no one in the southwest burbs unfortunately.
  7. Hey all! I'm in the South West burbs. how's it going?
  8. Hey all. Yesterday was my first day back at the Gym since July of 2014. I am proud that I picked back up. Its going to be a long road back but I'm starting the journey again. I had a very stressful several months, and fell deep into a depression. I didn't care about exercising or being healthy anymore. I figured it didn't matter anyway. The events that transpired, really damaged me, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I can honestly say, I'm still not 100%, but I'm digging myself out of the rut. Some good old fashioned boot strapping if you will. I could really use a training partner if anyone is near Morris, IL. if nothing else someone to help keep me accountable would be really good too. If someone is going to be my training partner, I'm looking to be pushed hard. I'm also going to push you hard (never in a negative way though). I'm training for the spartan race in Chicago in September. my first phase of training is Strength training, my second phase will be cardio. I'm looking to work out 3-5 times a week. for at least an hour. I guess wish me luck. Strength and Honor to all of you!
  9. "Overconfidence, that's your problem." Said Valerius to nobody in particular. "Its just a three headed troll, how hard could it be? You did survive the arena, after all. Next time you want to fight something, ask yourself a simple question... have you really thought this through...." "Be quiet over there!" Came the roar of the troll. "The nerve of some people interrupting a troll's dinner. I thought We were supposed to be the monsters." In all of his life, Valerius had never been so very over-matched. Even as a boy tussling with his father, Valerius had never been caught mid-air in one hand and held aloft like a child's play thing. He kept replaying the fight over, and over in his head. He had freed the people, and climbed up onto a higher bough in the trees, and leaped to slay the Troll. He was soaring through the air, his aim was true, and then the troll turned around and caught him. What a cruel twist of fate. The troll caught, him and in one swift motion slammed him into the tree. Valerius dropped his sword, and fell unconscious. Well the past is in the Past and thankfully I'm still alive, he thought. Now the time has come to escape this foul creature. Valerius to stock of his surroundings. He must have been out for some time, because he was no longer in the bog of stench. He was in the mountains... and there was something some type of screeching noise coming from just over the ridge... I must be in Caterwauling Canyon, he thought. Valerius looked around, he noticed he was in a three sided iron cage, the fourth wall was the canyon wall itself. The cage itself looked to be extremely heavy. Valerius searched the perimeter of his cage, and noticed that it wasn't actually anchored into the ground... Trolls weren't the brightest creatures after all.... In order to escape, valerius thought, I'm going to have to push this cage away from the rock face, and scale the canyon wall. From there, I will have to put an end to this troll once and for all, I will have to roll a boulder down on top of this monster's head... no... heads... I just hope he doesn't decide to eat me first. Ok for this Challenge I will be continuing my lifting regiments, I am also going to attempt the PLP 60 day Challenge. So to escape the cell I'm going to have to Push the cage away from the wall, enter bench press, and Push ups, (also enter the squats) Next I will have to scale the canyon wall, (enter the pull ups) finally I have to roll a boulder to the edge of the cliff, and push it over, enter (lunges? and overhead press?) anway at the end of the six weeks my goal of adding weight to my lifts is the same, as well as the number of reps to pull ups per set. So here we go again!
  10. I feel awful for falling off the grid, I am however, Picking myself back up and will be joining the next challenge. The escape from the three headed troll. My vacation threw me way off course, and now I am going to fix it. I am going to be doing a lot of body weight work outs coming up but... spoilers... Overall I will give myself a huge D on this challenge. I made many improvements. but at the end of the day, I fell off the wagon. time to pick myself back up. I will be doing a bit of writing and posting my new challenge in the next day or so.
  11. Back from Texas. It was awesome, and I spent a good 4 hours a day in the pool. (an hour and a half of that being legitimate swimming!) Had a great time. and got a decent work out from swimming all week! Back to the Gym tomorrow!
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