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  1. (Mandatory Expression of frustration towards hormone profiles being labelled Male and Female)
  2. I am not a doctor, but as far as I understand: If said hormones are Testosterone, then compare to before, to a degree, yes. If you're on Testosterone blockers and Estrogen/Progesterone, potentially comparatively harder. When your Testosterone levels are in the healthy male range, your metabolism goes up. Healthy serum levels for the Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone levels for a female lowers (Comparatively) metabolism. Once you blood work is within the target healthy ranges, it is safe to use the matching number set in nutritional calculations (nutri
  3. TBH, Quinnicus, that's a really broad topic. Didja have any specific questions? I understand not wanting to publicly discuss what transition goals you have on a forum, but that can also affect the information you may need. For the most part, the information is the same. Social aspects of transition have a minimal effect on the info; at most, local laws affecting how you access health related services come in to play. Binding, if a thing, can affect your breathing. While not recommended while exercising, how you manage binding (if applicable) is up to you - some people find
  4. It's been about 2 1/3 years since I last posted - heck, since I'very checked the forums - on NF. (Apologies to friends for going into hiding!) While my health and fitness have fluctuated quite a bit, I can proudly say that with the many lessons learned from and alongside you wonderful folks that I've managed to maintain my weight over that period of time! (losing was a frequent goal) However, I have since made some massive progress with my Epic Quest. As some of you know, I am Transgender. Starting my transition (on a physical/medical scale) required a lot of focus on changing my health for
  5. Week 5 Report Went through a period of 'really not good' this week. Made it t o and through all my emergency appointments. The Dr called it on my tapering off of my one med. I made it down to a quarter of the dose I'd been on for years, before he told me its time to cold turkey. On the pain end of things, I think the withdrawal had a HUGE effect on it. I had started Percocet to take the edge off it. Not superb to do when dealing with withdrawal, but, it held me through to the appointments. The current plan: *Continue muscle treatment without Percocet *Go to morning skills group unti
  6. Week 3? 4? Rebel report Managed to get my work schedule hammered out. Thankfully, I have two days off in a row. I've developed a major neck strain over the past week, so two days is a good amount of time to work out the knots. Stress aggravated, guaranteed. Otherwise, I'm doing okay. Not 100 percent on cooking, moving away drom written tracking, but certainly more effective than before. Gotta keep it up.
  7. Alright. Back on track. The withdrawal and situations added up to a bit much, but I developed a plan with the emerge Dr. & Crisis nurse. While I'm disappointed that I did not manage my stress very well, I am proud of how I acknowledged and responded to being in distress. Round 2: FIGHT!
  8. [bad day, lots of Trans*phobia. Edited for excessive angst.]
  9. Nope, I didn't. But I've learned that Tylenol can a bit help with the pain. Getting my papers together, excited about getting this submitted, finally!
  10. ALSO. Tomorrow, I'm headed to the registry. If they take my 'we filed your fingerprints and destroyed them' letter from the RCMP, then I will have all my paperwork (and money for fees) for my name change! *Milestone woot!*
  11. It's going good. A little warmth from the shower, a little bit of stretching - even simply while standing - made a difference. The current bump in the challenge, is the stuff the Dr. warned me about. Painful, nauseating, light sensitive headaches. I'm going to push myself at least one more day before taking a remedial dose. It's no ealk in the park, but I can do this.
  12. Yeah? I usually lay/sit down after work with my heating pad. Stretching would work to strengthen the area instead, I imagine. Good call! Time to browse Yoga journal! :3
  13. Wow! Those 3 Cs are tough ones! Crush those cursed creatures! May they dread the times they've tread so close to your domain! Brave one, a great boon you'll find as you willfully abstain; No power over you shall these beasts hold again!
  14. Hey LegoLady! I'm not in your shoes, but can understand how not feeling 100 percent oneself/right in one's skin/at one's best can be. Your goals look solid! Is this your first time working with tracking? I learned that it can be tough for some. If that's the case, perhaps we could brainstorm some options? Getting out and meeting people can break up the blues, so the social meet up goal is rocking! Are there any hobbies/pass times you enjoy that are fun to do with others? I have trouble finding things to do with others that doesn't involve eating
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