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  1. Week 5 Report Went through a period of 'really not good' this week. Made it t o and through all my emergency appointments. The Dr called it on my tapering off of my one med. I made it down to a quarter of the dose I'd been on for years, before he told me its time to cold turkey. On the pain end of things, I think the withdrawal had a HUGE effect on it. I had started Percocet to take the edge off it. Not superb to do when dealing with withdrawal, but, it held me through to the appointments. The current plan: *Continue muscle treatment without Percocet *Go to morning skills group until my next one-on-one therapy appointment. Consult with therapist about taking a more skills based approach. *Cold turkey Med 1, increase dose of Med 2. *Track signs of depression.
  2. Week 3? 4? Rebel report Managed to get my work schedule hammered out. Thankfully, I have two days off in a row. I've developed a major neck strain over the past week, so two days is a good amount of time to work out the knots. Stress aggravated, guaranteed. Otherwise, I'm doing okay. Not 100 percent on cooking, moving away drom written tracking, but certainly more effective than before. Gotta keep it up.
  3. Alright. Back on track. The withdrawal and situations added up to a bit much, but I developed a plan with the emerge Dr. & Crisis nurse. While I'm disappointed that I did not manage my stress very well, I am proud of how I acknowledged and responded to being in distress. Round 2: FIGHT!
  4. [bad day, lots of Trans*phobia. Edited for excessive angst.]
  5. Nope, I didn't. But I've learned that Tylenol can a bit help with the pain. Getting my papers together, excited about getting this submitted, finally!
  6. ALSO. Tomorrow, I'm headed to the registry. If they take my 'we filed your fingerprints and destroyed them' letter from the RCMP, then I will have all my paperwork (and money for fees) for my name change! *Milestone woot!*
  7. It's going good. A little warmth from the shower, a little bit of stretching - even simply while standing - made a difference. The current bump in the challenge, is the stuff the Dr. warned me about. Painful, nauseating, light sensitive headaches. I'm going to push myself at least one more day before taking a remedial dose. It's no ealk in the park, but I can do this.
  8. Yeah? I usually lay/sit down after work with my heating pad. Stretching would work to strengthen the area instead, I imagine. Good call! Time to browse Yoga journal! :3
  9. Wow! Those 3 Cs are tough ones! Crush those cursed creatures! May they dread the times they've tread so close to your domain! Brave one, a great boon you'll find as you willfully abstain; No power over you shall these beasts hold again!
  10. Hey LegoLady! I'm not in your shoes, but can understand how not feeling 100 percent oneself/right in one's skin/at one's best can be. Your goals look solid! Is this your first time working with tracking? I learned that it can be tough for some. If that's the case, perhaps we could brainstorm some options? Getting out and meeting people can break up the blues, so the social meet up goal is rocking! Are there any hobbies/pass times you enjoy that are fun to do with others? I have trouble finding things to do with others that doesn't involve eating
  11. Aha indeed! Also, I think I should invest in physio therapy before jumping in to that 'walk more' idea. I stood up after posting, to have my sciatic nerve give me a zinger.
  12. Oooh hey! I wound up making a duplicate post. I've been using the other thread. The address... http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/34564-hrunters-pre-t-stabilizing-challenge/
  13. Haha pretty confused as to how tapatalk works, but here goes! Today was a long shift at work! (Okay, I know 8.5 is a regular thing for some, but its long for me.) I think I'm doing pretty solid; 8.5 hours, 3000+ steps! If it wasn't mostly making the place look awesome, I think I'd rack up more. BUT! A great start. Maybe a goal for a future quest could be to do 3500+ in less than 8.5h, per day. I wonder how far that is from my house/how many times around the block? Cooked a good breakfast today. Missed out on the garlic though haha. Only 1 coffee, 1 cookie all day. All that's left is taking my meds and resting up for tomorrow!
  14. ._. Did not cook today. Doing better with hydration, but that's not part of my quest. I will catch up on my questing, by cooking twice tomorrow; I have a shorter shift tomorrow, so I am less likely to crash as I did today. I'm nervous about my work schedule - I'm supposed to be at 15-25 hours per week. I am scheduled for 33 hours next week. With this, alongside medication withdrawals, therapy getting cancelled and the growing urge to self-isolate, I'm not sure how I will manage. Days are grouped into 2's and 3's, so maybe I need to pick some solid coping tools and self care items for those days. And remember to take my break. I think I'm allowed a 15 or 30 after 5 hours of work, by law. I can probably work something out with my boss & coworkers to keep the day running smoothly.
  15. Had an appointment with my Psych - I'm clear to start stepping down my old med. Ideally, ill be lowering it by 37.5 mg/week, starting tonight. Dr. said the rough point is going to come around the 75 mg dose (starts 2 weeks from now.) I'm on week 2 of the new stuff.. It takes approx 6 weeks to see peak effect at my dose. This means I'm likely to have the most difficulty for Week 3 of the challenge. I can do this, though. I've cold turkey'd off of stuff before. This time I'm forewarned and forearmed! I should probably stock up on the food stuff Ill need for that week - this way, if I get hit hard with my isolation urges, I can at least keep consistent at building this routine. As for the stuff I'm regulating, I had a 15oz coffee I the morning. Didn't feel the sugar crash from it, but I should keep an eye out. Had a 16oz tea (non-caf) this evening, taking my meds with an 8oz cup tonight. I'm glad I can manage non-caf tea. I'm still using sweetner for it, but it helps curb the sugar-before-bed habit I'd developed.
  16. I'm aiming to get back to a protein bowl in the morning. I had been doing it for a while, it helps me sustain my weight while on my meds. 3 eggs (nutrition!) 1/2 cup potatoes, carrots or similar (energy!) 2 tbsp Garlic (blood pressure) 2 strips of bacon (flavour!) A good chunk of whatever real meat my family has in the fridge/freezer, usually frozen hamburger. (Additional protein) They make my body go through energy as Fats > carbs > protein Instead of the typical priority list. All carbs I eat are guaranteed to store, essentially. T therapy is Testosterone Therapy. My body doesn't produce enough due to some anatomy/biology reasons, so Im working on getting supplementation. They're making me jump through some irritating hoops to do it, however. DHEA is a controlled substance in Canada, so I have to be physically fit and mentally stable to be allowed the prescription.
  17. Real life roleplaying stats Hrunter Level 1 Shapeshifter STR 1 DEX 2 STA 1 CON 2 WIS 2 (+1) CHA 2 Buffs : Think! (Adventurer Mini-Quest); +1 WIS
  18. MAIN QUEST Stabilize - Must have all medical conditions under control to start T therapy. Currently switching anti-depressants, which is hitting me with a terrible One-Two of depression and withdrawal. To turn in: *Track doses of all medications, symptoms & side effects. [To ensure I reach steady state quickly & effectively, minimize withdrawal aggravation through missed doses. Ensures dose adjustments will be made in a timely manner. Allow acknowledgement and warning of potential emergencies.] * Track and Regulate Intake of all addictive substances (Caffiene & sugar products, emergency meds) [Minimizes potential amplification of withdrawal symptoms. ] * Cook (min.) 1 meal per day [Ensures nutrition, assists weight loss, in blood sugar regulation. Reinforces need to fight apathy & urge to isolate through activity.] SIDE QUEST : LIFE * Finish name change [Process name change & apply for new ID documents. Change name at all applicable agencies.]
  19. MAIN QUEST Stabilize - Must have all medical conditions under control to start T therapy. Currently switching anti-depressants, which is hitting me with a terrible One-Two of depression and withdrawal. To turn in: *Track doses of all medications, symptoms & side effects. [To ensure I reach steady state quickly & effectively, minimize withdrawal aggravation through missed doses. Ensures dose adjustments will be made in a timely manner. Allow acknowledgement and warning of potential emergencies.] * Track and Regulate Intake of all addictive substances (Caffiene & sugar products, emergency meds) [Minimizes potential amplification of withdrawal symptoms. ] * Cook (min.) 1 meal per day [Ensures nutrition, assists weight loss, in blood sugar regulation. Reinforces need to fight apathy & urge to isolate through activity.] SIDE QUEST : LIFE * Finalize name change [Complete name change process to obtain updated ID, update information at all applicable agencies. ]
  20. I had a job interview today! Oh man, a job will definitely up my activity level <3 It may mean I need to become more efficient with my mornings (cooking, BP taking, meds taking for example) but this is a BIG step up! As is typical of my challenges, my eating habits had started to destabilize around the start of 3 weeks. I am, however, maintaining the minimum 1 meal cooked by me, every day. I CAN AM DO(ING) THIS !!
  21. Wednesday of Week 2 Appetite doesn't want to calm down. I'll have to start making protein snacks sooner than later. non-cured jerky, sausages, something! Blood pressure has hit hypo-tension levels in the morning, today. 96/60 is a little too low for my liking... and maintaining a standing position, it would seem~! Its better now, but I'm gonna stick around people for the whole of the day, so people know what's up. Walking to the bookstore shortly! This'll be nice. I've also impressed my skills group instructor with some of the apps I've dug up. I love finding things like this to help people go about their day more easily!
  22. Mmkay, I'm seeing a trend with my Blood pressure measurements. Not hypotension low, but... lower than I'm used to. I hadn't tracked it since my kidney stone last year (before it was optimal, during it was terrible, little clue about afterwards) I realized... am I perhaps not getting enough salt? I've heard about this from a few Rebels working with Paleo. I only have two-three days worth of intake tracking. Tuesday: 710 mg Wednesday: 967.5 mg Let's see where this goes.
  23. Thanks, Angel. Since Monday: Fuel: I've not been tracking my eating, too often lately. I shouldn't get too comfortable with that though - I've dug up my Daily Burn tracker and turns out, I manage most of my daily intake by breakfast! Day 1: -- not recorded Day 2: (Breakfast + Evening Snack recorded only) 905/1500 kcal, 44g fat/59g carbs/48g protein Day 3: (Breakfast) 1327/1500 kcal, 59.8g fat/ 118g carbs, 60g protein I've a clear idea where the mass of carbs came from, that'll be cut back tomorrow. Monitor: I'm only getting into the habit of monitoring this when I wake up, so I have yet to do more research on how to do optimal testing. So far, its done electronically and average of 3 over 5 minutes. Day 1: 03:40, (Just after breakfast + 1c water) @R, seated, 111/86, 96 bpm 21:16, (post meal, evening. Walking around before tests.) @R, seated, 116/88, 85 bpm 21:23, @L Seated, 107/80, 90 bpm Day 2: 14:38, (after breakfast), @R, seated, 108/81, 90 bpm Day 3: 11:48 (post meal, pre hydration)@L, seated, 109/82, 89 bpm 19:19 (out walking. No rest before testing) @L, seated, 137/89, 98 bpm Activity: Day 1: Walk with Whit Day 2: Played on playground, Walked with Whit, checked out Pew's park, played with squirrels. Took pictures. Went around a few of the usual places afterwards - Walmart, EB games. Should consider a pedometer or something! Day 3: Didn't walk. Discussed another gamifying idea. Treatment Compliance: Need to catch up on Diary Cards. Found a new app that can help me track things throughout the day. Moodlytics - has anyone used it or the premium version? I'm interested in getting it, a more portable way to record throughout the day. I missed my first appointment for it, so I'll be going on four weeks of cards by the first appointment. X.x Next related appointment is on the 25th - next Thursday. I have to remember to get the time written out for mom. Slept through skills group today, that's a bit of a pain. I *do* already have the handouts for it, so I think it would be wise to set myself some homework, self-study style. Spoke to my Employment Advisor - she said she had some workbooks I could go through... I'm curious what kind! I should go pick them up. Haven't asked about the blood work, but I'm going to need an appointment with my GP anyways - I should mention my Blood pressure results and that I'm coming down with the infection mom has. I'm not as affected by it, methinks, because of the amount of rest I've been getting. I'm still showing signs of infection though. If its not gone/significantly reduced by the end of the week, I'm definitely taking it to the Dr.
  24. What the Tech? Much like it was posted in Steve's original "Avengers How To" article, I'm taking up the role of Tony Stark with my TAKE ALL THE NUMBERS!! approach. Most of it is required by my health care professionals, but I've developed a desire to bring as much of it as I can, mobile. While I have yet to figure out how to code my own apps, I am trying out a variety of the ones already out there. I'll try to add in details of the ones I'm using shortly, just building this up as I go. Just to note, I am on Android systems, but if there's an iDoodad alternative, I'll gladly list it for those who are looking to do the same, but have a different operating platform. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ptashek.bplog&feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLnB0YXNoZWsuYnBsb2ciXQ..'>BP Log Android: A little rough, but tracks Blood Pressure. Includes fields for limb, position, pressure, heart rate, Arrythmia, weight & notes. Barebones, but effective. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=AnantApps.Moodlytics&hl=en'> Moodlytics Android, possibly IPhone: Allows for tracking mood throughout the day. Can set reminders to track. Customizable with premium version, but still effective without. http://mysleepbot.com/'>Sleep Bot Android: Found it through lifehacker, tracks sleep duration, start & stop times, motion, noise, sleep debt and has Smart Alarms. Also has a small database of sleep related information. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.earthflare.android.medhelper.lite&hl=en'>Med Helper Pill Reminder Android: Tracks your Rx's, OTCs, instructions, side effects, schedule, time since last dose, inventory, prescribing doctors, pharmacy that holds your prescriptions... and a lot more. I'd recommend to anyone who has to take meds multiple times a day, with varying doses, or simply has many meds to track. They say that patients are at an increased risk of avoidable medication errors when they have 4+ medications... This helps take the confusion out of it. http://tracker.dailyburn.com/apps'>Daily Burn Tracker Android & IPhone: Adding my usual food items on to my favorites list and inputting them into the database was a bit of a pain. But well worth it. Tracks food eaten, grams of fat/carbs/protein. Can opt in for emails detailing nutritional elements missing or at low levels, on a daily basis. Requires upgrading to pro to manage analysis beyond f/c/p, sodium, etc. Handy though, when starting from scratch! Hey all, here informally for another challenge! Its continually a bumpy ride when it comes to my health. My treatment team has me working with a new medication to help stabilize things. The down side? its notorious for weight gain. I refuse to let my efforts of losing 25 pounds (Of the 80 I had gained on the last med...) go to waste. I'm trying to work the science side of things into this, despite my marginal understanding of Bio-chem/pharmacokinetics. What I know: The last medication (which is very similar) changes the order of metabolism (it makes the body use fats before carbs.) Studies say that these medications don't work the same way. Studies DO show, however, that the medications cause a reversal in a thing called 'Leptin'. Normal function of Leptin: reduce food intake (and possibly hunger) and increase energy expenditure (allow muscles to burn energy) With that function reduced or impaired, I imagine/remember hunger being an issue. The signal to stop eating is delayed/reduced/has a higher threshold. It also means my body will try to preserve energy, even when active. This overall, promotes fat storage. Did I mention this is also a sedative medication? I'm going to be going through an adjustment period for around 4/6 weeks out of the next 3+ challenges. With this in mind, I'm counting myself as sedentary. I will make effort to exercise beyond that point, but for the purposes of calculating things, that's my baseline. My plan: After my basic nutrition for the day is attained, Protein. Take in only as much fat & carbs as I can burn off. Total intake for the day should be less than my pre-multiplier BMR. Research whether carbs beyond 50g daily is necessary, provided one takes in the required amount of nutrients. If the adjustment period clears off, I intend to get into heavier exercise, as best as possible.
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