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  1. Check out Dr. Cobb for Z-health on you tube, he also has a blog. Sometimes if you are struggling with an exercise what you really need is a drill that helps your brain connect with the working muscle. I have one of his videos posted on my page.
  2. I love Get Ups, they really work the whole body. And you feel so strong when you are able to do them with the KB's.
  3. NOOOOO, don't tell me zombies can swim!!! I find it hard to believe that zombies can swim they can barely walk. Unless of course we are talking WWZ, those zombies are different. I understand the idea of popped tires and finding parts. Maybe I should be cross training, I want to make sure I survive the apocalypse
  4. So I am wondering why you would try to out run zombies instead of biking to get away. Is it because it is easier to shoot them in the head while on your feet? Seriously though you really are STILL kickin' some serious butt. Does your bike say how many miles you have ridden? You should keep track of that also if you have time just to see how far you have gone. You can put pins on a map of places you want to go and figure out if you have ridden far enough to be there. I am working my way from Tacoma Washington to Islamorada, Florida(my daughter lives on a boat and zombies can't swim). I have si
  5. Sustainable is very important. I am glad you are back in a good place now with that.
  6. *Productivity: (Without the ADD meds my life is a bit of a mess.) I feel very scattered and overwhelmed lately. Have you checked out any vision or vestibular exercises? Pencil push ups, sacades, head shakes, things like this can help you focus when you are feeling scattered and overwhelmed. This particular vision exercise is new to me but I am going to give it a try. I posted it on my page also. This guy has a lot of other videos that are free. Some on youtube and a lot on his blog.
  7. seems crazy but this stuff really works. I test with a forward bend. I also use a different vision exercise mostly sacades and pencil push ups. I will be trying this one now.
  8. My trainer would say that you are having a fight or flight response to your food. You may need to rethink your strategy a little. Maybe you could allow yourself a meal each week of something you really want. I hate to call it a cheat meal/day, I would call it a choice day. With this idea you may not feel like you have to eat that craving food(because it is forbidden) you can eat it because it is your choice. Also if you are running you may need more calories to keep your metabolism revved up. Instead of the curly fries you could eat a loaded up baked potato to keep your body fueled. I personal
  9. Your challenge sounds really fun this time around. I love the game theme! I shall be following
  10. I took my bike in to a professional. Apparently my chain was really old and had I waited any longer all of my gear wheels would have needed changed. Also the thing that guides my chain into place is a little bent. I want to take some classes so that I can fix this stuff myself and learn the proper names of parts. It cost me $130 for the tune-up and chain. Seems pricey to me but I had to have it done.
  11. Thank you, I know vacation time will be awesome! I get to spend time with my kids and my grandson!!! Thank you, you should vacation in Washington sometime the hills can be pretty big I did my 30 mile ride today in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Everyone in the group was very encouraging and helped me push myself. They also gave me some more training advice. I already knew how to train the flats but they helped me to keep count easier. It can be hard to watch the timer so they told me to count my cadence instead of watching the clock. This is also a little safer because I can keep my eyes on t
  12. Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote anything. I have been biking like a maniac and working out. Last Friday I rode 51 miles. I have been training a little differently. Two days a week I train hills really hard. Put it in the highest gear that I can manage and then push upwards until I can hardly breath. Then I wait for my heart rate to calm down and hit it again. This has really improved my speed and endurance on my lengthier rides. I am amazing myself On my longer rides on the straight-a-ways I do the same method. My average speed for just a normal paced ride has increased from 10 mil
  13. Well my derailleur derailed my ride. I could not get into my higher gears and it was just not fun plus the wind picked up quit a bit and I kept getting dust and stuff in my eyes. So I did eight miles and called it quits. I feel like I could have gone farther but honestly my legs felt like noodles even at the 5 mile point. That is typically the point where my legs just keep spinning and the bike and I just fly. Not today Maybe it was the uphill ride yesterday or maybe the dead lifts Next week I plan to log 130 miles, 30 on Monday and 50 on both Thursday and Friday. We will see
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