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  1. LOL Yea, at least I have that! Last week of challenge didn't go well. I mean I did try the 10-a-day but my body wasn't cooperating the days after Monday so I said screw it. I did try starting with squats each day but they weren't having any of it. I did get more art done and the daily routine (face and teeth) got done. I think I'm going to try skipping the challenge but continuing with the stickers routine for March. I'm curious to see how that goes. I just think I'm at a point where maybe I'm at a cross roads with challenges.
  2. You've done so so much! Congrats on the test and on slaying the craft room cleanup! Plus all those milestones, shiny.
  3. I need to remember this next time I'm doing saute. That's a pretty cool way to look at it.
  4. So, got my pointed toes climb out of the blue. ... aaaaaand broke the front bumper on my mom's car while changing them in the driveway as a "I'm a nice daughter, see?" move. Damnit.
  5. Lol no they shouldn't! I actually did scissor kick properly sometime last week and was completely mind blown. They really do help! I don't think I can continue the 4 hours. 3 yes since the last hour is stretch, but I think 4 is pushing it a wee bit too far. I keep forgetting to grab pics, but I do have some. Hound me if I don't have them by the end of the week (if you have time to)! I don't feel like it, but then again my body was all NOPE REST TIME last week, and I think it wants another one soon too. But looking back at all the stickers on the calendar helps, especially since I tried to do the 10-a-day first before quitting. Yeah, it's crazy! I've just been hitting a lot of stuff on the to-do list that takes time since I was laid off. It's been really nice to just get it out of the way. If you can set aside a weekend or two to tech stuff, then you shuold be able to fix it. It always takes longer then you think unfortunately.
  6. Thanks guys! I think this challenge is 50/50. 50% is cemented I think, as long as I continue stickers, and the other 50% seems to be stuff that needs to be done, but I don't list here. Or recovering. Monday night kicked my butt and my quads like crazy. I couldn't do much until thursday, the DOMS was that severe. Plus we had a record snowfall of 52 cm and I had to shovel that on Tuesday. I missed 2 splits, 4 10-a-day and one night of cleanser/toothbrush but man my body was just pooped. I think I need to put a bit more TLC in. I also think I'm going to try switching my thursdays to 2 hours instead of 4 and maybe do some yoga after or on Friday. My body is saying something and I need to listen. Art wise I did much better. I'd say I did around 10 hours I think? I had a few interruptions so I'm not 100% sure of the exact timing but that's a vast improvement!
  7. Funny you mention Sarah Maas since I saw her books a few weeks back while at Chapters with the bestie and was wondering if they were any good. And then promptly forgot since we went to see Star Wars. Now I have an answer lol! And it's okay to be frustrated with concerned buddies; there is a line that can be crossed from sweet and concerned to OKAY STOP TREATING ME LIKE GLASS. How to deal with it? I don't know lol, haven't figured that out except to be blunt about "yes I'm okay, I'll even check in with my body gimme a sec". You know your limits very well Karina and it's amazing. Now go get that test and SHOW IT WHO'S BOSS (well, sometime this week!)!!!
  8. Your workout numbers lady! Dang Lucky! You're doing so much For your wrists are you doing lots of stretches and even doing self massages to the forearms? You look really stable on your pole sit and OMG your invert is beautiful! No kick! Just all abs!!! So nice to see it's possible for us mortals!!! I'm glad you and your loved ones are safe and I hope everything works out for your father-in-law.
  9. I'm alive, I'm fine, I would say lazy but all the shredded paper work, the desk rail and desk shelf would say otherwise... adulting, just so much adulting right now! Week 1 I missed my 10-a-day on Friday and only did 1 hour of artwork (sketching at the mall). Week 2 (yes I know there's still tomorrow) so far I've cancelled my Thursday night classes. My body was having problems with the 10 a day (just really really not happy) so I decided to say no to 4 hours of classes. I didn't do any splits to make up for missing stretch (need to do a session tonight). Artwork is nada this week, maybe tomorrow but I've got so much momentum on the desk/room cleaning/re-organising that I really want to capitalize on it. I really do. Good stuff that happened this week; I saw my buddies at work! I popped in after going to IKEA for some extra stuff for the rail/shelves. Nothing new, it's very quiet there right now but they were happy to see me I also got to see a friend who got a position at another studio (this is the one I may have mentioned wanted me on his team mid-feb back in Nov?) after a long time of not seeing him Just random 1 hour convo at Timmies (Tim Hortons), super fun, loved it and got news on how he's doing (well) and that the project he's working on is really late. And he got confirmation for the supervisor position so I have a tentative job starting in May as a Layout Artist (YAAAAAASSS!!!). SO HELL YES. But it may get pushed back and other stuff might happen but I really want this. Been wanting to enter the art side a lot lately. Both PC and laptop are win10 now (and some internet issues were taken care of), backups were done, I started cleaning up some digital files (still lots to do). It's just full on adulting. I have barely had time to check the forums either :/ Got 2 meals I'd like to share; That is Spaghetti Squash, Mussels, Scallops, Rose Sauce with parmesan and green onions. Cook spaghetti squash as usual, steam the mussels and scallops in a pot (then sear them a bit in a pan if you want (with olive oil)), chop some onions up, grab maybe a spoon or two of rose sauce and mix squash, seafood, sauce and onions in a bowl. Then add parm and more onions to garnish! It was amazing, just double check your scallops or the next day won't be pleasant lol. An easy breezy salad. So yummy. Half an avocado, some blackberries and raspberries, spinach, feta and balsamic vinegar all in a bowl. I like having some protein on the side (small steak) and it's really filling.
  10. Thank the deities that your shoulder is doing fine! I can agree on feeling worse after chiro, my forearms don't like it xD Your hub's view on injuries cracked me up
  11. I went looking for cool dragon gifs and saw baby dragons. That's my excuse. Hope the work changes workout for you
  12. Mmmm healthy comfort food. I'm no expert with anything calorie wise, but if you want to experiment I'd say go for it. Plus you might end up less tired with the extra considering how packed your days already are.
  13. WOO! More polers Honestly? I have no clue. I think it helps that the last classes on both nights are stretch, but I know on Thursdays in lvl 2/3 I'm pretty much dead (that's the 3rd class of the night). As for money, they switched last January (2015) to an unlimited subscription model and tbh, I am so glad they did it (the other studio in town has one but it's 6 classes/week max and double the $$$). And time? Welp! That's why they're bunched into two days ------- Everything is going very well so far with one exception; my art. Which... okay I should be miffed, but I've been doing productive things most of the week (paperwork, cleaning the pc, preparing for windows upgrades and all that jazz). I knew it would be somewhat hard, but I don't think I realized how much time the adulting half was going to take 0_0 and worse is that this stuff has been compounding since sometime during my college years (which was 4 years ago!!!). Good part; I'm seeing gains on the pole! Boot camp and GymnastiPole are really helping. I managed to do tap cartwheels (exit isn't solid yet) which is a cartwheel where you do this tap with your feet in the air before lowering them. I'm able to do this with the control I've learned from handstands (which are consistent now, just need to learn how to hold them and then how to do them free-standing ). I also started on that goal for the year; choreograph a routine! We had the showcase for the studio last weekend and it was inspiring. So I decided that I want to work on mine while I have Jams in my schedule (which is like open gym). Still can't get inverted V's or cradle/crouching tiger spins yet Pretzel spins are consistent on both sides and I managed to get my splits dismount on my own (go figure, I need to be on my less dominant side for it to work!). Too bad I was glued onto the pole yesterday so none of my dismounts were working (but I learned the trick to make it consistent, so there!). I didn't log Monday night, but we did back extensions in Stretch and I'm still feeling it (plus more extensions last night yay).
  14. Right forgot to wrap up but in short, I missed only 2 nights of facial cleanser all challenge and 1 night of logging. NOT BAD. Also stickers work. I really want them on my calendar.
  15. Haha I love that's it's just show up! You already do a ton of stuff and habits you've built from other challenges Here for the regular Karina awesomeness!
  16. My cleanser is OCM too! Though I use a mix of castor and avocado oil with lavender EO. I think it's 1/3 and 2/3 respectively for the oils, but it may also be 1/4 and 3/4 or something like that. Olive and coconut oil cause too much blockage on my face :/ Took a few tries to get it right. I find it takes off 95% of makeup (I have a very stubborn eyeliner and mascara so traces of that tend to need scrubbing) very easily with a warm facecloth. BTW... made a tooth powder with bentonite clay, salt, cloves and cinnamon. I'm using it half the time and the other half is regular toothpaste. We'll see if it actually helps like people claim!
  17. WB!!! I forgot you were a vrykul. I WANNA BE ONE.
  18. Yea no theme this time. SO BE IT. For those who may be new, I'm a graduate who works in the animation field (production side so far) and my former studio is in break mode, so I'm essentially unemployed atm though I'm looking at it as an extended overdue vacation or time to be spent organizing paperwork and stuff :/ Blargh. I've been poling since May 2014 and I currently do anywhere from 1-7 hours of classes a week depending on stuff (right now it's 2 nights a week, Mondays 3 classes and Thursdays are Jam (open gym I guess) and 3 hours of class). Goals right now is to get my splits and build up strength for more pole moves (that's a big block in my path right now). 10-A-Day 10-a-day of squats, pushups, dips, leg lifts/reverse crunch EACH They're working! So we're going to do ALL four of them EACH DAY. Building on this from last challenge Splits Focus on Splits, 3x week please! 1 session with the roller/yoga ball per week So there's been improvement since the beginning of last challenge! But I do feel that adding some time with the massage roller once a week should help (it's getting really tight). Art 5 hours on portfolio/art stuff per day 5 days a week (or 25 hours combined minimum) I'm off from work, now is the chance to update my portfolio and get into the art side of things. Or even work on my personal projects (which I think in my timelines I severely underestimated lol). Need to start building discipline on this so here it is! Routine Wash my face nightly with my homemade cleanser (esp if I put makeup on!) Brush teeth (I can't believe I have to do this...) It's been working well so I want to solidify this habit. Also since I've been off work I've been a wee bit lax on the tooth brushing.... MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To reach that image of future me that I CAN SEE AND PRACTICALLY TASTE. To be ME. The best me EVER.
  19. Welp, count me in the #WeekendClub.
  20. I have progress pics and some videos! Just need to sort them all out tomorrow, it's really late here. Everything is going well, I'm still alive after I did 4 hours of pole tonig--- err last night now I guess? The DOMS is gonna be bad though. Splits have a visible improvement by an inch or two I'd say. They want to go lower but hams are being a pain with going lower. I think I need to bring the roller in now so that'll make an appearance next challenge. I've been unemployed for the last few days but have a standing offer to go practice with the Cintiqs at the studio whenever I'll try to do something with that. I spent Wednesday with a friend walking the winter trails and we got 2 geocaches (2 hours total) then restaurant and FINALLY saw Star Wars. So long day We were actually supposed to go skating on the Rideau Canal but it was closed that day due to melting alas, we'll try again. Rest of the time is organizing/cleaning :/ All stuff I've continuously put off... blerg.
  21. I need to remember this quote. --- If DOMS is that bad, I'm on the rest day bandwagon lol. If it's going to make digestion miserable imo it's not worth it, never is :S. Sometimes life throws curveballs and that should never count against your goals as long as you can find a way around them without making things worse/miserable. All your snow adventures sound fun and amazing And awesome on the paleo, it's nice to see how well it works for others
  22. Amen to that. And geeze, I hope your gym does open up in Feb! You must be getting the itch to get back on silks something fierce That's no fun.
  23. As a Canadian living in -30 C I feel like it is my duty to post something funny about this. I really admire your discipline to not VEG OUT during vacation time!!! Hope the flight is alright (or at least not crazy due to sickness).
  24. Your discipline is really showing in this challenge. I know you normally have a bunch of it, but the way you write feels like it's growing in leaps and bounds Lucky Grats on the Monday workout and the peaceful retreat Hope translation time is good!
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