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  1. WELCOME 2016! Gonna perform this year (unless something snafu's) :D

  2. Debt Free feels sooooo good.

  3. Why is it that it's only at the end of the summer that I realize that you can rig aerial silks/lyra on a tree? Goal due for next spring: convince my dad to lemme use his tree.

  4. These pants keep falling. Dunno if I should be pleased or annoyed since I bought them last year at my current weight.

    1. sylph


      Same weight but pants too big? Sounds like excellent progress to me. :)

    2. TMedina


      What Sylph said - great job. :D

    3. MogiShade


      Stop wearing pants. Problem solved.

  5. I think it's a to-do list type of weekend. Hoorah!

  6. That moment when you do an xtra debt payment and realize you're ahead of schedule :D

  7. First time on the bike this year. I think my butt is protesting :/

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