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  1. Haha it's more like I'm doing pushups in front of my office buddy's desk and people pass by and are all ??? and the ones who know I pole are all "Yep, that's Priscillia for you". Managed to get 10 pushups in a row too (hands far apart on the floor and almost boobs to floor) yesterday! Oh man I wish I had the discipline to do that. I was in bed and realized I hadn't washed my face yet (I was lucky, no makeup on yesterday, that's been awhile since I did that) or done my splits and nope, could not find it in me to get out (once I'm in bed, THAT'S IT, unless the bathroom calls). Your hubby is awesome to be positive about that btw Yea it was a bummer and at the same time, I guess I just needed an extra nope day. I was not "feeling" anything that day (crohn's was bad that morning, I had tried some pad thai the other day and NOPE NOPE NOPE) compounded with this being the last week of lots of people including myself... buuuut it was worth it since I decided to play WoW and RARE STUFF DROPPED, LIKE ASHES OF ALAR RARE. This mount if you're curious, you can only try once a week on each character for it to drop and the drop rate is less than 1% AND IT DROPPED. I wouldn't have done it after class soooo.... silver lining? It's so pretty. Yea, I mean, it just helps all around and I've never stuck with anything else like I have with this (or gone out of my way to get better) so it makes sense to try keeping it. Plus it'll get me out of the house, helps with productivity and is part of my daily routines so just keeping that might help with staying on target/schedule for stuff. It's been a life saver for that (and again helps the crohn's which I have a march colonoscopy booked :/ ). No ways to know about the job, it all depends on clients calling in saying we've got the contract which can happen at any point. In between I'll be working on my portfolio and PMH (which can also double for portfolio) but I'm going to put an emphasis on doing layouts and background paintings since I know this studio and the one my buddy has switched to are hiring BG painters in May. As for other stuff, mostly housekeeping (of the physical and digital kind) and some rebranding (last time I did that was last year of college, soooo 4-5 years ago? lemme know if any of you want to see some of the process I go through, I'm just trying to decide which one to go with).
  2. Other than that one night I forgot to use my face cleanser, I did pretty well last week. Almost forgot the last splits session but made sure to do it last night. Was hoping to do it Saturday, but between the free movie (kung Fu Panda 3) super with a friend and then a scheduled Open Raid which lasted till 10-11 PM I didn't get to it I did not do all three of the ten a days... I tried for the most part, but some days it was done an hour before bed as I was cleaning my face (literally I'm wiping off the eyeliner and... "oh wait... I didn't do the 10 thingie. DO EET NOW!") I have a case of the Mondays and am not going to class today (which is bumming me out a bit). By case of the Mondays, I mean I had all my bags ready but forgot to bring my Pole bag (I live on the other end of the city and class starts at 5:30 so no ke pasa on going to pick it up beforehand). Really need to get that second car bag ready, I'm sick of prepping my bag at night and still forgetting it in the mornings T_T Last week at work too. I'm looking forward to having a break, but since we don't know when the next project is in (that i can return on) it's making me iffy. I mean the break is awesome since I can catch up on some stuff; update my portfolio to change positions (maybe even get a junior position with another studio), clean up my CPU and its files, back ups, Windows upgrade & phone reset (it's being finicky), more purging and reorganizing, my PMH project which has been on hold due to the portfolio stuff... All house cleaning type stuff or updates, but it takes FOREVER to do and it's draining which is why I can't really do it during the weeknights and my weekends lately have been to recover haha. --- Oh it is unnerving to commit... but I should, I know I'm not good with regular workouts, so having classes that I have to book helps. And it also helps fantastically with my mood, health and my productivity normally which is worth spending money on. I guess I should hustle some commissions or get myself another job at another studio lol.
  3. Oh I hear you! I so hear you on that! It used to be 1 class per week with optional drop ins for Jams (think open gym) and Stretch for 220$ for 8 weeks. And Jams and stretch could be over crowded since there wasn't a booking system at the time. I'm not sure what the monthly sub is right now without contract, but I get it down to 100$ by using the 6 month contract. I'm using it (compared to my old gym membership) and abusing it since they started the unlimited stuff a year ago. One girl last year had about 364 bookings I think? There's an excel sheet of her stuff making the rounds at the studio, it's awesome. Other nearby pole studios have the unlimited option, but you're looking at 200$ a month minimum on their longest contracts. And I don't think they have the variety that mine has, though one has hoops and silks (and is near home I think). I want to keep my sub, but realistically, I want to at least have a job confirmation to renew (considering I'll be out of work in a week) (or at least enough commission work to cover it, which I don't have a big following for) without dipping into the savings I've built last year. 600$ might not seem like that much over time, but with car insurance/maintenance, food and other utilities, my savings could drop fast.
  4. What a week indeed Thanks for checking in on that lol! I only have 2 nights of 3 classes each week (boot/Gymnastic/stretch and then lvl 4/5, lvl 2/3 and Stretch) The other days have nothing but the 10-a-day (so squats/push-ups/leg lifts etc) so I think I'm covered for the rest. 10 reps (30 total if I do all three) doesn't really feel like much so I should be okay? I will! Though I only have my pole classes until March 8th (I become unemployed after January 22nd and unlimited pole classes are 100$/month) so we'll see after that. ---- The DOMS is with me today. Stretch class was lovely, 2/3 was... I don't know. Maybe it's because of the 4/5 before that (it was mostly a recap class, nothing new) or I was still sore from Monday (possible) but it wasn't really... profitable? Or maybe it was that my thighs were hurting (uhoh, lost skin tolerance I guess) and my right hand was blistering? Eh. We'll see next week. Got all my stickers yesterday Only missed 1 for the whole Challenge so far
  5. ... and Snape is dead. WHYYYYY. RIP Mr Alan Rickman Sigh. Tuesday I forgot to do the face washing and I only remembered to do 10 squats (nothing else) yesterday. Many of my muscles are still tender. I've got 4/5, 2/3 and Stretch class tonight too! Feeling so tired lately too. Haven't really made head way on some of my personal stuff (or maybe I'm just trying to get all the stuff done when I know I need to have a good bit of down time to recharge?).
  6. Grats on the 9 pullups! And the leftovers sound really good mmmm!
  7. Glad you survived the flight and I hope all the sun shine helps with the gooey ickies! And man, I agree with Starpuck... I'd be saying which toon was what level or which art-thing was finished instead of exercising. Bonus points there for ya!
  8. WHATEVER I SAID ABOUT DOMS LAST WEEK DISREGARD. HOLY CRAP WHYYYYYYYYYY. Ps got all stickers yesterday and wrote down in my book. Also I'm finished work in two weeks. Feels weird.
  9. That is AWESOME. (also AMEN on the shoveling business. Ugh)
  10. Well, that's one way of doing staddle/middle/front (w/e you call 'em) splits but I like the lazy version where you let gravity do its job. Not that it's actually lazy, you're working muscles in there for sure. Side splits look like this. I agree with you, I want a handle for those! There's also a version similar to the straddle one that you use with straps, some people call it supine leg cross I think. I just call it upside down split with band thing (so eloquent I know ) but it does help, especially if you rotate the foot or move it towards one side or the other slightly since it hits different areas that way.
  11. Eh, gimme the original trilogy with their kids and I'm happy. 2/3 just doesn't really do it for me... I do hear good things about Clone Wars and Rebels though (the 3D series). Hope the sickness goes away soon! And I agree on the more weapons stuff
  12. Nice to know the diet is helping big time Speaking of stretching, have you tried doing splits (front mostly) against the wall? You're mostly letting gravity do the work but they seem to help go deeper once you relax and let go.
  13. So question for anyone playing around with the new shiny now that it's out. Are you all just starting at lvl one or are you adding some milestones from your epic quest that have already/previously been achieved? Kinda curious.
  14. Nope, tried that and didn't work. Audiobook wouldn't fly since the tv is loud and literally beside the kitchen :/ Even my headphones doesn't cover it up completely. Just gotta keep on keeping on, they won't change and I've tried everything to mitigate it (even up to offering to buy a dishwasher). Gosh, I'm probably the sissy-est in Boot Camp (or the one with the least amount of strength, or the weakest back/upper body muscles). I have to pace myself if I want to make it through and through the next classes xD Yes I do have fun! As long as I do just a tiny bit better than the last time, I'm good. The handstands are really coming along well. I'm not banging against the wall any longer, I'm actually just gently touching the wall. It's literally just getting my other leg to follow up and consistency. THEN I can start working more on variations and maybe deadlifts (I have no clue if I have enough core strength for that one...). I didn't do all 3 of pushups, squats and leg lifts daily, mostly 2 types each day, but I did yesterday (before splits (upside down so gravity is helping)) so I'll try doing all three each day this week. I won't penalize myself if I can't do it. Last week was perfect, got my stars (10 a day of 1 thing) and ladybugs (face wash) each day and 3 flowers (splits).
  15. That scarf looks AWESOME. And wooo Protein Woo knowing when the gym opens back up too!
  16. I'm confused on the working part, are you counting hours with clients in that? From everything you've said, you already look pretty busy with work stuff (which is why the 18 hours in 4 days is confusing me, it sounds so little compared to what you're writing down) not to mention mom/family/adulting stuff (and workouts). You are you, and you do you well And yeah you're inspiring on the adulting part, seeing you marching straight through it and get-r-done is awesome and makes me want to do so too. Hope your morning/day is going well!
  17. Aight, soooooo Monday. BOOT CAMP Warm up (had toe touches/V ups) Body Circuit; 1 minute each, rest 15-30 seconds (grab water) and repeat;Mountain Climbers (focused on plank position so I went slow)Continuous Fan kick Sit up variation Pencil Prep; Do the amount of time/reps and do as many as possible in the time frame given (can't remember the times...)Inverted V Prep/StrengtheningTitanic PrepSome partner stuff that included Russian twists passing an item around the pole, throwing leg lifts and table dips (this last one did not go well, partner couldn't hold my weight when it was my turn for dips, but we weren't the only ones) GYMNASTI POLE Warmup (Fighter from Xtina) Handstands (YEAAAAA! Just need that leg to lift up and I'm good. Now it's to get it consistently, then maybe I'll move to try deadlifts?) Elbow stands (can do without pole, but end up doing a walkover type) (tried 1 handed elbow stands on pole. DAAAYYYUUUM) Shoulder mount prep (I fail big time here) Cartwheels; need to keep legs straight, point toes and work on bad side. STRETCH Splits Back Twists Partner Shoulders and Back Hips
  18. We mostly hold static in stretch class, but our teacher is always telling us that we can adjust things or go deeper if we hold long enough. I've not really looked at GMB (and I should) other than ring exercises... I'll need to take a look at that. We do pulses in Gymnasti Pole and Boot Camp though. Especially on Needle (actually my left leg is really high on that now). Day 2; 10 leg lifts (with my big winter boots on hey~oooo) AND 10 squats. Washed my face 2 stickers! Starting to think i should do squats/leg lifts/push ups daily instead of just ten of one... I wish it was as easy as imagining the dishes are mine in my own place... Spoiler because it's ranting and actually pretty disgusting. Thanks for mentioning the option Lucky, it's still appreciated And the teapot! Well, the cast Iron one is still in it's box, but I may take it out soon. With my mother's family we have a gift stealing game for xmas and this year I ended up with a glass teapot. I used it as an excuse to buy this for it (I've been eyeing it since I got the other teapot) and I've used it once on the weekend with Ruby Cider tea (the candle completely burned out so I chilled the rest and then poured half chilled tea half ginger ale and it was AMAZING). I'm very pleased, though I wish they would double wall the glass teapot itself (doesn't look like they do that for any of the glass ones). I may end up with a stripper shoes and teapot collection in the future...
  19. Bottom Right of your opening post there's an Edit button. To add tags, click that and then click the Full Editor
  20. I said Jesters in the main challenge update because that always makes me think of crazy performances and sounds more fun. And Harley Quinn. I didn't realize that some people would take offense to that connotation. When I look at professional aerialists/polers, I look at Cirque or IPC and lots of them incorporate story elements (sometimes comical, like Kristy Sellar's recent IPC 1st Place performance), which are both pretty and artistic but also comedic and flamboyant. Bard works fine, and glad that crafts/arts is under Artisans (sooo many people!)
  21. -shifty eyes- I did NOT click on the shiny. Oh who are we kidding. IT'S SHINY.
  22. You hit all the right buttons with that list! I'm not sure, but there was a recent post on Mark's Daily Apple in the success stories about Accro Yoga Comunities? Maybe there's something similar in your area if your friend and your schedules don't line up sometimes
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