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  1. If you're eating clean, is he eating what you're having? I find that even if I have to stop exercise for a month or so, as long as I'm eating well I've still got lots of energy to spare after a long shift. One of my coworkers says trying new healthy restaurants or even making healthy recipes (sweet potato pizza etc.) has been a good bonding time with her partner. Doesn't help that whenever she brings in lunch it smells heavenly.
  2. From lurking the forums for awhile, I can agree with you on thinking Nuala doesn't sleep! Actually, it does explains the robot part I'll take a look at the challenge, though I think maybe for this 6 week challenge it may be best to stick with classes since I'm such a noob I'll take you up on help once I get more familiar with it. I tried yoga at home once (right after I got diagnosed with crohn's) but I never enjoyed it. The class though... I was able to talk to one woman before for quite a bit and the instructor was amazingly calming. The atmosphere was completely different from when I tried it at home. I think this may stick this time around Debt wise I wanted to make an extra payment this weekend but I forgot about a kickstarter that I pledged to a couple months back (i'm also very pleased it's over because I'm psyched on receiving the product!). That dinged in this weekend so credit card needs to be dealt with this payday instead of the next one. Still on track for this month, just delayed to the weekend after next. Plus, my tax return should come in and I can send it in that direction too
  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I actually wrote that as burger at first... shows where my mind is. Hope the anxiety has calmed down a bit, though it sucks that it was on your birthday Your pistol squats video looks like fun! Also your splits I wish I could say something more, but I'm nowhere near doing some of those.
  4. Did some constructive retail therapy yesterday There's a new sports outlet that opened near my home and I went in to see if they had yoga mats and massage rollers. They have massage rollers at the gym and I've used them a couple of times but... they seem to go missing a lot recently :/ Thankfully they had both. The massage roller has all these little bumps and grooves on it as well (I'd post a pic but instagram is down ). And today's therapy was... Bacon! And on sale too. I smell bacon wrapped asparagus in my future. I also went to the gym today for my first ever yoga class. While waiting for zumba to end, I had a conversation with another lady that suggested trying the BodyFlow classes after yoga as well. it's something to think of since the classes are much more available for my schedule. I must admit, I did like it! Very relaxing But I think my balance and wrists need more work... something to keep in mind for future challenges I guess!
  5. Those Camels and Cataphracts. Especially the cataphracts D< Oh man that'll do the trick. I can just imagine a wall of that gif if I even mention looking at sundresses
  6. Ouch! I can't imagine it having less functionality from what it currently offers... MFP integrates with other apps? That'll be something to check for me in the future then I don't currently use any fitness apps other than LoseIt! (I dislike running but will do it to help my other goals) but that may change. Occupational Hazards ftw And nah, I was just teasing you with the blasphemy post, though looking at it again, it might not come across as such on the Internet.
  7. I am humbled by your presence oh great assassin robot mistress of pain! Thank you for the generous welcome! ...And now I feel like Thor for speaking like that. I'll make sure to sneak in there every now and then Aerial and bendy tricks fascinate me
  8. I remember that interview! And when all the HP/DM shippers went nuts over it (I ate soooo much popcorn). Good times
  9. Thanks! The LoseIt! App is how I'm logging EVERYTHING~ I've found it very useful to see the caloric intake as well as the Protein-Carb-Fat Pie. I should probably edit the first post to have a link towards it (although there is a link in my signature). Also, I call blasphemy! Lizzie McGuire was probably the only good tv show for younger girls at the time that didn't make me want to tear my hair out in frustration (mind you I watched Beast Machines and DBZ as a young girl...)
  10. Oooh that is so good to hear, I really was hoping it'd help me feel much better and relaxed. I've been really squeamish about going to a class (well to be fair, the gym classes are almost always jam packed at the Good Life across the street from work) for awhile now. Also so glad they explain the "Whys?" in that website I like the fact that I can do that at home if I don't want to go to the gym at odd hours (or across the city) for a class. Thanks! Thanks! Now the problem is to not default back into lurking lol. I'm glad, I love doing the prep work for things but my problem is to follow through it completely. So accountability ftw LOL not here and I'm already being kidnapped? I haven't tried pole yet but since college (which ended 2 years ago) I keep being drawn to youtube videos of performances. I figure if I can lose some weight and gain strength, that'll be my reward to myself around July I know! I was so sad when they finished. In fact that was around the time I started to not watch tv anymore... Thanks I was kinda hoping to do something harder, but I figure start slow and "easy" and then build up the momentum. I'm looking forward to the yoga (I've been such a wuss about going to try the classes at the gym...)
  11. All this aerial/acrobat talk is interesting! Mind if I stick around? (also saw the food porn from last challenge which was drool worthy!)
  12. Congratulations on the progress you've made! I'm gonna stick around to watch you reach your goals Though you've mentioned you already have 3 Alarms to help with goal 3, have you considered using an app like SleepBot?
  13. Found my grading paper! Quest 1 – Log ALL the food!​​ 40+ = A34-39 = BUnder 34 = FQuest 2 – Workout 3x per week​​ 3x/week = A2x/week = Bunder 2x/week = FailQuest 3 – Dedicated Yoga/Stretching 1hr per week Pass or fail for the week6 total = A5 total = B4 total = Cunder 4 = Fail QuestLife Quest 1 – Draw and POST 1 thing per week MINIMUM ** Backed out of this one on week 5 (see reasoning on p.9) It's 6 total or FAIL!Ongoing Gold Quest – Get rid of debt by Dec 31st Not grading this one
  14. Thanks I was looking for regular excercise gifs and saw the Stormtrooper and that was that, ehehe. Also I think Yoda's quote is 100% applicable to any fitness goal. You can start by seeing if you like something (i.e take a teaser class), but after that it's all in or bust. I wouldn't know about addictive as I haven't really tried yoga, just lots of stretches. But the stretches make me feel so good since I've been feeling pretty tight in my muscles. But yes I hear it does compliment strength training very well which is another reason to make it part of my base rotation Glad to have you following! I hope you don't mind me sticking like a barnacle to your thread ;P Awesome! Glad to have you along for the ride!
  15. Totally subbing! Love your quests, especially the biking (our bike paths aren't opened yet). I adore your sprites for your role model! Chun Li is such a good choice (I'll always root for ass-kicking ladies)! Also, I can completely sympathize with not having any time to write (or in my case draw/world build for comics).
  16. Hello All Nerds! So as per my normal modus operandi, I've been lurking for a looooong time and figure I should de-lurk if I REALLY want to level up. Or use a cheat code. I like cheat codes Remember the Age of Kings (AoE2) (no not Area of Effect) ones with the super dog and the sports car? >D Motivation I want to get my weight down to make learning new skills easier (like say, pole dancing (and lunges, but I hate those so they can stay gone)). And to fit back in my old clothes. Main Quest For Challenge – Base Rotations and why they are necessary… TL;DT, got sick, -insertpersonalproblemshere- and then ate a trigger food which flared my crohn’s up like whoa... which broke habits that I was trying to build. I’m setting myself up this challenge to learn my base rotation. That way I can add gained abilities to the rotation while I level up without losing the base (i.e heal, gheal, renew, PW :S and then you add stuff like PI, PS and lvl 90 talents to save the day). I’m also doing it this way so that I can continue to gain ground on my recovery from the flare. Or, if RNG doesn’t like me, I can at least try to minimize the effect on my habits. Quest 1 – Log ALL the food! To help track/analyse my intake and the proper measures I need to take, I will log ALL food in the next six weeks with only 2 freebies (usually used on all you can eat sushi days). This includes SNACKS and the WEEKEND, which are the two things I haven’t strictly checked. This will also enable me to more closely analyse if a food is no longer safe for me to consume or causes a flare (no, I didn't really bother with journalling before unless I was in recovery mode). This will be logged with LoseIt! Quest 2 – Workout 3x per week to help recovery and automate habit Exactly what it says Workouts will be logged within LoseIt! (mostly as callisthenics). Most workouts should be the BBWW modified (2-3 sets of dead lifts before beginning circuit and no lunges since they’re killing my knees). -EDIT- 1 Workout is now a pole class The true goal behind this one is to build back a habit I broke when this flare settled in after I got sick in February. I want to have these workouts automated so that I can concentrate on upping the difficulty in future challenges (or later in this challenge). Quest 3 – Dedicated Yoga/Stretching I want to be more flexible for future challenges! I also need to learn to slow down and savour the moment (Pandarens -sigh-). I've also found that even with stretching after a workout I still need to stretch A LOT during the day. Each week I will do 1 hour dedicated stretching/yoga session, preferably going to a yoga class. This is a completely new thing for me, but I think it will support future endeavours. Again, I will be logging this in LoseIt! -EDIT- This has now been bumped up to 2 sessions per week. Life Quest 1 – Draw more and keep an online presence Finish at least one image (or a bunch of sketches) and cross post it (most likely to my sketch blog, then personal tumblr and so on). I have a bad habit of starting gazillion sketches (which really isn’t a bad thing) BUT NEVER POSTING ANYTHING. I need to make time for it and get into the habit of keeping an online presence for future goals. Ongoing Gold Quest – Get rid of debt by Dec 31st As long as I don’t buy frivolous stuff, I’m on track If you see me debating on frivolous stuff, you have permission to find the craziest NO gif and shove it in my face. Long Story short, I got a car in October and challenged myself to try and have it (and my student debt) paid off by the end of 2014. TL;DR Quest 1 – Log ALL the food!Quest 2 – Workout 3x per weekQuest 3 – Dedicated Yoga/Stretching 1hr per weekLife Quest 1 – Draw and POST 1 thing per week MINIMUMOngoing Gold Quest – Get rid of debt by Dec 31st I've got extra stats/grading sheet at work. I'll post those in the morning Looking forward to the challenges, new friends and the gif-fu masters! -Edited to add measurements- APR 15th 2014 Bust 45 Underbust 37 Waist 38 Hips 46 L Arm 13.75 L Thigh 25 R Arm 13.12 (1/8th) R Thigh 24.5 Week 1 Recap! Log All The Food - CHECK! Workouts 3X - B, missed last workout due to pain Yoga Stretching - Passed! Did 1 class and 30-40 minutes of massage roller Draw and Post - Failed! Lesson learned; you should still post it if it's not perfect because something else will derail you later. Week 2 Recap! Log All The Food - CHECK and used 1/2 freebies Workouts 3X - A - (2 BBWW and 1 Aquafit) Yoga Stretching - A - 2 Yoga classes and 20-30 minute Rolling Draw and Post - Passed! Posted in Queue Sunday Night (auto post done on Monday) Gold Quest - Payment Made Next one scheduled in May. Week 3 Recap! Log All The Food - CHECK and yuck! lots of take out. Workouts 3X - A - (2 Pole sessions and 1 Water Aerobics) Yoga Stretching - A - 3 Yoga classes Draw and Post - Passed! Posted in Queue Sunday Night (auto post done on Monday) Gold Quest - April Pass, Next in May Week 4 Recap! Log All The Food - 2/2 Freebies Used and 1 Missed (we're in B territory now) Workouts 3X - B - (2 Pole sessions, decided to take a break) Yoga Stretching - B - 1 Yoga class + some stretching, but not dedicated Draw and Post - Passed! Posted in Queue Sunday Night (auto post done on Monday) Gold Quest - April Pass, Next payment either this week or after May 23rd Week 5 Recap! Log All The Food - Check Workouts 3X - A - (2 Pole sessions, Bike ride) Yoga Stretching - A - 1 Yoga class + Yoga outside Draw and Post - Fail ** See full recap on Page 9 Gold Quest - Next payment week 6 estimate Week 6 Recap! Log All The Food - Mostly Check (Missed Sunday) Workouts 3X - A - (Pole Jam, BBWW with BFF, Lawn) Yoga Stretching - A - Stretch class + Mix of Yoga and Massage roller (40 min I think?) Draw and Post - Challenge Fail due to not forming Gold Quest - Still on track (need to schedule payment or hold on until after colonoscopy, same amount either way)
  17. Thanks for the replies (sorry for not responding earlier, crohn's is being a pain and work is busy)! JPrev, that's good news to me. I remember not having problems with them (lunges) last year (but I was 20+ lbs lighter) so IMO you're probably right about waiting until my bodyweight goes down before bringing the lunges back. By balancing exercises, I'm guessing that would include some yoga poses and certain stretches? I'll keep the cardio in mind once I feel better and it's nicer outside. I'd rather bike outside then be a hamster in the gym Phylanx, noted! I hate when my squats and deadlifts aren't in proper form so I'll be extra careful
  18. First things first, hi! I'm Priscillia, you can call me Pris if that's to long to type I've been lurking on the forums and the site for quite some time now and decided that I should participate on the forums to continue lvl-ing my life (I'll be starting the 6 week challenges on the 14th). As stated in the title, I'd like to try some modifications on the BBWW. I love it so far, but the lunges are killer on my knees (and my balance is horrible). Is there anything I could replace them with for every second workout? I'd still like to try to improve them, just not every time I workout (I honestly am beginning to hate them and it's affecting my willpower to do workouts :/ ). Another thing I'd like to do is add deadlifts. I don't mind if it's every second workout, but would there be a certain spot in the BBWW where it would be optimal to add them? Otherwise I'd be tempted to do them a-la New Rules for Women Stage 1 (2 sets of # reps then next workout). A bit more info; I want to be able to deadlift 100 kg (I was at 40kg when I stopped 2 months ago) by Dec 31st. I want to be able to do either a chin-up (if I can manage a pull up even better!) by the same date. My plan is to modify the bent over dumbell rows in the BBWW to follow thisI'm returning to working out (Crohn's + Cold stalled me for a looooong time). I think I'm at 205 lbs now.When I do BBWW, I usually do 5-10 minute warmups, then 5-15 minutes biking before starting the circuit (2-3 rounds) and then stretchesThat's pretty much it for now. I'm more interested in seeing if these two modifications are a good idea before I attempt them. Thanks!
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