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  1. I think my biggest fears with Mirena are "if it doesn't work" (insurance won't cover) and perforation since I do want children in the future. Though I read that you can heal the perforation (I thought it was permanent lol). Amen to that! Also people have a tendency to only search for stuff that is relevant/worrying to them and once they've got the product/service w/e and are happy with it, they'll usually forget or comment if prompted about it. Which doesn't usually happen ;P Love to see positive threads on stuff I'm searching for since I'm currently debating on shelling out for Mirena to help with dysmenorrhea (plus I have chrohn's and the last 3 pills have either done nothing or screwed something up).
  2. I'm confident you'll probably blow away even your own expectations for this week (even if you're not counting it). GL with everything going on!
  3. I bet she absolutely has. I swear dogs -actually pets in general- have such a large capacity to love (not to say humans don't, but we can be mean about it). I hope her last day was well and well wishes to you and yours Mediaguy. As for the wrist, have you tried massaging the forearm if it's tight?
  4. Sounds like your week went the same way mine did (but you kept to your goals much better than I did, +willpower on you!). It sucks being sick. Hope you're feeling better (and your husband too!)
  5. Week 2 (5 week challenge) Recap Soul - Walked outside a couple times Mind - Fail (super stuffy/sick, spent most of my free time married to my bed/buckley's) Body - Work treats 2/1, No Soda @Home 2/1 Boss Battle - Nada Other than walking outside a couple times to clear my head last week was a womp womp fail. Do I care? NO because I still have remnants of this damn cold to deal with. Seriously this thing is on week 2 (though it's much more tolerable today). Had to cancel ballet last Monday. Had a second sweet sometime later in the week (can't remember what but it as goooood) and forgot to make super on Saturday (I went to poutinefest and had my soda there earlier in the day) and at that time just said screw it and got a yummy burger (and the combo which had more root beer that I could have gone without)(this was also late at night after a looong day of cleaning/going out ect and I had a hunger induced headache :/ not good). Otherwise, I was doing really well with the soda, no small part due to the 2L loose leaf ice tea container I have now. It's been a god send. I was slightly sceptical before, but man do I love having it now. I need to buy more of this pink lemonade rooibos tea too. It's AMAZING both iced and hot. The 2L I made on Sunday is almost gone (normally takes me a week to go through it). This week is going a bit better so far; I've had Ballet Monday (lots of sweating, it's a real workout!!! Still surprised by that since my teacher makes it look effortless plus it doesn't look like much. So deceiving), meditation done, lots of cooking done (two days no grains without even noticing until today when I had a crescent) (Scallop Alfredo with zucchini noodles, egg breakfasts, cottage cheese breakfasts, Spinach salads with feta/strawberry/blackberries/walnuts and greek sauce, paleo 2 bite brownies!). No sweets at work yet and no soda at home (a surprise soda at work but I'm barely touching it. Doesn't taste all that great vs water). Sorry I'm not actively cheering you all on, I'll be trying to catch up on work/messages I've missed due to the stoopid cold. Just figured I'd let y'all know I'm still kicking lol
  6. The fuckits seem to be contagious (at least for me). Has going to a chiropractor done anything for the elbow/tendonitis stuff? wooooo video!
  7. Jeeze 42 days no bathroom? Dang you're a trooper Karina. Glad you got to go on the bike this week
  8. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather this weekend! For both of us!
  9. Never thought about adding them to chicken salad (the fried ones). Aww maaan, now I want some (or deep fried pickles. maybe both lol)
  10. Put the smoothies in 2 containers or make a batch for 2? Though I find with spinach, keeping it overnight isn't always best. If it's straight fruit (mango, banana, blackberries, strawberries) I find that holds well for a few days in the fridge. Spinach I find seperates the fluid (though if you shake it it's all good).
  11. I might join you on that bandwagon. --- You're doing amazing Rowan And I find I have the same affliction when I switch from lots of grains to lots of veggies. Sometimes you stomach just doesn't like them.
  12. Holy planking and pushups! You rock Lucky! And your new pose looks like scorpio (just with the hands on the pole)! Yaaaaayyyyyyy! Gemini is the one with the outer leg on the pole. They usually say people will prefer one over the other
  13. THOOOOOOOR!!!! See this is stuff I wanna do, except a la Metroid or Legend of Zelda. There's this other video of doubles dressed as Mario and Luigi... lemme hunt it down when I get home! And thank you -hugs- Leg lifts on the floor not strong enough for pole (more like my grip keeps slipping nowadays for some reason... used to be able to hold on for 15s and now I just keep slipping after 5-6s...) just yet. I'll need to try the slow situp excercise if only to find out where I need to work on. I swear the warm ups on GymnastiPole are butt kickers. And I have bootcamp sometime in the next few weeks :S
  14. Week 1 (5 week challenge) Recap Soul - Walked outside on Tuesday Mind - Meditation most of the week (not on the sick days) Body - Work treats 1/1, No Soda @Home 0/1 Boss Battle - Nada Yep. Spent my weekend married to my bed, tea and buckley's. Most of Friday and Thursday as well. MIssed Sparks Street Poutinefest (though I'm told it wasn't as good this year), but there's a new one at City Hall next weekend (HOW IS IT ALREADY GOING TO BE MAY?!?). So I'll pop down there and walk to a couple stores downtown next week for the outside part (and maybe do some more walks this week if I'm not hacking away. stupid cold). It's always the end of the week where meditation fails. I'm not bothered this time because every time I woke up I had even worst symptoms of the cold (eww) and recovery is always priority in these situations. On the plus side, my arm is doing better. Looking forward to getting videos tomorrow. Already used my work treat for the week (delicious strawberry muffin). I'm kinda hoping Ballet class is cancelled tonight if only to get groceries done and get some cooking for lunches ready.
  15. They are! You can deep fry them, wrap them in bacon and replace mayo with them in lots of recipes (like egg salad or chicken salad). A co-worker of mine used the egg salad one and put it IN half an avocado for a special garnish during a potluck based on the recipe I shared with her. It was awesome! Yay! I love it, though it's the cocoa powder you want to double check on. I know costco in my area has a dark cocoa package that's good quality (rochelle I think) and Fry's works well too. ... I also saw chocolate hummus floating around lately...
  16. Ever tried sliding down slowly like that? I've found just holding it there is okay, but slowly sliding the thighs down to the floor (and upping the time it takes to do so) is more painful/helps more for tolerance because of how the skin grips (and you're sliding it downwards too). You pretty much end up doing a push up once your hips are parallel to the shoulders
  17. Holy morning WIN. you'll figure out the meditation thing. Maybe just make the one during yoga a bit longer?
  18. Laser kitty sounds better than demon kitty (though I'm thinking cute demon kitties that get into everything lol)! And dang does that bathroom every look clean and stylish (DAT TUB). Just a little bit longer and you can take the longest shower/bath/w/e EVER in there!
  19. Get better soon! Wrist stuff sucks Break a leg (not literally please!) on the final performances!
  20. I still don't feel ready to even TRY scissor kicks. I mean, your teachers have you doing inverts without momentum to kick from right? Ours haven't gone that path. And while there are girls in my level who can actually do a shoulder mount with spotting after trying it last class, they do other workouts like rock climbing and stuff. I just don't feel comfortable with it, mostly due to the fact that I'm not strong enough atm/worried about injuries. Still can't manage inverted Vs either. I hope so too. If not, there's a chiropractor across the street from work that a few of my co-workers recomend. Might need to go anyways if this grip stuff gets worse :/ Ah well. Yep! And now that it's summer I can go outside to do them instead of getting weird looks at home or people telling me to gtfo from in front of the tv (only free space in the house). I'm thinking maybe doing Start Bodyweight... --- Wednesday; Morning meditation done, taxes done with my dad (payed him in shawarmas for super hehe), had my work treat for the week (2 bite brownies +plus chocolate (we are two chocoholics in this office room)). No soda at home (not even with the shawarmas, score!). Water and the ice tea pot is doing marvelously. New pillows (old ones don't look too good nor are they comfy) have been acquired. Still sore as heck from GymnactiPole. Jeebus. Next week is dress up/video week, so I'm probably going to do an invert update/scorpio/gemini thing. Y'all have permission to nag if I don't. Living situation update; down to waiting. I've got a couple buildings I want (near bike paths/bus stations to the farmer markets) but they're filled or the units are way too tiny. Nothing interesting on the income property front has shown up (it's a seller's market, stuff is selling like hot cakes, it's nuts). So that's a-okay. Just remembered it's been a year since I joined the challenge forums (missed one last summer due to crohn's). Need to get some measurements and pictures to compare... (again permission given to nag )
  21. That's awesome that he pointed that out for you For back pain, other than stretches, have you checked how you sit/sleep? I found that the things that helped for my back pain previously was to work out, do yoga and then change how I sit/sleep (not by much, just move slightly and have my back straighter/lean into the chair). Like Raxie, said, the stretching is a good idea
  22. Realizing is the first step And don't we all! But then we'd be perfect (and then no funny fail compilations) anndddd... well that's not as cool?
  23. Tuesday - Meditation in the morning, Pole class lvl 4/5, long yoga stretches between that and GymnastiPole. Dropped the car at the mechanics so I had to walk to and from (and it was outside! ) I have no idea what I did to myself during gymnastipole, but my chin feels bruised (like the bone) since we did a starting excercise for chest stands and my face kept getting mashed to the floor/mat. My right shoulder isn't happy (I did cartwheels on my bad side for practice and something moved. Teach thinks I need to get it the stabilizer muscles stronger (since it looks like her bendy shoulders), but this feels super weird lifting it/rotating the arm) either right now. I've cancelled pole jam since I was having problems at the end of class last night (might also have been fatigue). Did handstand training last night, kicking up and holding it there. There was this move I got to try twice for fun, it helps with fonji (and no, I'm nowhere near ready for that). So that was fun. In my regular class we tried scissor kick for the first time, which is a pre-empt to shoulder mount. This is another thing I am nowhere near ready for IMO. But I guess that just means I should start training on stuff like arms/core strength specifically instead of just doing pole to help with progress. I have no access to heavy weights however (got rid of my gym membership, no room at my current abode).
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