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  1. Made my favorite avocado chocolate pudding this weekend. Works well as a dip for fruit or as is. Made some bourbon chicken; I used powdered ginger and garlic instead of the real things (since that was what I had on hand), more bourbon (mine was a black cherry type I think) (1/3 cup) and more brown sugar (1/3 cup). Tastes sooo good on a bed of caesar salad like they do at the restaurants. I would advise cutting up the chicken in cubes before letting it marinate overnight (I did not and found that I had to shred the thighs and broil them for another 10 minutes after). And last but not least, some tortilla pizzas were made this weekend; small tortillasshredded mozza or other cheesesmall can of pineapplessome mushroomsbaconhampesto (homemade like this recipe)Make the pesto, prep the pizzas as so; Tortillas on the panSpread pesto (or w/e sauce you want)Chop bacon/ham/mushrooms (or w/e you want )Sprinkle them on the tortillasOpen the can of pineapples and add thoseAdd cheeseOven is set to 425 degrees, cook for about 8-10 minutes or until you're satisfied with how grilled the pizza is. Just a note, I don't find the pineapples went well with the pesto. Keep them to tomato sauce maybe? But seriously, try out that bourbon chicken. Sooo good!!!
  2. And it is glorious! Oh I wish, 'cept it was more like torrential downpour haha. Don't wanna be soaked to the bones first thing in the morning Yea having a case of the blahs + lots of time consuming stuff = KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
  3. Nice save on Week 1! Glad to hear kitty is okay too.
  4. Looking drop dead gorgeous Karina! And that Scenery (yes I'm hoping for more double posts)! And I'll third what Starpuck and Starsapart agree on.
  5. It takes awhile. Your friends will indulge you ;P BTW those scarves look gorgeous
  6. Glad to have you! --- Morning meditation done, was debating on going to walk first thing in the morning and then it started raining. On the plus side, I just need to use willpower to get up now since I'm awake earlier (just lying in bed). Weather says Rain all week except Friday :/
  7. If there's one thing I've learned this year, it's that scheduling any workouts on the weekend is a big fat NOPE. Maybe that's what's happening? And yay gaming time!
  8. You'll start feeling the difference too when you stop exercising soon! It's such a nice little reminder to get back on track
  9. New thread up. Keepin' it simple right now. I think my previous comment in the den was, I'm in if I can muster the courage to watch more than 10 seconds of my sexy pole class videos. I haven't been able to haha. I get so embarrased watching it myself (I let other people, I just don't myself). Maybe if I can get a video of scorpio and a cross knee hangback?
  10. Priscillia Keeps It Simple Don't worry, we'll get to the dragons next time (I hope)... I'm not feeling very creative in the challenge front, all I want is to cement some stuff from last challenge and take advantage of the gorgeous weather while I sort through some life/adulting crap. For the Soul Take a walk, run, bodyweight workout, play in the jungle gym, just SOMETHING outside once per week 'Cause being cooped up inside sucks. It's actually pretty and decent temperature wise, so I want to go outside. It'll also bring back some habits from a previous challenge last year (before the snow really hit). For the Mind Daily Meditation (1-5 minutes, preferably first thing in the morning) Try to be positive I found that daily meditations (esp in the mornings) have made my work days so much nicer. Unless I'm doing a yoga class with meditation time, this is EVERY DAY. I will also try to be positive about stuff, because the other people I live with aren't. Also because when you're being positive it attracts opportunities (this one won't be tracked, but I feel like I need to at least write it down to slooooowly start). For the Body 1 soda at home per week max 1 treat from the work kitchen per week Drink tea like a madwoman (okay, and water ) I've realized last challenge that I don't drink much soda at work (in fact it's tea, hot chocolate (if I'm on a bender) and mainly water) so I won't preoccupy myself with that. Work treats in the kitchen are a different story. Same for soda at home, though I now have this 2L ice tea (like, made with loose leaf teas) jug at home I'm digging. Boss Battle: The Garage Start going through storage stuff in my Dad's garage I'm going to be moving out sometime this year (I hope), so I need to get rid of stuff that just doesn't mesh with me any more. I also need to find out what I DO have so I can cover more bases. MOTIVATION To feel better, more energetic and stronger. To regain control and not let the crazies affect me. To start the next chapter in my life on a good base to build upon.
  11. That is so sad. We had the opposite, she knew what was going on but she had difficulty getting up and moving around in general (severe hip dysplacia at the end, my dad had to carry her around the last few days, she couldn't reach 2 feet from were she was lying down). You are definitively NOT sedentary. They've got lower caloric goals which may not be helping with your caloric intake. I think it has to do with metabolism or something like that.... The reasoning behind the more protein/fat & less carbs (100 and under for loss, 100-150 for maintenance) is explained in the Primal Blueprint. I find the reasoning behind it sound, it's just that I like my breads (though that's tapering off) and have a hard time cutting it out with my family keeping so much of it available in the house.
  12. Quick woot! Held Scorpio on my own for a couple seconds last night (and dang that's easier then gemini to get into) and held gemini as well (though my head was on the crash mat at that point). PROGRESS.
  13. Those wins are awesome! I love it when you get to the point that you're tired and exhausted but you still end up eating a good meal (in my case it's usually some eggs and sauteed mushrooms, but salad and salmon sounds sooooo much better). And having that many students coming into class all the time (holy retention batman) is something that should help a lot when you move to Vancouver. AND CONGRATS ON THE CAR!!! It's like a whole burden is lifted off you
  14. Have fun and no worries Just update when you can (and maybe pics of the pretty hikes?)
  16. Sorry to hear about the pup, it is never easy. I went through the same thing last year. It's no fun when the mind is keen but the body... the body is not what it once was I have no idea if those macros are right, especially given how much you exercise. Carbs do look weird to me, but then again I feel like more protein/good fats are the way to go Primal blueprint style.
  17. -whistles- Big Big Weekend Jill! And your timeline sounds so detailed. It'll fly by fast and before you know it you'll be cooking with your sister in Vancouver
  18. Aww thanks <3 Yea I figured I should give a heads up about it. This week is just weird because I'm trying to get a ton of non-challenge related stuff finished and out of my way (i.e. tax prep, cover for dad's novelette) and this stuff is either numerous little things or takes forEVA!!! On the plus side, I did get some snazzy workout leggings (or maybe I'll just wear them to work. Need to remember to post a pic of them...
  19. Happy belated Birthday! By the way... guess where you got mentioned
  20. Nice! I would never be able to pull that off (all hail our cheese overlords! and bacon).
  21. Taking an extra week off to deal with some time consuming stuff so I can go into a 5 week challenge 100% even if it's maintenance (because the blahs are there big time).
  22. I'm not in a challenging mood either. More like a maintenance mood. But that's only because I've got so many classes on the weekdays and then extra stuff that I want out of the way to clear more time. Will be happy to have you back dear slayer!
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