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  1. I still suffer a decent amount with this problem on bad days. If I really get ravenous and need to just sit down and eat for whatever reason, I always go for broccoli (because it's deeeeelicious). I can eat a whole head of broccoli and not feel bad about feeling so full afterwards.
  2. If you have leftover apple you want to save or take to work with you etc, storing it in a tub with some lemon juice stops it from browning.
  3. Okay, so, today should be recap day, but I'm running short on time in a major way. Give it half an hour and I'm heading out of the door for at least a week away. So I need to keep this brief. Definitely did enough to pass this challenge so my next challenge I'll be with the druids (hooray!) Not sure if that will be next challenge or the challenge after, we'll see when I get to my computer to actually make a thread! All went well, could have done some things better but that's always the way that it goes. Never can be perfect. Hopefully everyone else had a good challenge! See you all on the other side :D :D
  4. Six weeks just flew by! I haven't been as active the last few weeks, but minus one slip up I'm doing alright overall. Haven't had time to check in on everyone, so I hope everyone's doing the best they can!
  5. The whole "studies have shown high protein diets to cause these problems" bit made me laugh. Sure, they have, in the case of ketogenic diets being used by people who are already in a healthy or underweight BMI. Scare tactics, scare tactics everywhere.
  6. There'll be varying opinions, but honestly, no one knows precisely where you specifically are at within yourself. The ground rule is to not push yourself too hard, that's how injuries happen. Find your limitations (by limitation I mean the point where you've had a good workout but you haven't ground yourself into the dirt) and work from there. Personally, for just starting out that would be way too much for me. Continued activity over a long period of time (months etc) is 100% more beneficial than a couple of weeks of intense activity followed by weeks of inactivity due to injury or illness.
  7. Cutting caffeine did this to me. I was on ridiculous amounts of caffeine, and I switched out to lemonade 100% one day, never touched caffeine again. I had issues sleeping for 3 or 4 years while cravings were still punching me in the head, then my sleep pattern evened out completely and I sleep like a baby now. That's no guarantee that that's your cause, of course. That's just from my perspective of personal experience, I would chalk it up to the caffeine.
  8. That's basically the conversation (read yelling) we had earlier. This will not be happening again. Ever.
  9. Well, I was having a decent day until lodger decided that even though I was sitting right here on the couch, she was going to get up and make a meal specifically for herself, using the rest of the eggs, bacon, mushrooms and the leftover cabbage. You know, everything I'd said yesterday I was planning on using tonight for dinner. And since payday is tomorrow, I'm now going to be eating a can of beans tonight for dinner, because there's nothing left in the house at all. So yeah, everything went well apart from eating, since I've now eaten nothing today, and I'm not even going to be getting a full meal tonight.
  10. Mostly I just needed to rant at people, it'll all work itself out in the end. Thanks for the comments though, much appreciated peoples. Today, slow day. I'm definitely aware that we're hitting the final stretch of this leg now. Feels good, motivation isn't slipping at all, but I'm definitely a lot more relaxed in general. As a standard rule I'm a pretty tense person, too much stress in my world. So when I put my head to the pillow and manage to sleep for 15 hours straight, I'm appreciative of the fact that I definitely needed it. No walk today, it was already getting dark when I woke up and my imagination is overactive enough that I don't leave the house after dark because I see zombies everywhere. But I got my pilates done and I ate well. Payday on Tuesday, and I'm getting an extra 200 bucks this time around. Finally going to get a decent chunk of my credit card paid AND I'm getting my hair cut. FINALLY. I've been needing a haircut for roughly the last year, but finding my money for it has been impossible up until now.
  11. She won't consider moving closer to work until after probationary period, which is 6 months
  12. It's all been discussed on more than one occasion. While some of it may be good intentions and all, a good portion of it is just plain ignoring. That sign has been up in the bathroom for 2.5 weeks now, every morning I walk in to brush my teeth, bam the lid is up. It's not for lack of discussing and telling and insisting. It's just plain not done.
  13. Be prewarned, this is a rant post, I got stuff to get off my chest. Read at your own peril! So I have a friend. I like her (obviously), we get along just fine. One day she pings me on skype, she's got a problem. She's taken a job near me (she lives almost an hour away) and her previously guaranteed ride to work has now said can't do it more than twice a week. Can she spend roughly the next 6 months crashing on my couch 4 nights a week? Sure, I'm a good friend, I don't even think twice about agreeing. We come to an arrangement wherein we split food costs and she pays an extra 20-40 bucks a month to cover the excess in utilities. I'm not a money grabber, but I'm on welfare, I can only make a paycheck stretch so far. SO I think cool, this will be good, I need to become better adjusted to social interaction again, my anxiety was starting to take over. OH HOW WRONG WAS I! Little did I know, this woman is all but incompetent of paying attention. She can't do the simplest of things. I must have told her five times in the last month to put the lid on the toilet seat down when she's finished with it, do you think she can do it? Of course not. She's been staying here 3-4 weeks now, monday night through thursday night. She's showered twice. TWICE. And somehow halves on food and a little extra suddenly translated this month into a 60 buck grocery shop. I don't know how people's brains work, but I spend almost that a week in food living alone! The absolute killer for me right now, is being told what to do in my own damn house. It's a glorious sunshine day today. I was going to go out and get some fresh air but I've been pretty sick today (it happens sometimes) so I've stayed in bed a lot. Ping, I get a text message. "You should open the windows, it's a great day" Bitch it's my damn house! If I want to open the windows I'll open the damned windows. So are the windows getting opened? Fuck no. "For dinner I was thinking you could make [insert here]" is regular too. If you want something specific for dinner, you damn well make it. If I'm cooking, you get what you're given and like it or lump it. So now I'm in a rage of epic proportions, and I'm all but prepared to go raid a store for froyo. Thank goodness I'm so damn poor from having to cover her ass financially this paycheck that I can't even afford to get to the store.
  14. Glorious sunshine day today, so of course another long walk was in order. I didn't meet the lodger tonight because she's got stuff doin', but I walked the block. The larger of the two blocks. Got my heart rate up nicely and bust into a good sweat. Just under 20 minutes, which isn't bad at all for pushing myself decently hard. I walk painfully slow, people 5ft tall have to slow down to keep up with me since the accident. So it's going smoothly.
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