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  1. So in good news, my knee is improving rapidly. I still can't straighten my leg fully, but I am no longer limping. After my first month of treatment with the chiro, I have a whole set of daily exercises which I need to work into my daily routine. This has meant abandoning my 6 week challenges for the short term. I will pick up the next one and have a much better idea of what I can achieve. I am really feeling the benefit so this is good. In the meantime I'm doing Spinal Hygiene Exercises (basic stretches) twice a day, Posture 7 stretch for 1 minute a go and trying for 5 of them throughout the day, and I've added in hamstring and hip stretches, and knee bends to strengthen my knee. I aim to expand this out a bit but I'm having to get used to getting up earlier to fit in the exercises etc. so it's more about making them become routine now. Apparently I'm looking at 12-18 months of work to get my posture back to where it should be. So onto a bigger quest for 2016 - standing up straight and learning to live and work with a new posture.
  2. So I've clearly abandoned this quest, but it was for a bigger quest that came along. After a couple of visits to a chiropractor it was clear my posture is well off and that and my lopsided over pronation means that I have to take a new quest: getting my posture back on track. Back to the drawing board!
  3. Sounds like a great first week! Breaking that computer habit can be quite a challenge - congratz!
  4. Good going - I was going to ask what Curves was. Thanks for the explanation! I've been using MyFitnessPal for over a year, but not continuously. I like the recent changes and I'm finding it easily to keep tracking now than I was previously.
  5. Welcome back! I never know any of the songs either, but I enjoy reading what you're listening too!
  6. Week 1 mini complete - +1 Wisdom Week 2 mini - I need to sort my paperwork for my company. I shall tackle that this week! Purge ahead!
  7. Did you catch the series about the history of dance -Dancing Cheek to Cheek? I thought the episode on the Charlestone was really interesting!
  8. Week 1 summary: Total points: 14 Rating C While not great, I have definitely had improvement in knee mobility, fitness, and weight/body fat. So a gentle win. Week 1 mini: Targets were SMART, so +1 WIS attained and added!
  9. I love the Fitbit. I've been wearing it for a year constantly and it's just the gentle reminder I need. I cranked it right down to 3000 steps last year and increased it steadily. It survived me capsizing and bobbing in the ocean, although the contacts needed a clean up with alcohol wipe. I am on my second strap though. I do tend to fiddle with it and broke the first one. Luckily I'd picked up a number of fancy spares now. Been through the teal and now have the orange one on
  10. W2 day 3 steps: 5,862 exercise: knee is quite sore today so rested. But I have more mobility in it than I have for weeks so improving diet: Paleo! Made a paleo coconut fish curry. 2 points! Total points :2 Running Total: 5 points
  11. W2 day 2 Steps:13, 646 nailed it! 1 point Exercise: no point scoring but I did get to the gym. I'd just made my 10k steps before I started so 20 mins of walking contributed the extra, and 10 mins on elliptical trainer. but the knee was sorer so I went easier than 2 days previously. Diet:Low carb homemade chilli 1 point Total points: 2 points Running Total: 3 points
  12. I hope that your chiropractor helps - I'm interested to hear how it goes!
  13. Week 3 day1 Started with a first visit to a chiropractor. Turns out that not only do I over probate, which I'vebeen using inserts for for 2.5 years, but it's much more pronounced in my left foot. Along with pronounced forward head position there are a couple of things I'm going to need working on this year. W2 day 1 Steps: 9,586 almost, again! Exercise: none, my knee was sore and immobile by the end of the day Diet: homemade chilli, low carb but not paleo due to kidney beans 1 point Points: 1 point Running total: 1 point
  14. So points wise not awesome in week 1 but I did actually make progress. The knee is noticeable more mobile, and can take more weight. My stats also changed: Weight down 0.6 kg Body fat down 0.9% Overall I think this bodes well. I had a chiropractor session on Monday too, so I'm looking at attacking the underlying problems
  15. Day7 Steps: 8,309 Exercise: 1 complete rep of BBWW and that was after the gym. 1 point. At the gym I did 25 mins faster walking on the treadmill and 10 mins on elliptical trainer Diet:low carb so 1 point- roast pork leg with veg. Did have swede and small slice of bread Total points : 2 points Running total 14 points
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