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  1. Also, try throwing them on the bbq grill. I did that with cauliflower recently and it worked great! Just cut it into big chunks, drizzled olive oil, threw them over the coals till they seemed done. Like everyone else said, don't overcook them. cheers!
  2. Congratulations! Hang on, you're in for a helluva ride! Don't worry about your weight. Listen to your body. The child is not as fragile as you think. Listen to your body. Weight is just a number. Health professionals will make you doubt yourself (maybe not on purpose, but it sure happens!). Eat when hungry. Rest when tired. Go to your appointments, pee in a cup, listen to your midwife, but trust your self as well. We all do pregnancy different. Listen to your body. You are obviously providing an excellent environment for your little one. You're doing good. Maybe ask the mi
  3. When things get overwhelming, I'm just like: But, that's not very helpful. I did my best at my BWW yesterday, and it wasn't too shabby. So that's good. It's been over a week, so I thought I would have lost a lot of ability. I guess it doesn't go that quick! I did tire more easily. Got my lunch packed for today, which means more veggies. that's good too. I'll have to take a look at my charts soon and try to grade last week. I quit for a bit there, but I'm un-quitting now. Also, I'm going to talk to a counselor today about the main thing that makes me just want to say "that's a bi
  4. Uhg. OK, getting back on the horse. Really just want to give it up right now, but going to go do BBW anyways.
  5. He sat on my head last Sunday must've been attracted to the smell of my conversation with my dad... (I do love him, really) But I didn't know he was there at first. I just thought the world was grey. sort of suddenly, but maybe always. I finally saw him, while looking at my reflection in some trees. but it takes so much effort, and I don't quite remember
  6. You know, I actually slept better that I had been. I just hadn't really acknowledged how frequent it had become. So, I felt a little irritable, like I was supposed to be doing something. But really, it wasn't so bad. I am kinda glad I set up my challenge like I did, though. I think if I tried to just stop, I would end up failing, then just feeling awful. This way, I can have a drink tonite, or not. No big.
  7. I did all right yesterday.
  8. This is embarrassing to say but, skipping my nightcap is much more difficult that I had anticipated. I didn't realize how much I had come to depend on it. Looks like weight loss may not be the only reason to cut back!
  9. The more veggie goal is the hardest to measure. I'm mostly going on did I choose veggies over something else for snacks, or did I make sure to heap my dinner plate with veggies first. I'm going to have to get serious and not have a drink soon...I'll commit to tonight. This will be the evening I find some other way to let it go at the end of the day. The bread challenge is not too hard- I think I may up the ante on that one next week and include pasta and tortillas as no-no's. Or, maybe add pasta next week, then tortillas the following.
  10. seriously, I gotta go do dishes now...

    1. TheCrimsonFist


      Did you do the dishes?

  11. Hello again, redwoodfog. Hopefully your camp trip will rejuvenate you! It's been crazy warm up here- a warm wind blew off Trinidad Head this weekend! Too weird!
  12. I love 13th Warrior! I have a story- can I tell a story?- I'm gonna tell a story... Went camping this past weekend- myself and 3.5 yo boy were there first (hubby showed up later). I'm trying to set up a massive, unfamiliar tent by myself, when the boy says, "Let me help!". So, I handed him a pole. He asks in his little boy voice, "What do I do?" I couldn't help myself, "Put you foot on it, and STAND!". Boy: o.0 .... "what?" I said he was a good boy and just hold it please. <sigh> It's just gonna be forever before he's old enough for that movie. On another note, I really like
  13. I really like your focus on the positive post. It's like an affirmation, but waaayyy less corny! Keep it going!
  14. Doing good! I find when I get things ready ahead of time, I'm more likely to follow through. The best example I have is planning and prepping lunches the day before. That keeps me from buying unhealthy food for lunch. Not every day, mind you, but more often than not.
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