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  1. Congrats!!! That was some perfect timing! I hope you enjoy your 'unemployed' two weeks off and get to start the new job fresh I do <3 you all, life just keeps throwing things at me (not all bad things, just lots of things). I was going to do this challenge, but I'm going to be on work travel for 1.5 weeks of it... Next challenge, I'll be around, I swear! (feel free to annoy me if I'm not too)
  2. So I remembered that the forums existed and came back to lurk/maybe make a battle log, but you made me need to comment. Congrats on quitting! And congrats on the almost-job! That is all seriously awesome news. I'm glad that everything is working out for you!
  3. Hey, this is really good timing for me! Yesterday, I managed to get 129g protein, 140g carbs (35g fiber!), and 45g fat in and I ate a grand total of 1392 calories. Yeah, it seems like black magic haha. Honestly, I used to feel the same way as you do: high amounts of protein and fiber are ridiculously impossible to get, especially when cutting calories. I've been working on upping my protein for a while and here are some things that I've found: -a good protein supplement is amazingly helpful. I use Optimum Nutrition whey protein, but I've heard good things about Synth-6 as well. One rounded scoop in some water is 120 calories and 24 g protein. -try to get protein from different sources, like greek yogurt. I generally try to stay away from processed foods, but I'm a picky yogurt eater and I like Dannon Light n Fit Greek yogurt. 130 calories, 18g protein -Eggs (6g protein/egg) & tuna (12g protein/single serve packet). I made egg salad last night with 7-8 eggs and a bit of lite mayo to keep the calories down. I eat this (or tuna salad) on multigrain flatbread pocket thin things, which are 100 cal for half a flatbread and have 5g fiber and 5 g protein. -Fruit (in moderation) and veggies. I try to go for more fiber-y fruits that still taste delicious, like berries and oranges. I'm working on the veggie thing... My crazy high amounts of protein and fiber yesterday was accomplished with these kinds of foods. Look at nutritional info and try to think about getting the most bang for your buck in terms of the macros making up the calories. As far as how many calories to eat, that depends on your TDEE (which depends on sex/height/weight/activity level). Personally, I aim for 1500 cal/day and I'm F/5'6"/193.6lbs and working up to 6 days/week at the gym. I was too full yesterday to fit anything else in my stomach and meet my calories haha. Hope that helps!
  4. Oh yes, I remember starting meds. It was glorious. Your glasses metaphor is perfect for it. Suddenly, you realize that your feeling that everyone around you had figured something out and you missed it is validated! They have a nice little brain secretary whereas you've been dealing with having one that's permanently out to lunch. Just remember, this feeling will last for 3-6 months, then the focus you feel now will be your new normal. Now is the time to build good habits and get your life together. It's really freaking difficult to try to learn years and years of life skills by yourself! Give your body a chance to get used to the meds. That appetite suppression should start going away or at least localizing itself to only part of the day (mornings for me!). If low carb works for you, then keep it up! Personally, it tends to destroy me after a few days if I'm working out a lot. I just make sure I'm not going crazy-overboard with them. I'm glad the meds are helping though! Us ADHD-ladies need to stick together haha.
  5. Hello fellow medicated ADHD-er! First thing's first- don't expect to drop a ton of weight just due to the meds. It happens to some people because the appetite suppression hits them hard. I only have a touch of appetite suppression after a year of being on them. (Side note: supposedly, stims can also raise your BMR. I act like this doesn't exist because any extra cals burnt can just surprise me.) Second, deep breath. If you just started meds, they can make you feel a bit 'up' and intense at first. This will go away if it's the right med & dose for you (doesn't mean that the meds aren't working, you want to build a tolerance to the side effects!). Slates had a great suggestion with dropping by 100 calories every week or two and see when you begin to see a difference. It may also be worth staying where you're at and giving yourself another month or so. That will let you adjust to your meds and see if things just needed more time. On a related note, one of the biggest differences I've seen with being medicated is that I have a better perspective on time. Right now, it may seem like it's been forever since you've seen change and you need to try everything right now(!!!) or else change will never happen. The hardest thing I've learned is that things like this needed to be handled with patience. Continuing what you're doing for another 2-4 weeks is a very good idea. It's not very stimulating (in that you won't necessarily feel like you're doing everything you can because jerkbrain), but progress isn't generally exciting all the time. (Sorry if that came off too ADHD/meds-oriented, I just know some of what you might be going through there haha)
  6. Oooooh, I feel your pain so much. Fellow picky food-texture/flavor person here! When I was a teen, I was really close to where you are now. There were very few veggies I've liked and I was wary of trying new stuff...ever. I liked what I liked. Now, I am slowly expanding what veggies and foods I'll try/eat. Successes in the past year include trying raw red pepper with hummus, slowly becoming okay with cooked onion, and daring to eat a bit of kimchi. Oh, and I actually eat chunky salsa now! (I used to avoid the chunks) So, you like potatoes. Awesome. Starting point found. (Out of curiosity, do you eat the skin too? Still can't bring myself to do that...) Have you tried sweet potatoes? They're a bit sweeter, but can be kinda stringy if baked. I highly recommend cutting up a few pieces a bacon, cooking those, then dumping chopped sweet potato in the grease to cook. So. Damn. Good. Texture similar to potato, but so much tastier. Trying roasted carrots is awesome! I highly recommend both roasting specifically and cooking in general for your veggies at first. Raw veggies are still something I'm working on. I even avoid salads because I don't see the point. And if lettuce isn't like picked-yesterday-fresh, it just tastes...green. Bleh. Raw veggies are a goal to aim for in the future (and baby carrots are a good place to start). You'll slowly learn what's okay and what's not for you. There are a few textures and flavors I'll likely never be okay with (raw tomato, dark greens), but I'm working to include more variety into my diet. One thing that's really, really helped is cooking things from scratch. When you smell all the individual ingredients as you prep them, you can taste exactly how they come together in the final product. This is how I discovered my love of mushroom flavor and hatred of the texture. I'm working on that one XD Most of all, good luck! It's so great you know exactly what is going on in your head and are looking to fight it! That's most of the battle there. Here are some more veggie/food recs to keep in mind: Zucchini: especially roasted with a bit of olive oil and garlic powder. Mmmmm Brussel sprouts: roasted with bacon. Seriously. Omfg, so good. Chili: Find a good recipe and dice up the onions and peppers really, really tiny. I know someone mentioned a food processor, but if that's out of budget, look into a manual food chopper. You can get one for <$20 on amazon in the US. You dump stuff in, put on the lid, and pull the handle until things are tiny enough. When cooked, you'll barely notice. And be kind to yourself. If you make chili, don't feel bad if you eat it with a bit of rice or chips to 'cut' the taste. Just use less and less over time as you adjust to the flavors. And let yourself take 'breaks' from foods if you burn out on them. I know if I eat eggs too often, I'll go off them for a month or two. I hope I shared something you find helpful! (And I'm glad I'm not the only one out there!)
  7. These make sense, but after watching Deadpool, I can't imagine mercenary as anything other than an Assassin/Monk combo haha I definitely think Aragorn with the Ranger/Monk combo (could be extra Nerd-y and add Dunedain in there...)
  8. *pokes Kishi* I'm just lurking around this challenge and finally stumbled on your thread. Dude, I feel your pain soooo much on the parents thing. So much. They're our parents and they love us...but that doesn't mean they get to walk all over us. I've had to set pretty firm boundaries with mine, including walking out of a room (after warning them I would) when they would not drop a subject. It's shitty feeling, but worth it. You get a bit of adult-level respect out of it. Mine moved almost 1000 miles away, yet my mom manages to nag me over the phone. I handle it through snark, which doesn't sound like an option for you, unfortunately. Outside of the snark, I've found that starting things with "I appreciate that you thought of me, but..." or "I love you and appreciate that you care so much, however..." help a lot. Or the good ol' "I feel ____ when you _____". And on that note, look whose flight just landed! (I managed to keep her to only one night of staying in my 1 bedroom apartment with me, at least)
  9. Looks like you're having a fun challenge, RP! Simple is good Also, Deadpool. Soooooooo good! I already can't wait until I can own it and watch it whenever I need a laugh!
  10. Oh, and there's this Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry, guys! The last few weeks have been like an emotional freight train and I've only just been managing to hold it together at times. If I wasn't dealing with personal demons, I was dealing with work stress or love life confusion (a.k.a.- this-could-be-either-the-best-or-worst-thing-ever stress). I won't wrap up my challenge point-by-point, but as an overall recap: Fruits and veggies went well up until the blizzard hit. I ran out and then couldn't manage to get to the grocery store last week. Yeah. Sounds really bad, but it's true. Removing karate (more specifically, that dojo) from my life and adding the gym (and its amazing people) has been really, really good for me. I will go into detail with my life mission, just in case it can help someone. Dealing with the inner demons was a weird task because there was no concrete way to go about. I started by just acknowledging (out loud when I was at home) when I felt upset/anxious/etc. and then saying (again, out loud) why I felt that way. And I surprised myself a few times by really drilling down into the why of something upsetting me when it didn't seem like a really big deal at the surface. This yielded the most benefits and I 'progressed' quickly. I realized this when I encountered something this past weekend that would have set off an anxious mindset a couple weeks ago and I just shrugged it off. It felt awesome. My problems mainly stem from two sources: shitty father figures up until I was in college and bully/being socially ostracized from about 4th grade on. There's still things I need to deal with, but I've acknowledged them and know where they come from now. Some of it is just going to take time and actually taking a chance/trusting people and having it not blow up in my face. (One of the main issues was that I would often make 'friends' who I would trust and would then let me down. Like ditching me in the middle of NYC on a school field trip, for starters. I need to let people in again, because walling yourself off is no way to really live life.) I'm really proud of myself for the progress I've made. I'm sad to leave the Monks for a few challenges (hopefully not too many though!), but I'll be around. Still deciding who my next challenge is with (thinking either Rangers or Warriors). Oh, and I'm down to 195.6 as of this morning. Damn, it feels good!
  12. Breakthroughs seem to come at really weird times. I had one this morning while reading about someone else's tangentially related problem. And just had one of those "oh...I think I get it now" moments XD On the student loan/money thing, I have to say that I'm kind of the opposite in philosophy. Debt sucks, especially student loans, but they aren't something that I can tackle instantly (unless I win the powerball tonight ). I look at it from a mental/emotional cost in addition to the financial cost.The emotional cost that would come with extreme buckling down isn't worth it for me. Good luck with balancing the aikido-ing and trying new stuff! Seems like this challenge is going really well for you
  13. Do you have a Powerhouse near you? That's what I'm using, but I don't know if it's awesomeness is the norm or if it's this location. If I'm identifying them right, I'm pretty sure they have lat least 4 squat racks. It's badass. It feels soooooo good! I feel lighter mentally today, it's crazy. It's like a switch has flipped in my brain and suddenly I have all this headspace to deal with other shit in my life. Go figure. It really brings home the point that losing weight doesn't solve your problems, you still have to deal with those (though it may make it slightly easier). See, I had a few issues dealing with jerkbrain/anxiety beast from Sunday till yesterday. Depending on which term I'm using, the analogy and visuals change. I put the details in the spoiler tag for anyone who wants to read them. The good news is I've defeated the anxiety beast and the jerk brain (I had both this time). Now, I'm removed from it enough to really look at the root of what gets me into that state. And I'm going to try to tackle it. I'm going to replace my cleaning goal with this and do the cleaning one next month. So, new life mission is The Inner Demon Boss Fight. I really do feel like it's a boss fight. But this is something that will hold me back from progressing in a few areas of life until it's handled. So I'm going for it. Phew...that was a bit long. Otherwise, I got my veggie in Monday and both fruit and veggie yesterday. So that's going well. And I'll be back in the gym after work today
  14. Really, I want to work on losing weight/getting stronger. I may spend a challenge or two outside the guild, but I'll always be a Monk. I'm going to take time and focus on what I really want out of martial arts before choosing a new one. I don't know if it'll be straight lifting or what. Ultimately, I want to do Spartan-y stuff, so I guess that's more Ranger-y? (Such an eloquent sentence, that) Exactly! It's nice to find someone that truly cares about your progress. It also helps to have someone to teach you how to do lifts and not hurt yourself >> So, I have big news, guys. Drumroll, please! As of this morning, I'm officially a proud member of motherfucking Onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, I've done it! I weighed in this morning at 199.6 lbs! I cried a bit, all super happy tears
  15. No new school, but the gym is fucking fantastic. I've had DOMS all weekend @.@ I had my two consults with the trainer and I'm definitely going to move forward with working with him once or twice a month. He took time to find out my goals and what I'm interested in, then explained how we'll get there. And explained all the equipment and workouts. As in, here's how to do a bench press with the barbell, here's what to do if you can't make it up and don't have a spotter, etc. The fruit/veggie thing has been going fairly well. I think I missed 2 fruit days and 3 veggie days last week though, so I definitely have room for improvement I'll post a bit of a longer update tomorrow cause today is a bit crazy.
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