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  1. This has been one helluva week and I've been in survival mode- ignoring the challenge. Feel like I'm at a juncture where it would be really easy to just forget the challenge altogether and be on my not-so-merry-way. But even though things are crazy right now, I'm pretty sure all of the challenge goals are do-able and would be extremely helpful and grounding for dealing with stress.
  2. Your 3 main quests balance/compliment each other very well! Sorry to hear about the job, but it seems like you've got a good attitude about it and finding a new job with a different orientation. Working retail as an introvert is definitely hard (been there done that) but especially if there's pressure to sellsellsell.
  3. Yoga, gratitude, gardening, walking the dog, meditation, craftiness? SUBBED!
  4. I'm also trying to get yoga into my morning routine- I like your basic steps. Do you have a set routine, or just go with whatever poses and stretches feel good?
  5. Such a good idea! I've done something similar with a dowel and a toy tied to the end, but inevitably the toy slides off/tie breaks, etc. PVC sounds sturdy. MOVING IS HELL! I barely finished cleaning/packing in time for the walk through. So tired from days of packing, cleaning, lifting, and sleeping on the floor (after selling the bed.) I was getting ready to take off for the 4-5 hour drive across the mountains when I realized that driving with how exhausted I am would be idiotic. So, staying at my folks' tonight and will take off early tomorrow. Needless to say, morning goals were not m
  6. It's so frustrating! I have to keep reminding myself that he's not actually trying to pull my arm off, he just wants to go faster/smell what he wants, etc. I see all these people with dogs trotting alongside them and wonder "how!?" Hoping more consistency on my part + super high value treats help. So, the best laid plans... I was planning on finishing up packing/cleaning today, but it was going to involve working ALL DAY. Around 9:30 I started getting in the car and saw this grizzled old dog trotting down my busy street. I have weird stray dog karma. Like, I always find stray dogs. So
  7. Woohoo, bass guitar! You should probably post some sound files here of your progress. Or something. Just sayin'.
  8. Aw! She sounds like a cutie. I know my boy needs more exercise, but the loose leash training has been so frustrating that I usually try to exercise him other ways. Hoping this challenge gets us walking together more often.
  9. Yeah! I signed up 2 months ago and haven't logged on since :/
  10. He is an 8 month old lab/shepherd/pit/chow/whoknowswhatelse! Here he is with his new baby Corgi friend. What is yours? I'm all about butter and a light layer of jam. Mmm, toast. Maybe I'll experiment with some super whole grain breads and subsequent toast.
  11. January 5th: day 1 of the first challenge of the new year, and also my first full day in my new home! When I made this account and chose a username, I was in the land of dry grass and oak trees but dreaming of my favorite part of California. Now I return there, to the redwoods and fog . A change of scene provides the opportunity to more easily intercept some old habits/routines and replace them with new ones, and what better place to start than the start of the day? I love the morning. Seriously. I love being inside and cozy watching the sun rise, or outside breathing in the fresh ai
  12. I love your personal goals! Talking to one random person a day sounds challenging but like a really good way to stretch your comfort level. Heck. Yes.
  13. Yeah, I know that one! Though anyone who yells at you for apologizing (even if it's not warranted) is a schmuck.
  14. Totally true. I just have so much self-doubt that if someone tells me (or hints) that I was bitchy when I was really just being healthily assertive, I will apologize and scurry back into my demure, soft-spoken hole! Working on it...
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