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  1. I've been thinking about getting on this routine, and want to hear what the more experienced guys/girls here have to say. I'm looking for a strength routine mainly to burn fat. Here it is: http://fuzzylogictraining.blogspot.com/2012/03/babylovers-modified-starting-strength.html
  2. I'm following Stronglifts 5X5, which is pretty popular and has can actually be pretty challenging even though it's 5 reps. Also I've seen some workout plans on Bodybuilding.com where they use 8-10 reps for 3 sets.
  3. I just got back from my workout and couldn't finish my set of squats because of pain near the groin area. I recently restarted working out after about a period of 2 months of doing nothing. Is it possible I went to quick and started with too much weight again? Before I stopped working out I was at 115LBS 5X5, now I tried that today for my workout. Two sets in, I felt that I could do the weight, but then my pain kicked in and I stopped fearing I would injure myself. Is it a lack of mobility? I did warmup, trying to focus on that area, but I don't know any stretches that focus on the groin area
  4. Wow I didn't expect to get these many replies Thanks to everyone for their advice. I think at this point I will do some steady state running on my rest days but only if I'm not tired and dont need sleep. I'm usually getting 5-6 hours a night so I might just use these rest days to catch up on sleep
  5. So keep on doing HIIT 3x a week after lifting and rest on my off days?
  6. I'm doing HIIT 3x week after my workouts. I'm just wondering if I can add steady state runs to my rest days and if its worth it to do so.
  7. I'm currently doing SL 5X5 with sprints at the end as my workout M,W,F. My main goal is to lose body fat %, but I also want to be strong and not lose muscle. I just want to lose my lovehandles haha. Would it be smart to add a 40-60 minute run on my off days during the week? Like on Tues and Thurs? Or would that do more bad than good for strength?
  8. I'm in the same boat as you Akhil. Was 225 at my biggest got down to 201. But I think I'm back up to at least 215. I feel like I'm back on track, progress is always the best motivation.
  9. I've been trying all that. Apparently my will power sucks. haha
  10. Up until a month ago, I was doing Stronglifts on and off. But I saw a new workout on Bodybuilding.com meant for fat loss. It incorporates compound and isolation lifts and has upperbody days and lower body days.
  11. Everytime I try to get back into working out...I always end up getting out of it and just binge on food. I actually had some decent weightloss but gained it all back. I'm 17, I should be enjoying myself, and part of that is having a body I am proud. of I just feel lost in this sh*t
  12. Part of my 6 week challenge is a goal of going to every workout. I do Stronglifts 5X5, and workout Mon, Wed, Fri If I do miss a workout, should I do it the rest day, or have two days of rest and do it on the next workout day? If I do it on the rest day do I still do my next workout the day after?
  13. YEAH!!! Thats what I'm talkin about!!! Keep it up!!! :D

  14. Thanks for the message. Yea I fell off the workout regiment, but I'm back on it.

    This time I'm staying.

  15. Holy crap this is a lot of great info! Thanks everyone.
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