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  1. I'm coming up upon my 6 month anniversary of getting this zombie ligament installed in my leg. I am finally cleared to not wear a brace and return to light drilling in Jiu-Jitsu. So, here are my goals for this upcoming challenge: 1. Go to Jiu-JItsu and drill at least twice a week. (Fitness) I'm kind of giving myself an out. 2 would give me a C. 3 would give me a B. and anything more would give me an A. There are 5 classes in the morning I can attend and 5 classes in the evening. There are also opportunities for open mats that I can attend. The evening classes are kind of
  2. So just as the title suggests, I was last here prior to my surgery last August. 6 months later and I'm cleared to do some Jiu-Jitsu drills and jog. So now, I'm back! Hope to stay active with everyone.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I should know the responsible answer. I guess from my standpoint I'm blind with wanting to be able to get back to it. I'll probably just get online courses out of the way and play a ton of D&D on roll20.
  4. I'm going to be having PCL reconstruction surgery in a couple weeks (August 13th). I want to stay relatively active and not gain weight because I was trying to lose weight prior to my surgery. I don't want to get any fatter, so I'd like some suggestions on maintaining or even losing weight while recovering/rehabbing from the surgery.
  5. I've only trained at MMA gyms which there are a bunch in my area (South Orange County, CA). I'd have to drive maybe 20 miles north to find a pure boxing gym. I agree that it's harder to find a true boxing gym rather than a boxing for fitness type.
  6. Find a studio and sign up for classes?
  7. With my injury, I wasn't sure of what to do for this challenge. The official diagnosis after what my primary predicted, my MRI confirmed, and my orthopedist also confirmed is that I have a torn posterior crucial ligament or PCL. I'm waiting on a my referral to an orthopedic surgeon to confirm that I won't need surgery. I may opt for surgery if my insurance covers it because I've been dealing with this for a few years and just re-injured it. Anyway, I thought of some challenges that I could do: 1. Take notes in class. I've read about the benefits of taking notes d
  8. This is awesome. I've been playing the shit out of Far Cry 5. Far Cry 3 is still my favorite of the series.
  9. Okay, so I trained everyday last week. I felt my jiu-jitsu getting a lot better with speed and athleticism. I attribute it to the consistency of my training. I don't think I ever went less than 5 days a week during the duration of the challenge. I cleaned up my diet a little bit but did have days where I just went nuts. One of those days being when my doctor said I tore my ACL. I ended up having pizza and all this other junk food. I still managed to drop 10 pounds. I was able to get back into doing the dishes daily and while my house still needs some cleaning, it's building habits. The on
  10. I did Muay Thai for about five years. I mainly just do Jiu Jitsu now though.
  11. Monday - Wednesday = 100 Swings and 10 Turkish Getups/Day 900 x 50% Bonus = 1350 HP so far!
  12. Yeah, I was kinda avoiding the squats because I was feeling tightness in my knee. My latest challenge post goes into further detail, but it turns out I've had a torn ACL all month.
  13. So, I've been having knee pain in my right knee for the past few weeks. It started bothering me consistently after the tournament. Last night I felt my knee pull along with three pops. I was just walking turning a corner. The pain was pretty was so bad that I had to go see my doctor. I told him that back in 2009 I had torn my meniscus from training jumping guard. I described the movements, he felt my knee and gave me the bad news. My ACL was torn. He believes that I had torn it back in 2009 and it didn't really heal fully and somehow my body compensated. I'm scheduled for an MRI next Fr
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