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  1. I'm coming up upon my 6 month anniversary of getting this zombie ligament installed in my leg. I am finally cleared to not wear a brace and return to light drilling in Jiu-Jitsu. So, here are my goals for this upcoming challenge: 1. Go to Jiu-JItsu and drill at least twice a week. (Fitness) I'm kind of giving myself an out. 2 would give me a C. 3 would give me a B. and anything more would give me an A. There are 5 classes in the morning I can attend and 5 classes in the evening. There are also opportunities for open mats that I can attend. The evening classes are kind of difficult for me to attend since I get off work Monday - Thursday at the time that those classes begin, but Friday shouldn't be an issue. I want to keep this goal kind of small to make sure I start back into it slow enough to avoid injury and not burn myself out as I ease back into this. 2. Do Physical Therapy exercises every day. (Fitness) I'm given homework and I can use the equipment at my Jiu-Jitsu gym and do some kind of variant of that. I think that if I were to do the exercises every day that would give me a C. A B would be if I added StrongFirst on top. An A would be if I also added some light jogging. 3. Clean 1 Room each weekend (Lifestyle) I think this has been my lifestyle challenge since I first joined up. It's something that I keep failing at, but I want to still attempt to achieve. My house is a mess and I'm lazy to clean it up. I want to try to stay motivated and clean at least 1 room each weekend. 1 Room would get me a C. 2 Rooms a B. 3 Rooms an A. 4. Study an hour each day (Lifestyle) I need to get As in my actual classes. I am paying for the classes, so I might as well do well in them. I think 1 hour each day shouldn't be too difficult. Honestly it should probably be more, but I do plan to study more than an hour on the weekends when I, at least think, I can. 5. Intermittent Fasting (Diet) I've gotten to the point in my weight where I am very unhappy. I can blame the lack of activity, but if I'm being honest with myself, it's my diet. I finished reading the Obesity Code by Jason Fung and decided I want to give this a shot. Hope it works for me.
  2. So just as the title suggests, I was last here prior to my surgery last August. 6 months later and I'm cleared to do some Jiu-Jitsu drills and jog. So now, I'm back! Hope to stay active with everyone.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I should know the responsible answer. I guess from my standpoint I'm blind with wanting to be able to get back to it. I'll probably just get online courses out of the way and play a ton of D&D on roll20.
  4. I'm going to be having PCL reconstruction surgery in a couple weeks (August 13th). I want to stay relatively active and not gain weight because I was trying to lose weight prior to my surgery. I don't want to get any fatter, so I'd like some suggestions on maintaining or even losing weight while recovering/rehabbing from the surgery.
  5. I've only trained at MMA gyms which there are a bunch in my area (South Orange County, CA). I'd have to drive maybe 20 miles north to find a pure boxing gym. I agree that it's harder to find a true boxing gym rather than a boxing for fitness type.
  6. Find a studio and sign up for classes?
  7. With my injury, I wasn't sure of what to do for this challenge. The official diagnosis after what my primary predicted, my MRI confirmed, and my orthopedist also confirmed is that I have a torn posterior crucial ligament or PCL. I'm waiting on a my referral to an orthopedic surgeon to confirm that I won't need surgery. I may opt for surgery if my insurance covers it because I've been dealing with this for a few years and just re-injured it. Anyway, I thought of some challenges that I could do: 1. Take notes in class. I've read about the benefits of taking notes during a martial arts class. I think that this would be especially beneficial during the technique portion. I tried this a little bit but it was usually what I could remember after class. If I could take notes during the actual technique portion it'll of course be a lot more fresh than after I roll with 3-5 guys. I plan to train 5-7 times a week, bring a notebook with me and take notes during the technique portion and at the end of class, after rolling, I'll write down a reflection of how it went and what I feel I need to work on. 2. Study Jiu-Jitsu I'll focus on studying my notes, watching film, and reading the three Jiu-Jitsu books I have. I have a few Jiu-Jitsu instructional videos from Reilly Bodycomb. My no gi coach taught me leg locks, but he left our gym to go start his own gym and I'm kind of locked in at my current gym until 2019. His replacement doesn't do leg locks. Given I chose the name Leglocker (Heelhooker might not have been approved.) I really enjoy leg locks, so this should help me retain the information and perhaps gain inspiration in trying other moves. There is also Youtube where I can study the positioning and setups of some of the elite competitors. Finally, I've had Submit Everyone by Dave Camarillo, JiuJitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro, and The Grappler's Handbook by Jean Jaques Machado. I'm looking to read and understand their concepts. 3. Kettlebells and more Kettlebells I did the Simple and Sinister and felt a lot more athletic after the last challenge. I got away from it a bit towards the end after my doctor told me about my injury and we started doing class a little bit earlier, but I'm not going to make that an excuse anymore. If class starts at 5:30, I'll be there at 5 to get my kettlebells in. So, I plan to do Simple and Sinister again minus the goblet squats. I can't really do a squatting motion without pain. I'm also thinking of maybe once a week trying one of the fancy kettlebell routines that Eric Lejia (Instagram: @primal.swoldier) features. Just so to break up any uhh can't think of the word right now so, I'll go with boredom. Meal Prep In a continuing effort to lose weight, I'm going to get back to meal prepping. I'd like to do the prep on Sunday and Wednesday, but I get home so late that if I did prep on Wednesday, there goes my whole day. So I'm going to shoot for prepping my meals on Sunday. Hopefully I'll see some weight loss doing this. And I'd probably save a bunch from not getting lazy and eating out all the time. Clean Doing the dishes everyday helped keep the sink clear and clean, but now it's time to focus on the rest of the house. I plan to clean my bathroom every Saturday. I'll then clean two rooms on Saturday and another two rooms on Sunday. Hopefully this will lead to a clean house. I'm tired of living in a messy home.
  8. This is awesome. I've been playing the shit out of Far Cry 5. Far Cry 3 is still my favorite of the series.
  9. Okay, so I trained everyday last week. I felt my jiu-jitsu getting a lot better with speed and athleticism. I attribute it to the consistency of my training. I don't think I ever went less than 5 days a week during the duration of the challenge. I cleaned up my diet a little bit but did have days where I just went nuts. One of those days being when my doctor said I tore my ACL. I ended up having pizza and all this other junk food. I still managed to drop 10 pounds. I was able to get back into doing the dishes daily and while my house still needs some cleaning, it's building habits. The only part of the challenge I feel I've failed is the reading part. I still need to read more before bed. Anyway, thank you all for the support during this challenge. I had my MRI on Friday and we'll see what the results are so I can start planning the next one.
  10. I did Muay Thai for about five years. I mainly just do Jiu Jitsu now though.
  11. Monday - Wednesday = 100 Swings and 10 Turkish Getups/Day 900 x 50% Bonus = 1350 HP so far!
  12. Yeah, I was kinda avoiding the squats because I was feeling tightness in my knee. My latest challenge post goes into further detail, but it turns out I've had a torn ACL all month.
  13. So, I've been having knee pain in my right knee for the past few weeks. It started bothering me consistently after the tournament. Last night I felt my knee pull along with three pops. I was just walking turning a corner. The pain was pretty was so bad that I had to go see my doctor. I told him that back in 2009 I had torn my meniscus from training jumping guard. I described the movements, he felt my knee and gave me the bad news. My ACL was torn. He believes that I had torn it back in 2009 and it didn't really heal fully and somehow my body compensated. I'm scheduled for an MRI next Friday to see exactly the degree of the tear and hopefully it's just a partial. He says I could probably still train, but just wear a knee brace and go easy. Sucks, but looks like the physical part of this challenge is going to have to be adjusted.
  14. Weekly total is now 1140 (370 Kettlebell Swings and 40 Turkish Get Ups).
  15. Oh man. I'm seriously getting the WTH moments that @Machete posted about. I'm noticing not just an increase in my strength (Not actually measured) but I also feel faster, more agile, and have a lot more stamina. I feel myself needing fewer actual water breaks yet I'm still properly hydrating myself. I've been pretty good with those portions of my challenge this month. 1. For Whom the Bell Tolls I think I'm doing great with this part of the challenge. I've done the Simple and Sinister program 4 days last week and 3 days so far this week. I am noticing a callous forming in my left hand. So I'll probably ask the Warrior's Guild for tips on what to do for it or maybe alternative training. I'll also review that chapter in Pavel's book. 2. The Key to Better Jiu Jitsu is More Jiu Jitsu. I think I can probably improve on this part of the challenge. I think I'm doing fine. I've gone to four classes last week and one open mat last week. I've gone to three classes this week so far. I really think that I can do 5 classes during the week. I've honestly just been lazy about it. 3. The Element That Brings Life There's been days where I've let myself get a little dehydrated. Instead of drinking the 120 oz. that I had planned, I drank 80 oz. I get busy at work sometimes and just forget. I need to make it more of a habit to drink more water. Mental Goal - Read More This part of the challenge is kind of a wreck. I haven't really been reading before bed. I have my book on my nightstand but I've been optioning to play video games or mess around on my phone before bed. I need to refocus and get back to it. I'll start tonight! Lifestyle - There's Something About a Clean House, a Clean Room. I've been pretty good about this for the most part. I've missed some days here and there and yesterday it actually piled up a bit. Wife beat me to doing the dishes, but she's going to be at some event for work tonight so I'll be able to do some cleaning around the house. So, I wanted to do a little reflection and actually type out how my challenge is going so I can refocus and improve what I'm not doing so great on. Like reading and doing the dishes. I think the physical stuff has been fairly easy. Oh, weighed in this morning at 245.5 to add to my motivation.
  16. A total of 400 points of Damage from last week from the TGUs then. **Leglocker grapples the dragon in an Ashi-Garami and heel hooks the big red bastard** /roll 1d20+5 /roll 1d4+3 /roll 1d6 Today, I tacked on the usual 200 from the Swings and 100 from the TGUs Weekly total so far... 900 (300 Kettlebell Swings and 30 Turkish Get Ups).
  17. I concur. Glad to see that your family stuff is calming down and crossing my fingers that it gets stabilized someday. Only critique on the calories thing. Things could also be more nutrient dense than others and thus have more, I guess quality calories. Just a heads up.
  18. And another 200 and whatever 10 Turkish Get Ups gets me.
  19. Kettlebells are still swingin'! I think I'm getting to the point where I might start looking into increasing weight. Maybe I'll do it on Monday to start a whole new week and make sure I'm not just feeling it. I'm getting compliments on my strength and dedication. Jiu-Jitsu-wise we're working on X-Guard and De La Riva and Ashi-Garami which all can be linked to my game of leg locking fools. A purple belt that has been tapping me over and over with intense pressure, I managed to get him this morning which it shouldn't feel good, but I'm not gonna lie, it felt really effing good. I'm trying to recruit people in my gym to do kettlebells with me because it might be more fun to do kettlebells with someone else. I'm still really enjoying the kettlebells and maybe I'll start looking into working on getting certified. That's a long ways down though. Thanks guys and gals for following. The support is really helping motivate me to stay active on this challenge.
  20. On Saturday I hit up WonderCon. I got some good deals on some stuff. I bought this Red Hood Statue for 60 bucks. Unfortunately when I got home, it was broken. I was so pissed. I ended up walking like 6 miles that day so, got some points in the Harry Potter PVP challenge and the walk to Mordor. I went to an open mat on Sunday with a friend that was visiting from Denver. One of the dudes that I competed against at the tournament was there. So we got to roll around a bit too a bit of a rematch that I was able to get the better of him that time around. It was a lot of fun and I felt good. I felt that I could hang with the majority of the people in that room. Weight-wise, as of Sunday I was 248 even. So a total of 3.5 weight lost. This morning I got in and did my kettlebells. The usual 8 2-handed and 1 on each hand singles. I finished up a little early and decided to practice my shots a bit. As people started trickling in, I started up the warm ups. We worked on passing knee shields into side control and full mount and the detail I remember most is after moving the knee out of the way is to slither up like a snake. My coach, Ali, actually made a Harry Potter reference. "You wanna be Slytherin, not Gryffindor." I told him what's up. Ravenclaw represent! When it came to the rolling part of class, I felt that I moved really well. I think I was able to get out of bad situations a lot faster. One thing I definitely noticed is that my training partners also had more of a sense of urgency as well. I'm excited about that because better training partners will make me better too. Diet-wise, Saturday I ate some barbecue from a food truck. It was okay, and I don't feel bad about it. I worked hard throughout this week. Yesterday however, my friend from San Diego was in the area so I took my lunch break a bit early and went to eat with him. We had Korean Fried Chicken. It was delicious, but having my cheat/free meals so close together isn't something I wanted in hindsight. Nice. Good luck to him. Thanks. I'm really enjoying it so far.
  21. Tack on another 200 points of damage from me today. Are Turkish Get Ups worth anything? Cause I may be forgetting my sneak attack dice.
  22. Aw man, I slept on this. Anyway I can still get into this? I'd have 350 Ketttlebell Swings x 2 = 700 HP?
  23. So yesterday, I took the opportunity of getting off work early for my doctors appointment to get a haircut. It took a little longer than expected and my laziness settled in. No excuses, I took the day off. Something must have happened to my knee, maybe it's the rain. Today, I got to the gym same time as Tuesday. I figured I had time to get the kettlebells in. Unfortunately the class last night didn't bother to clean the mats. Pretty gross with old sweat and what I hope are leg hairs. So, I swept the mats and cleaned them with bleach as fast as I could and it was kind of like a quick cardio session. I was definitely warmed up for kettlebells. I managed to somehow sneak in the whole workout. Granted, I wasn't satisfied because I'm sure my form suffered. For the Turkish Get Ups, I did 2 reps instead of 1 per set. I led warm ups today which isn't something we usually do. We usually wait for our coach to show up, but I figured since he always comes in 5 minutes late, I'll start warm ups so we have more time to devote towards technique. It worked out, but there's something up with my right knee. I have this shooting pain and my doctor previously said it was a hamstring issue and I need to stretch it more. Maybe next challenge I'll try to do some yoga or something. We drilled a Torreando Pass which was pretty basic. We broke down the keylock/americana. I didn't roll because I didn't have a knee brace and didn't want to risk further injury to my knee. Throughout the day I could feel it cracking. My coach also recommended that I get an ankle brace and put it on the same leg. I ordered both from Amazon. Oh, as for the weight. I weighed in at 248.5 this morning. Feeling good!
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