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  1. Try wifi carrier pigeons, they're sneaky enough to get past them Templars
  2. Just dropping in to wish you good luck! I'm not doing this challenge on account of I will be away and not updating, but I'm going to stay active and come back energized for the next one!
  3. I still want to be an assassin guys! I've just been away and out of internet contact for a long time! The good news is that it should only be another month or so before I am back more regularly. Wait, that was the bad news. The good news is that despite my absence and my failure at my last challenge, I have been watching my diet and trying to workout a little and I've been seeing progress! I posted a before and after pic in my last challenge thread! I hope to come back ready for the next challenge and ready to be in the best shape of my life!
  4. So for anyone still following me, I know there is a new challenge going, but I am still gonna b away for a while. Don't fear! I am still working towards being a proper Assassin! I have proof that I am improving my body, despite my absence! Photographic proof! Before: After: Apologies for the hugeness of the photos, I am new to posting images.
  5. Arr! I was away a heck of a lot longer than planned! I'm actually still away, but I've got some internet connectivity. I guess I missed the whole challenge! It didn't really go well anyway, I kept up with the food portion, I barely snacked at all and I ate mostly fruit if I did. The rest of the challenges were a bomb, tho. I was WAY busier than I expected, and the group I planned to use as motivation were working a different shift from me, so I fell off the wagon really quickly. This one is gonna have to be an EPIC FAIL. I'm going to be at this for a few more weeks at least, so I thin
  6. Morning update: I am sore in places that I did not know it was possible to be sore. I'm actually 80% sure some of my fat is being sore in a show of solidarity for my poor muscles. This is wonderful. I'm totally lifting again on Friday.
  7. Mine was really awesome. He explained the lifts and watched me and explained how to progress through sets and reps and weight progression. He also made a case for solid body weight workouts and other stuff. It was really awesome and informative.
  8. "Wake up" The disembodied voice commanded to the sleeping initiate. "Welcome to day three of your training." "I'm up! I'm up!" nm_the_niceguy replied, fighting through the haze his dreams had woven around his wits. "Hey, where's the bike?" "There will be no biking today, today you will learn the art of lifting from the master trainer" "OOh!" nm_the_niceguy exclaimed. "Is he awesome? What's his name? no wait let me guess! Bone....Smasher." "His name is Matt." "That's not that cool of a name for a 'master trainer.'" "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HIS NAME IS!" The disembodied voice shrieke
  9. Thanks Nuala! I have updated my thread, filled in the form, and sub'd the announcement thread. I won't be able to maintain the weekly update schedule, unfortunately. I don't know what my posting frequency will be, but it will be as frequently as I possibly can. I'll try to post daily until I disappear and I'll definitely maintain my program so I can update you all when I get back!
  10. It is a long plank, I'm actually worried I won't be able to complete it, but I'm going to be restricted in my training this challenge, so I had to go with a tough challenge that didn't need much space. Also for the record, I weighted in at 222 lbs (yikes!) this morning and 39" around the waist.
  11. "Your training starts now" Said the voice, a soft baritone, barely speaking above a whisper. nm_the_niceguy could not see the owner of the voice. "Sweet shadow voice trick!" nm_the_niceguy exclaimed "And I know! I'm pumped for my push ups and pull ups! Gonna do them after work!" "No, it starts right now. You will bike to this....day job.....and bike home after." "But that isn't part of the challenge!" "You must continue to train above and beyond your specific challenge requirements if you wish to meet your weight goal. Also, it's nice out and riding the bus is no way for an assassin, e
  12. Wow, this challenge makes mine look lame! I may have to take some time to expand mine for more flavour! Good luck! I'll check in to see more of your challenge when I can!
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