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  1. *slips in* I'm late but I made it! Hey hey first challenge as an Assassin aww yeah.
  2. Yes'm! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50048-hooded-warrior-slips-in-dressed-in-black/?p=1087987
  3. Bit late but here is my new challenge over at Assassins with explanations for late ness. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50048-hooded-warrior-slips-in-dressed-in-black/?p=1087987 *salutes* come find me friends! and let me know where you all are.
  4. Hiya, I'm late but I'm so ninja-like none of you guys noticed, right? I have a doctor's note though. "Dear Assassins Guild and others following the journey of Hooded-Warrior, Hooded-Warrior was absent for the first week of his challenge due to a bad case of gastro contracted over the weekend of the 7th-9th June whilst at State Youth Games that came into effect over the following days. As she could not even keep down water I think this is a valid excuse and not an excusey-excuse. Having recovered I have deemed her fit to pick up the challenge this week. Sincerely yrs, Doctor McDoctorson." Okay
  5. Hey yep it was me! There's a paleo cafe in the Emporium food court called Thr1ve. I'm totally up for a Melbourne meet! I love it. I'm actually headed in for a tea party gathering this Sunday morning with a bunch of people known as Nerdfighters. (Yeah I'm a part of many nerdy communities). Ice skating is a big yes! I love ice skating so it's got my vote. I also love walking though so I'm pretty easily made happy on choice of activity. Also my sister has just started Sunday afternoon parkour classes. She loves them, and they sound pretty amazing so I might check those out at some point.
  6. The street art event is basically legal graffiti. There's a giant wooden board and there are some street art mentors who are on hand to help us and then judge who's done the best job technically and artistically. Last year we all worked on the word "Revolution" because that was the theme of the weekend. We each took a letter. Working with spray paint cans is really different to anything I'd done before. My weekend was pretty good. Managed a walk even though it was raining. How was yours?
  7. All smiles and glomps gratefully received and reciprocated Also if y'all are interested I've made a daily battle log to put all the non-challenge challenge stuff into. If you head over there it's the one with my name on it I've done some decent walking this week so yay. And next weekend a special event is coming up that will get me moving.
  8. Yesterday did a 4km walk with a friend (that included the intrepid crossing of a stream via rocks) and then played about two hours of games that included basketball, netball, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee that night at youth group. I'm pretty keen for State Youth Games next weekend too. About 3000 young people from youth groups all over Victoria go down to a country town and camp there, playing against each other in sports all weekend. It ranges from the above mentioned sports all the way through to things like darts and uno, so there's something for everyone. This year I'm doing Ultimate F
  9. Eyyyy I've got rellies in Bendigo. Nice place. Welcome!
  10. Just making a space to document all my out-of-challenge times. Especially since I need to do a make-up few weeks from my first challenge because reasons. Today: con: did partake of sugary junk food. Pro: went for a two (count 'em, two) hour walk with my sister this evening. We just started out to do a block after dinner but each time we almost got back to my place we'd look at each other as go "I don't wanna stop yet" and we'd head off and do another block in a different direction. We had the best talk, too. I love my sister heaps and heaps; she's amazing.
  11. It's in Emporium, that new shopping centre between Myers and Melbourne Central. The Cafe itself is called Thr1ve. They do breakfast and lunch.
  12. I'm still primarily focused on weight loss, but I'm thinking about throwing in a flexibility goal as well. Getting back to my old dancing flexibility is going to be a long slog now that A) I'm grown up and I haven't done it for ages.
  13. Yeah, apparently. It's only just opened but it does exist! I wish it was more local but oh well.
  14. You know what? I'm going to use the weeks in between now and the next challenge as a kind of make-up session for what I've missed this challenge. Also a good thing that happened the other day was that I went into the city with a friend and we had lunch at a paleo cafe that has just opened up in the CBD. It was delicious and I felt good afterwards. I got char-grilled chicken and bell peppers with baby spinach leaves and sweet potato & cauliflower mash, with a side of roasted broccoli with almond and chili flakes.
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