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  1. Don’t sell yourself short on walking the Mall of America. You could of probably gotten 2 or 3 miles in without knowing it.
  2. Happy Black Friday! It doesn’t mean much to me other than it’s the day after Thanksgiving. And marks the time I try to avoid shopping unless it’s an emergency. Exception being buying food because the grocery stores seem to have about the same amount of traffic. So for my Black Friday I woke up early to get my last yoga session for the week in. I should have woken up earlier because I only got 40 of 55 minutes in. Though I figure that’s probably 40 more minutes than Sloth got in. [emoji13] Then took my car in to get the oil changed but they told me the brakes needed to be changed also. Got a ride home since they said the work would take 2 hours. 4 hours later they call me to tell me my car is done. But I was already on my way to see my cousin’s new house. Did the tour and then picked up the car. Afterwards I used the mower to mulch the leaves in my front yard before the big snow comes in a day or two. Otherwise not doing much. The Cubs and I started watching MST3K The Gauntlet on Netflix and survived the first movie Mac and Me. Wife works tomorrow so might get a couple more movies in then. Hope you all are having a more exciting holidays than I.
  3. Morning two of the new life. Monday I woke up at 5AM so I could do my yoga and prep for work. I felt a little rushed so Tuesday I woke up at 4:30AM. Did my Energy and Red Hot Core yoga, got a shower, made and ate breakfast, made a sack lunch, and thawed out the car. Then got out the door at good time and stop and got a 40oz un-sweet tea. My new job doesn’t know what to do with me (but then again who does) so my first day I mostly did busy work but I did learn more stuff about what I was doing over here previously when I was working at my old position. Not sure how well I’ll be keeping up with updates but I’ll do my best.
  4. So I got a text from my foreman saying I’m going to my new position on Monday. I would have liked to have gotten more notice so I could finish gathering my stuff. So I’ll have to spend some personal time to go to work and gather the rest of my stuff. I’ve been bitch’n to everyone about the lack of notice but really I find it amusing though it came at the wrong time. I’ll have to put Cub1 in daycare next week since his school is closed all week. Can’t believe that the thing I’m concerned about is what am I going to do for lunch. And what is my schedule going to look like before and after work. Perhaps it hasn’t hit me yet that I should be worried about the actual job itself. I still haven’t been told what I’m going to be doing. Or if they even know that I’m going to show up on Monday.
  5. What are you doing for exercise? Did you continue with DDPYoga? Thanks for reinforcing the idea that habit is more important than effort.
  6. Friday, I don’t know what has happened to tonight but time flew by and I didn’t do a damn thing. I put off my workout until almost the last minute and then said “Keep the habit even if you don’t keep the effort!” And I’m glad I didn’t worry about the effort because I half assed my way through the whole thing. I got discouraged from the start when I couldn’t get my heart rate up even when I was putting in an effort. The whole workout out I never broke 110 bpm and by the end I averaged 95 bpm which seems a little high considering I was in the high 80s/low 90s most of the workout. Not the way I want to end the week leading into Thanksgiving week. Weeks like that is chaos for my routines. I like to do things at certain times and I can’t think of a plan for next week. And Cub1 has all week off which just adds more to the chaos. Thursday I got invited by my niece to see her High School’s practice robotics competition. I was kind of blown away by the number of engineering students they had there and what kind of projects they were working on. Anything from pin-hole cameras, to First Robotics competition bots, to Battle Bot style robots, to an electric car they race. Where was this stuff when I was in school? Of course back then I had no interest in anything so I probably would have pissed the chance away. Last note as a thank you to whomever has read this far. If you look up in the early evening to midnight and see the moon, the bright “star” next to it (I saw it above and to the left/East) is actually Mars. It should be visible to most since I was able to see it in a brightly lit parking lot (assuming no clouds of course). I don’t know why but I think it looks kind of neat and they track together across the sky which is also neat.
  7. Well the concern was real. I didn’t get my 12 minute workout in. Kept saying “It’s only 12 minutes, I can fit that in anytime” but I didn’t.
  8. Phew! Cleared the first of the big workouts this week. Below the Belt and Red Hot Core for a total of 50 minutes of yoga. The BTB wiped me out and I was sweating so much. The second half of RHC was only half assed due to being wiped. But the damn thing was done and I’m feeling good. Last week I never did get around to doing my electronics project because I sidetracked myself by reading a new book. Finished the book today and finally got around to doing my first project. Kicking myself a little because the wire I bought is the wrong kind and I can’t believe that I didn’t catch it when I ordered it (got stranded instead of solid core, so can’t push the wire into my proto type board). Fortunately the kit I bought actually had wire that came with it that I didn’t see. So I can still do the projects. Just kicking myself for being thick.
  9. Wooo Brother! DDP Yoga being done. Great to hear. We love stories of plagues and gut faeries and strained backs. That and the randomness of your threads bring us back.
  10. I love how Asians just say what they are thinking (pertaining to the commentary). They’re not rude or anything but just state what’s going on. My wife is Vietnamese and I was a little shocked when her family just came out and said you’re fat and they didn’t mean anything about it, they were just stating a fact. Book 11 of a series. Are you reading the Wheel of Time series because that is one of the few ones I can think of that run that long. And great job with the progress. I went back through your thread and saw that you’ve gained Gets, Kips, and now Muscle Ups. It’s like watching a skill tree in a video game being filled out. Awesome work keep it up.
  11. We getting an update anytime soon? The last proper update was ten days ago. And keep going with the DDP Yoga, it gets easier the more you do it. Some dumbass at one time told me “Make it a habit, then worry about progress” which is good words to live by. And my opinion on the Doctors is that which ever one you watch first is usually your favorite and then from there on it’s the previous Doctor to the one you’re watching because you always compare the new Doctor who is trying to establish himself/herself to the Doctor that is fully fleshed out. So 9 is better than 10, 10 is better than 11 and so on. Or if you watch them out of order 11 is better than 9 (if that is the stretch of series you go to next).
  12. Start of a new phase in my yoga started this week. Instead of 3 workouts per week I’ll be doing 5 workouts over 4 sessions during the week. Kicked off the new phase by getting my first workout in Fat Burner. Tuesday is Below the Belt and Red Hot Core for a combined total time of 52 minutes. Then Thursday is only a 12 minute Red Hot Core which surprisingly might be tricky because I might debate if it’s worth moving furniture, get the exercise mat out, and change clothes for a 12 minute workout. Then wrap things up Friday with Diamond Cutter which is 55 minutes and was quite difficult for me last week. Tracking food has been going well also. Most days I’m right on the verge of going over and that is with me watching what I’m eating. It’s scary to think how much I was consuming when I wasn’t paying attention. Keep forgetting to mention with the proper doing of yoga that my right knee has been hurting me but not in a way you would think. I keep getting up and down so much that my knee has what feels like a rug burn. I’ve been putting Vaseline on it for the past couple of week with minor relief. However today after I had my shower I noticed that I had a tube of Gold Bond excema relief ointment on my counter so decided to try that and it seems to be doing well. Today when I got up and down I noticed a sizeable difference in the discomfort of my knee.
  13. Loving your music. I really quite expanding my repertoire. The Danger! High Voltage was really catchy. Great job on the work you’re doing. You may not be hitting all your goals but I could guess that you’re doing better than you were before. Keep it going.
  14. Awesome video! Who’s your cameraman? I need subtitles too. Anything interesting being said? And love that the area is filled with people wanting to do those exercises. Those kids were adorable and fit.
  15. Thanks, though it would be nice to have regular updates with some progress too. And I’ve thought I better be a little more consistent so I can heckle @Sloth the Enduring about the lack of his regular updates. Though I need to get better at posting on other’s threads. Small steps.
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