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  1. ^This. There has been story after story of women losing weight and looking more feminine as a result of weight training. If you do become wider, it's going to be in the good places - shoulders and hips - giving a more hourglass-ish figure. You won't build dude-muscles all at once. If you do happen to defy your ovaries and build a ton of bulk, it will still be slow and hard-earned. If you wake up one day and say "I look like a man," you can start HIIT or whatever. But that won't happen anyway. Your program does seem a bit like a bodybuilding routine. I'd go for a strength-specific routine, as it's more likely to assist your goal of weight loss. Starting Strength is my first choice, but Stronglifts is okay. Rip's explanation of the lifts is far more thorough, and he is more qualified to make a program.
  2. Thanks. I remember in your "One Year Under the Bar" post, you said that actual lifting shoes were superior to Chucks. What changed?
  3. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I didn't want to start a whole new one for my (possibly stupid) question. When lifting in Chucks, do you take the insoles out? I just pulled my ancient pair out of the closet after hearing these recommendations, and I can't figure out whether they include the insole as part of the recommendation.
  4. I think it's one of those "this is what English sounds like to non-speakers" videos. Halfsrs. The thing that gives it away is the channel. 21 Convention is just a mess of misinformation.
  5. What exercises are you doing? Since lower body exercises generally utilize more more muscles (not just bigger ones), it could be that your body is simply working harder to supply more muscles with oxygen. If you're doing front squats, you're compressing your ribcage, which isn't bad unless you forget to breathe. You may also be doing more volume or taking less rest between sets.
  6. I was referring to the first one, but I think the second is homework too. Always inspirational.
  7. I can't give a better welcome than the rest of these people have already, but, welcome! The reason I bolded this quote up is that I found it kind of funny. We primitive Americans grew up on the imperial system, and it confuses us most of the time. That's probably why we use the metric system for nutrition. And that's probably why so few of us actually understand nutrition. Yes, we're behind all but two other countries in this regard. No, our politicians don't want to change this. Anyway, welcome. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, and Disil's story is a must-read. I can't find it at the moment; maybe he can give you the link. Happy losing!
  8. Like other people have mentioned, The underlying causes of obesity are impossible to correct with surgery. My mom had gastric bypass, and while she didn't suffer any complications, she didn't lose any weight. She had an emotional attachment to food and a fundamental misunderstanding of calorie density. She also didn't have a very good support system from me and my dad, which is something I regret to this day. The point is, if you are losing weight now, you should also be resolving those particular issues and others as you go. If you go out and have weight-loss surgery before your brain is prepared, it won't get you anywhere. It is only effective in conjunction with established weight-loss principles. So, continue losing weight and being awesome as you have been doing, and set a date about ten months out. If, by this date, you are still considering it and have continued to lose weight, then do it.
  9. I enjoy seeing other people being healthy and working out, but those exercises do serve a purpose. They keep the squat rack clear so that you can do your scary workout with the scary weights.
  10. I saw someone on youtube call durianrider a "banana skeleton." I felt it was apt.
  11. I'm sad I only found this now. I live in the area, but the pricing is out of my range at this point. I'll be sure to come and shadow, if only for an hour or two. How are you guys planning to find each other?
  12. I'm going to echo Shortgorilla on the thick bar training. If you aren't deadlifting or maxing out, find a way to make the bar thicker. A towel works, but I've found that something like Fat Gripz is better, as it doesn't compress as much. I got my gym owner to buy a pair; I'm sure your gym would do the same if it has equipment made from tree branches. Ideally, your middle finger and thumb will not be able to touch. Then, if you go back to normal bars, a standard 1" bar will feel like rebar.
  13. Why not try another lift that isn't as taxing? I don't know much about oly lifting, but it seems to me that people can clean and snatch far more often than they can deadlift. Perhaps you could learn one of those and use it to develop those muscles that seem so lacking. You could also try the common accessory lifts, like good mornings and such. More squats never hurt anyone either. The point is, there are plenty of ways to get a stronger posterior chain and a bigger deadlift, and they don't often include deadlifting more often.
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