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  1. https://www.brainpickings.org/2017/07/17/when-things-fall-apart-pema-chodron/?utm_source=Brain+Pickings&utm_campaign=e5ab79fdbf-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_179ffa2629-e5ab79fdbf-238284017&mc_cid=e5ab79fdbf&mc_eid=8e7daa4464 I thought about you and Phoenix day the whole time I was reading this, had to share.
  2. *disengage lurk mode* DO IT. re: settling for fat vegans, I'm glad you said it because to be brutally honest I was thinking it. I don't talk to you often enough to lay that kind of opinion out unbidden though. We believe in you, we always have and always will mate. *reengage lurk mode* Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Cledbo

    Teros XXX

    100% on the social media fake friends thoughts. I would argue there's a third option to the two you put forward for why these people behave this way - it's the same one that keeps people from exercising, quitting smoking or doing anything worthwhile; fear of change. What if it works? They lose part of their identity (as a friendless pity party in this case) and for the rest of their lives they have to take *gasp* responsibility. No more hiding behind excuses that the world is stacked against them. That's why you (and I, and lots of others who value forward momentum) cannot stand to be around them. Don't blink, you have nothing to lose by dropping these people except wasted brain space and energy. Also there's nothing wrong with a life of simplicity. Ask Steve K
  4. Parts of that show are filmed in my hometown of Ballarat, and I've been lucky enough to see not one but two of the costume exhibitions at Rippon Lea mansion. Soooooo gorgeous. Miss Fisher is a fine role model for any woman of the world. And I think a lot can be achieved with a silky bathrobe and red lipstick 😉 follollowing Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  5. Dealing with troublesome co-workers? Cast a spell on them: Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie When this popped up in my inbox you were the first sorcerer I thought of 😉
  6. That made me smile after a long hard day. Great to see and hear you're kicking exams butts!
  7. Still lurking. Still haven't officially sat down to take stock, might do it soon. Still doing my femto action every day. Random things pop up, good and bad, and I deal with them and am trying not to worry about the future too much. Gtg baby crying (story of my life every day at 6:30pm, and 6:30am for that matter!)
  8. That's how recipe books get written 😊 mmmm stroganoff.
  9. I am so lame, I completely forgot about my own accountability group. This past ten days or so I've needed to prize myself probably a lot more than I have. I have done it every day in some way or another, but not strongly enough I think. I am consistent, though, and am doing my current best in some very difficult circumstances (mainly of my own making). Hopefully some much needed therapy will help my best be better because I don't think it's good enough right now. Crying baby + tired me = bad juju
  10. Ladies and gentlemen... Oh wait, wrong Conway. And for RES, your town gets this song stuck in my head:
  11. I'm here! I'm stalking people because I don't really have time for posting properly. Plus my own challenge is so small as to be quite boring to post about. I've done my mini action every day no problems, I still haven't sat down to take stock properly (see above re: time and lack of it) and I go up and down with letting go of timing, mainly as applies to my bubba's sleeping habits. Yes, it's better than it was. But, it needs to be more betterer. Also I've never had to listen to her cry this much in her whole life, even when she was brand new. Now, it's at least 10 min, sometimes up to an hour, of crying which varies from mild bitching to full on hysterics, 3-4 times a day (i.e. every time she gets put to bed during the day) To say it is getting to me is an understatement; this is why I'm seeing a psychologist. Anyway, reading other people's threads makes me happy, and it keeps me away from Facebook as far as time sucks go, so lurking mode will re-engage now 😊
  12. Group work is the pits. Working in a team at a real workplace has never been as ridiculously, soul-crushing annoying as school group work (because if you don't pull your weight you get fired, I suppose) With the coconut milk freezing thing, yeah you could do it as a block too it would just mean you'd have to use the whole lot at once when you defrosted it. That's why I use ice cube trays, more convenient serving size for my porridge purposes 😊
  13. Love Asian supermarkets, they are the bomb-diggety. It always confused me why you guys (Americans) don't have coconut cream in your normal market. We have it here. Also coconut milk and cream freeze really well, so if you find yourself only using a bit and don't want it to go gross out only lasts a couple of days in my experience) freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays for instant deliciousness later on.
  14. Uncontrollable laugher counts as exercise, surely! My sides certainly hurt enough to be considered an ab workout at least 😆 Great first week 😊
  15. What flea said. I totally get the whole other people's emotions messing with yours thing. Still trying to work out how to deal. You have any breakthroughs with it, let me know! #hugs
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