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  1. So yesterday went quite well even if my core is getting tired quite quickly. Quick session today not as good as the first for the pistols but i added some jumps at the end. Not sure if i'll train the next days or not since i'm at paris for the week end. I'll keep you posted !

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  2. contrast baths are soooooo yummy - I love both parts, hot and cold, but most of all the tingling afterwards :)


    From what I have heard the food thing really varies from person to person, for some 5-6 meals a day work best and for other 2 big ones are much better instead, some need big breakfast and little at night, others can do with little in the morning and big meal at night... it's great if you find your personal favorite! And of course, big difference will be in what is contained in those meals...


    Amen to that! It's just a matter of finding what works best for you! There's no right way, one have to experiment and find what works best for them! :rolleyes-new:


    Completely right for sure ! Fow now the only rule i try to follow is to get some protein with my first meal of the day, other way i feel just horrible for the whole morning ! In my opinion what you eat is far more important than when you eat, or how many meals you take.

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  3. you are epic inspiration, as per usual.


    Congrats on your exams and way to go on turning an obstacle into many a woot to come!


    In for the ride


    Thanks :D And nice gif btw !!


    Contrasted bath done : i'm getting used to really hot water, cool side effect of this part of the challenge !! It's quite funny to see that you don't feel any burning sensation if you don't move your fingers... ^^

    Today session felt great even if i didn't have a snack in the afternoon (wich is, like every snack for me, a meal for the person lambda :tongue:) and felt very hungry for the whole session.


    - Soleus stretch

    - 3*3 pistol with no weight but support for the lower part

    - 3*3 pisol with weight in the hands (felt relly great) i just used 2 little books, i may nail those faster than expected !

    - 4*3 shrimp squat : different versions, barely did the "normal" one but the form was horrible

    - 3*5 pistol with assistance on the wall at the bottom, those are brutal !!

    - 5 body rows with about 130° angle at the hips, got 2 cramps inside of my feet so i stopped there


    More stretch incoming !


    See you tomorrow ! ;)

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  4. So first day, everything is cool so far !

    1st session was core work :

    15sec/rep following the 60s hollow body hold-> 60s superman hold-> 60r hollow body rock -> 60r superman rock *3 without rest schema

    here's a video if you don't see what i'm talking about :



    and 4*5min plank, i'll change a bit this one so that i can work all the core's muscles : i'll do the 4 possible sides of the plank switching for a total of 20min.


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  5. Which server are you on? We should duo! 

    I'm sorry my brain must be a bit slow, i'm not sure what stretch you are talking about.


    On EUW, i'm gold 3 right now :) Here's my pseudo if you want : anfaalg

    Maybe i just made a mistake i tought you said that you were using focused flexibility from GMB. ^^

  6. raptron, on 04 Jun 2015 - 9:54 PM, said:snapback.png

    I used to play but not really anymore. I've been playing a little bit of Heroes of the Storm when I get the MOBA itch.

    League is the only computer game I still play, it's a bit nostalgic (I used to play DOTA back when it was still a warcraft mod) and I like that it's a fixed time slot and I can't get too carried away playing it. Hadn't heard of Heroes of the Storm yet.. is it good?


    It's the first time i hear about someone from NF that plays LOL, So cool to see i'm not alone ;) Heroes of the storm is cool and honestly quite easy to start (not like DOTA2 :nightmare: ).  Cool challenge !! Wich stretch have you chosen from FF ?

  7. There we go!!! Way to adapt to the situation and make the best of it mate!

    I love the Mr. Bean gif haha! I have to rewatch that sketch now!

    And of course, congrats on the successful exams! :)


    Thanks ! I don't even know if i've seen this sketch but the gif is just too hilarious ;)


    Good luck on your challenge, and congratulations on passing your exams!


    There have been a couple of medical students on the boards (3 i can think of off the top of my head), but none of them are active right now.


    What country are you going to be a doctor in? (If you don't mind me asking on a public forum :))


    Thanks Yuen ;) I study in france so i'll stay there for a while for sure. With that said i wouldn't mind to go in other countries !

  8. Hey guys !!


    FIrst thing first : Exams are a success ! :D I'll be a doctor !! ;) (ok maybe in 10years+ but i'll be a doctor ^^)



    With that said let's dive into penguin mode :


    But, why penguin ? Well for those who followed me during my last challenge it's no secret that my wrists are not really usable right now (tendinosis LVL99 on both). So i'll try to keep moving without using them too much. Wich mean no (or barely) upper body work and lots of mobility.


               1) Penguin slide his way to recovery :




    Each day i shall meditate twice : 2 sessions of 10min. One without any "gadget". The other with "headspace" that i'm currently testing.

    I shall also use contrasted bath on my wrists so that they can heal quickly.

    Add to that a minimum of 15min outside to get a minimum of vitD.


    Joker : I won't be everyday at home so when i'm not there i'll just have to do 1 meditation session and spend 15min outside.


                2) The famous 6-pack penguin




    You tought that sliding everywhere and walking with a permanent posterior pevic tilt was easy ? Think again bro you need to train a lot for those !!

    So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday i'll do a core routine.

    I've got several goals :


    # 60s hollow body hold-> 60s superman hold-> 60r hollow body rock -> 60r superman rock *3 without rest

    # I've also been inspired by this man :http://www.medicaldaily.com/pulse/former-marine-george-hood-breaks-world-record-after-holding-plank-more-5-hours-335898 so i'll train up to a 20min plank. (sorry for not going for the record right now)


    NOTE : These won't make my abs more visible i know this, we're talking here about a challenge and a mental training, during such training the mind wants to stop every secs and you have to push it.


                 3) How about leg day ?




    On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, my legs shall be on fire.

    My main focus will be on the pistol squat wich is my goal by the end of the challenge, along with the shrimp squat.

    So here is the program for each session :


    - Scales

    - Pistol work

    - Shrimp squat progressions

    - Body rows (depends of the feeling, sometimes i feel that my quadriceps is the only part working so i add those)

    - HIIT (or not, depends of the feeling of the day, because conditionning is not my focus for now)



                 4) Story of a stiff ankle and tight hips


    Having goals is cool, reaching them is better.

    The fact is : you can have the strenght if you don't have the mobility you're just going to get stuck.

    So my mobility work will be focused on the lower body :

    Every day : limbering with Kit Laughlin stuff : https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mts

    On Monday, Thursday : Focused Flexibility from GMB

    On Tuesday, Friday : Contract relax from the same serie as above.


                 5) How about that 7 hours spent sitting ?


    After every half-hour spent sitting i shall do the following sequence :

    - 5 wall angels

    - 5 glute contraction

    - 5 squats

    - 5 shoulders rotations

    - 5 shoulders dislocations


    And because Steve give us some great insights that we should use : I'll squat, stand or do my wrists's contrasted baths each time i'll watch a video or a film.

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  9. Nice work!  Definitely rest the wrist; better safe than sorry.

    I'm already quite sorry since i can't do handstands for a while. ^^


    Well i won't try to remember the last week day by day.

    But since we're 2 days before the end of the challenge i'll look at it as a whole.


    Let's look at my goals :


    1. Finish the 2nd cycle of P2 before the end of the 6 weeks.


    Not done, i feel i progressed well, tried to manage intensity not to aggravate wrist pain. I did some core work instead of the routine in the later part of the challenge.

    I missed a few days but life happend i guess.   B-


    2. Accomplish the Focused Flexibility program for the full 6 weeks.


    Not completely done, still good progress here.      B-


    3. Lower body training : Follow the following program for the next 6 weeks :

    1 session of http://www.fitnessblender.com/ workout on Tuesday, level 4 or 5.

    1 squat routine on thursday.


    This one was followed beyond expectation. With the 30/30 squat challenge my squat is in good progress, and i ran quite much.   A


    4. These goals will only be valid if I’m unhurt and feel no pain at the end of the 6 weeks which mean good recovery: I shall be in my bed, ready to sleep at 10:30 pm each day.


    Maybe the least successfull one, i don't know if it was a good idea to put it that way. If we talk about sleep, i got quite a good amount of it during the whole challenge, but i wasn't in bed at the said hour.

    In the same way, my wrists aren't fully healed and i still don't put much weight on it but it's getting really better.


    I won't use the skill point stuff because i feel that i'll give it too much importance.

    I consider my challenge to be a success even if it could have been far better. So it'll be a B.


    Next one will be assassin challenge. A recruit can have some excuses, a true assassin can't. So i'll heal my wrists before the next challenge and rock this one even more !


    PS : exams results june the 2nd btw :o

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  10. Hey man !


    I don't think that you should focus that much on the scale, or at least not alone ! Did you take pictures or measurement at the beginning of the challenge ? Even if you don't have the expensive stuff you should start to see some progress here :)


    Keep going !

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  11. yay for finishing exams! I'm impressed with all the you were able to do while exams were happening. Now you can focus on sleep.


    Soooooooo much free time, maybe too much ^^

    And sleep is still not on track..


    Saturday :


    HIIT session done


    Sunday :




    Monday :


    Whole session done, handstands were solid with a few problems with the kick up like always.


    Tuesday :


    Went to see the doctor for my wrist, got anti-inflammatory stuff. He said that without it i should have stopped 2-3 weeks, but with it should be over quickly so we'll see. I'll stop my handbalancing for a week before assessing where i am.


    Wednesday :


    Core routine, really tough and not as fun as handstands but it's still cool :)

    Stretching done.


    Thursday :


    Post party day... ok let's do the hardest HIIT routine in stock. Pain is crushing my legs right now ! x)


    Hope it's going well for you !

    It's funny because i let the flexibility work aside but i still felt good progress :D so i think i'll stay at 2 sessions a week.


    By the way i also started this challenge : https://www.facebook.com/groups/30squat/

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  12. Ok weekly report incoming :


    Monday :


    Lever spin work and planche lower to double arm lever on the floor : Clearly not the same feeling than on the parallettes but it's cool to change (since i didn't have my parralettes anyway ^^). But it taxes more the wrists so i won't do that often.

    Mobility work done.


    Tuesday :


    1 hour running plus playing on Pbars and Monkey bars.

    Better moment of the run : leg scale on top of a... thing, it's funny how something that seems easy on the floor get hard when you're 2 meters above floor without security x)


    Wednesday :


    End of exams !!! Let's Party tonight :D


    Thursday :


    Well i survived post exam, still won't do anything that day. ^^


    Friday :


    Went back home, still no training, but i ran a bit.

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  13. I found that you can quite easily overcome fear of falling forward by doing headstand instead of handstand.

    Once you'll got this one done you just have to tuck your chin during your handstand and slowly bend the elbow, and you're done !

    Of course it's easier said than done but i worked like hell for me ;)

    (also going on softer surface can help)


    And doing like 100-110 chin/rows in one session is awesome man ! Keep going !

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  14. Let's update this a bit... if i can remember... Hmmm


    Tuesday :


    HIIT session done


    Wednesday :


    Whole session done :

    3* planche lower lo double arm lever

    4* Lever spin : great improvement here, i was able to stay on one arm during a slow and controlled transition several times !

    4*15s tuck planche

    2* one arm lever progression (each arm)

    2* decline bar push ups superset bar push ups


    Felt really good !

    I really progress faster on that session than on the handstand one.


    Thursday :


    2 HIIT routine in a row !! I'm gonna transition into more of these in the future but for now... Pooooooooooooooooor legs ^^

    I was still feeling them yesterday.

    I've done the squat routine afterward.


    Friday :


    Handstand routine :

    Short but really felt better than the previous one

    handstand  on Pbars*3 (best one for 50-60s)

    Handstand Push Ups at at various levels (bent arm stand, negative, concentric attempt) : Quite much pain in the wrists at that point. I already did a HPU successfully on the floor (got it in video :D) but i find it much harder on Pbars.


    Saturday :


    Little HIIT session : but i helped with my recovery even it was really hard after the last session.


    Sunday :




    SO ! I've successfully trained for the Last week, that's the cool part, but :


    Only one stretching session : that's what happend when i don't do it every day, that sucks :(

    I'll do another one before going to bed.


    Goal 3 is fucked up for a long time now, i don't think i've managed to go to bed in time more than 3 times since the beginning of the challenge ^^.

    Anyway i'll try to get back on that for the next days since i've got my exams for the next 3 days !! I'm quite calm, if i don't die going there or forget a test, everything should be ok !


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  15. From where I'm standing, I think you're doing better than you feel you are.  The videos show hard work and you will progress.... slowly but surely.


    But exams do make everything tough - so I hope you get through those soon and can focus on something more enjoyable!


    Thanks for your support ! You're right i guess it's normal to progress more slowly when you tackle higher goals, but patience is really not a friend of mine :tongue: I want the Iron Throne Right Now !!

    I'll definitely participate to that house's fight when i'll be an assassin !



    Stay focused man! It's about the quality of the workouts so remain focused even if it's a 15minute workout! Keep at it & you'll progress good even with exams and SHIT :D


    Yeah, let's go for it, it'll be my main goal tomorow ! Laser beam focus and that lever spin shall be nailed B-)


    You are doing advanced workouts there, don't forget that so progress isn't as quick as with beginner things any more. Also like the others said, everything you do now will pay off, even if you can't see it yet. I speak from plenty experience here as I often felt suuuuuper slow as a learner in my training, but if I look back (and videos are a great thing for that, too) I can see the progress clearly.


    Rock your exams and keep yourself sane by keeping the workouts going  :positive:


    Thanks for your support ! :)

    I've always used some kind of training that permit me to progress quickly (at least in strenght training) except for handstands : I've been training them for 2 years now and got results really late. Each time i try harder moves now, i say "i don't want to take as much time", but i guess it's what i takes !



    Really thanks for helping me to stay on the good way, i feel much better today, less frustrated and ready for success (and failure) !

    Today training was a HIIT session with a few new moves. You can really feel your brain working when you try new (but easy) moves while moving quick.

    I'll train my flexibility only 3 times a week now (at least with the focused flexibily program and use to spared time to try new moves.


    If you have 2min i suggest you to read this : http://i.imgur.com/rSnA8.png. ;)

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  16. Stretching done for the last 3 days, everything is on track ! I really feel progression in my squat position (thanks to calf stretch, it's really my limiting factor here) but my bridging work is really behind in term of progress.


    Saturday :


    HIIT sessions from Fitnessblender.com like 40-50% squat jumps variations, my quads are really dying on those, i will try to focus a little bit more on hamstrings... somehow ^^


    Sunday :


    Rest, just 1 little session on rings.

    It was really hard to motivate myself to stretch without training before. I'm proud to say i've done it :D


    Monday :


    I really need more time for those sessions, i'm triing to take a good rest between sets since i feel that it helps my wrists (wich feel like **** now btw), so i didn't manage to do my whole session, just the skill work.

    I didn't train on those movements for a while and my technique was really crappy. But i can only make progress !


    6* Bent arm press variations : went through bent arm handstand, negative bent arm press, also tested the concentric but i lack control on parallettes.

    Go to 50s to see the action ;)


    3* handstand lower to L-sits attempt : all failed. Really felt weak.

    Don't know if it was really helpfull to post this one but i said that there would be some baseline in video, now there is !


    Conclusion thoughts :


    Overall my training isn't as successfull nor as enjoyable as it could be these days. I have really short sessions, don't recover well... Exams are coming indeed and my focus is not on training. I'm really like... praying for those vacations to come quickly, other way i'm going to explode !

  17. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool day ! :o

    I want to do that !!!!

    Seriously man that's exactly how i see my training sessions after my exams (if my wrists don't die before though).

    If you haven't already i would suggest going through a free flow on the rings to get used to the sensations during transitions, and feel what your body can do on it, it's just so good !


    Movement vitamin and elements will be mine in few days so that i could start experimenting with those too ;)


    Keep going, and don't forget the videos, you talk about it for too long now :P

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  18. Awesome stuff mate, hope I can be as good as you one day :)

    Thanks man ! Of course you will, just don't let go :)


    Stretching done for the last two days.


    Thursday :

    Went running and did a bit of basket.

    Really felt good after my squat routine, i just stayed in squat position without any effort. I really start to understand how this position can be a resting position and that's awesome ! :D


    Friday :

    Routine done : My lever spin is on good progress. My wrist still hurts a bit but i think it's under control, we'll see how it goes this week-end. I'll try a handstand session if everything is ok !

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