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  1. Train a lot I found that best exercices for this are free headstand to focus on my position. And then try to do handstand back facing a wall : push a bit with your feet and then use your fingers not to fall back on the wall ! Take a mat or maybe go out on grass Start with a roll (care with your neck), then headstand with knees on the elbows and roll headstand with knees near the face and roll full headstand and roll handstand feet on the wall and roll and then when you feel ready : full handstand, when you come up let your arms bend (slowly) and roll It's how i did at once, and since that i'm not afraid any more Of course you can also learn other ways to leave handstand position like this one :
  2. I'm in guys !! I'm on it for a while now and i used these tutos to progress : http://www.ringfraternity.com/tutorials/handstand.html http://goldmedalbodies.com/ugh (need email inscription)
  3. Hi !! Why not mix up your strenght training and life goal ? If you could do your strenght routine with some people it would be an awesome way to start a new friendship ! Good luck !
  4. Hi !! Great goals ! Do you know what you ll do for strenght training ? Any program or exercices ?
  5. Thanks for support fiona !! I'll check the book right after my exams
  6. Hi there ! I love your goals : theory and practice at the same time is, to me, the best way to succeed ! But i wonder : with crossfit for strenght training AND cardio won't your heart blow up ?
  7. Cardio, strenght straining and clean eating may be the three highways to a rock hard body ! Good luck !
  8. Hi guys ! I'm a new recruit there and, in order to join the rebellion i need to... go out ! Problem is : I'm a vampire. So and in order to give birth to my legend i need to learn how to go out without becoming ashes. So here is my first challenge : Find an an antidote to my illness without moving from my castle (you know that big, old and creepy place in transylvania ?). To succeed i'll try different things : 1) Use science to heal 2) Try to walk upside down, maybe it's something vampire never tried 3) Get a rock hard skin that will stop the sun If we come back to reality that mean that i'm a student and i got some exams comin to get my year in university of medicine. So here are my true, well defined goals : 1) Work 11hours a day for 4 weeks. 2) I also told a friend i would got the handstand before the exams so i'll work 15min a day for 6 weeks, doing : handstand facing the wall, handstand back to the wall and free hansdtand. I'll also work on my forearm and wrists that are my biggest weaknesses. ( if you have some advices about that you're welcome !!) 3) Skin is just a reminder for health care during that hard weeks and is improved eating fruits at each meal and taking cold shower.
  9. Hi there ! I'm french, 18years old and i'm planning to be a doctor (first year in college). I've always loved sport but until four years ago, i was really skinny. So when i entered high school, i started strenght training. I'll always remember that afternoon and my 15 poor form push ups like the beginning of... the construction of a new body at least, and maybe the beginning of a new process that would carry me during my whole life : health care, for me and for others. After 2 years of training without any knowledge i started looking for informations about training. Starting with "la méthode lafay" well known in france. Then, I read quite a lot now about musculation, calisthenics, streatching and nutrition, and i sometime read some yoga or martial arts articles. Here appear a wild nerdfitness. So where am i right now ? I use, for the most parts of my training, exercices from "convict conditionning" and fitness blender. I also run a bit (trying minimalist) and every time i can bike, swim or play any sports with my friends i do. But i lack time because of my studies (we all have good reasons for that i guess !). I train 6 days a week for about an hour and i eat as much as i can, i don't know anyone eating more than me, and i'm still 136pound for 5.6 feet. My goal are getting the planche, the handstand, and maybe get the 6 big moves of convict conditionning. So, after fitness we've nerd i guess ! So i love video games (mostly league of legends and the elder scrolls), every thing that approach fantasy (if you' re interested you should seek durzo blint on google you might understand what assassins mean). So i'm here to join the rebellion, help those i can, get as much advices as possible from you guy and maybe share good sweat in the 6 week challenge (don't know exactly what it is yet but i'll discover it quickly !). And by the way i'm a vampire assassin !!
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