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  1. Whoah man! It's hard coming back after such a long time! I still wanna go for it though, so update time: A day after my last update, my significantly better half tested positive for Covid... She wasn't feeling well (very tired and alot of headache) So she spend her time in bed for around 4 days while I was handling our two daughters, keeping things together at home and taking care of her. Just as she was about to get better, my youngest got really sick (Yes, probably Covid as well). She is about 8 months so I worried myself sick during 3 days of her being really ill. I think I phoned with the doctors about 5 times in a span of three days. Everything turned out ok with both of them, they are both feeling healthy and happy again! During that time, We, as a family, were in Isolation. Which was a problem, since we run a Gym and don't really have employees... My members are the best members on this planet though. I regularly hand them the keys to gym and they manage the place like it is their own living room. So during isolation for us, they cleaned the place, trained, opened and locked up after they were done. The gym stayed open all this time while we stayed at home. The only thing different was that there were no trainers around for technique work. We supplied them with the training programs and although we were sorely missed, they managed by themselves. And just last monday, when my partner could finally go teach classes again (Not me since I wasn't feeling sick but still needed to be in isolation for the chance of getting ill), We got locked down. Now that's what you call a streak of bad luck :D. Anyway. I will be posting and training again from now on (hopefully 2 times a week). Man did my life explode these couple of weeks.
  2. Tuesday: First day working out with my current hand problems (damaged a tendon on the fingerboard (I think). It wasn't as bad as I thought. I did the training while I was teaching a group class with not many members attending. It worked out quite well: Rings: Pullups: 5x5 and later in training 4x8 Inverted hangs: 8x3 Hanging active/passive 5x10 Parallettes: Swings 3x15 Lsit: 5x15 seconds Top position holds 8x10 seconds Pushups 8x8 It was fun doing the basics! I enjoy a massive reps training on easy to do exercises and find it builds great strength. Thursday: I had some fun in the rings and playing with the freeze (It felt way easier 20 years ago ) Meathooks 6x 10ish seconds each arm Playing around with the Freeze for about 5 minutes At the gym we practise a thing we call "lage locomotie" which translates to locomotion close to the ground. I find it a nice way to move and spend some time on it today as well. Both days i got my 30 minutes of training in. Meathook time! First time playing with the Freeze again:
  3. I never thought of it that way, that's quite a different perspective :). Although I doubt it is really the problem, it may contribute to it somewhat. I think I need to build a routine during my gym days, and prioritise my own training a bit more. The low priority I gave my training could be explained by the "not getting paid" part though. First I need to figure out if I can still properly Freeze, but the goal certainly is to implement it during different movement. And thanks for the welcome! It's a good thing I wore my glasses today ;).
  4. I'm a gym owner in the Netherlands and ironically I have a hard time getting myself to train consistently. Last challenge I thought i'd see if posting on these forums would help me and it turns out that it really did! So i'm back for my second challenge Main goal: Practice and implement "the freeze" in movement. The freeze is a static position (usually hard and funky) which I found during my Breakdancing days. Those days are long gone and while I practice all kinds of movement, I never picked up the movements I was doing during these wild years ;). Man, I'm feeling old now! Since it is getting really cold at the gym (Covid'19 keeps our doors open so we have a huge draft) I thought of this goal as quite fitting :). Sub goal 1: Keep training! I am getting close to some movement I want to get done (Mainly the one handed pullup, but I like to improve on my front lever and back lever as well, there was a time I was really good at both) Time to consistently train towards these movements while exploring progressions and different moves that support it. Every day I am at the gym, I need to get at least 30mins of training myself. I will try to time it to see how it goes. Sub goal 2: Keep posting. I will try and update this topic at least 2 times a week. I will use it as a training log and try and post video of movement I got done. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you have any suggestions, please put them here as well! And I must say that during the first challenge, the likes and comments really helped motivate me to train, I really appreciate the support!
  5. A bit late, but lets see how I did! I am pretty pleased with how i did. I did more training than ever, so I really got something done and I am happy about it, although I still feel I can do way more. Overall it's a good start.I missed a couple of updates because i fucked up my fingers. I busted a tendon in my hand last Thursday (I felt it go into my hand and up my forearm and the day after it hurt all the way down to the elbow....), which made me really cranky and feeling blue about training. It still hurts, but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I need to take it easy for a while with one handed hanging, the fingerboard and climbing. Lets go by goal and see how i did: Main goal: One handed pullup! I didn't make it! But I am ok with that. It shows that I need to stick to training and I will get there eventually :). (When my hand is better I will be training the hell out of it until I get it!) I discovered some fun progressions along the way and will be playing with the movement. I still miss about 5 cm's at the top, so it's close :). Sub goal 1: Keep training. I think i did ok on this one. I should have switched to movements I could do if I got injured (or at least, I should have switched sooner) I havent been training since Thursday until this day. Which I find a shame. There are so many movements I could have done with a busted hand, so next time I hope to get over my blues quicker and start moving differently. There were some periods i was inactive and I wasn't structured in my training. But almost every day I was at the gym, I got some work done. Which is a lot more than i did before this challenge! Sub goal 2: Keep posting. I still need to improve on the "Keep posting" goal. Especially on the "Why does my body break down when Im finally doing something" moods. Maybe it's because I want to post too much cool stuff, I don't really know. But it's still hard for me to post. I will keep this goal up in my next challenge until it's at least 2 times a week consistently. Overall I am really happy with joining these forums. I got a challenge done! The comments and likes on posts really helped me stick to training, I didn't expect it to be such a help, so it really is nice noticing that part. Thank you guys! Next challenge:
  6. I picked up the training for my one handed pullup. I did some lockoffs, which never felt so stable before, so I was pretty pleased about them. Saturday: 5x5 seconds lockoffs each arm 5x2 onehanded pullups with the other hand on the elastic band 3x1 negative on each arm It wasn't much, but I'm glad I did something I did not have a lot of free time today, but got some playtime in the rings. nothing structured.
  7. Thank you Tank! Now a long way to go for my two finger pullup ;).
  8. Soooo, it is a long time after my update, but i can still keep my "update twice a week" goal if I manage to get another update in before sunday ;). It was a hard week to train. Life happend, a lot of life happend, but that's ok. I had to cut down on training though, and I am not even feeling bad about it. I think i have my priorities straight and that is what matters :). Last week I build some new routes on the wall and didn't do much else except hanging on the fingerboard. Today was a fun movement day. I set the timer for 5 minutes to climb a specific boulder problem for as many times possible, and did that on 3 different boulderproblems. It was great fun! Afterwards I just climbed some routes and did some fingerboard work. Three days ago I found that I could hang on two indexfingers (Whoop!) so I filmed it today :). So, not much to tell on the one handed pullup, since I didn't invest any time in it, and I'm not really looking forward to seeing how much progress I lost. I will get to it again, hopefully this week. Im not stressing about it though, not yet ;).
  9. Welcome! Just hoping I can provide good updates Thanks for the kind words :). Nice to have you following! Hey again! Nice to be back
  10. Yesterday and today were routesetting days. I didn't do more than the occasional pullup. Routesetting is training in itself though, since you get to climb the route multiple times when building. I enjoy routesetting since it's really creative process. To climb this route it requires a proper pinch. The top hold got mounted after this video (you need to match the top hold with two hands and show control to finish)
  11. Sunday was a day away from the gym. I started with a nice long walk with my kids and enjoyed the lovely outdoors. After that i wasn't very active. but that was really fine by me. Today I'm just not feeling it. Did some tough sets of pullups with 1 ring higher than the other (5x5 each arm) and after that some drills on the fingerboard. Im done, just feeling really tired atm (I need more sleep!).
  12. What you see is years of work! I started out as a stiff board, but doing something every day gives results, and the progress made is not easily lost, so I like focussing on it once in a while. Just keep it up, be patient, and you will get there
  13. Just wanted to let you know I am following :). Hope you are doing ok? Lockdowns can be aweful for moral.... I am a climber myself, And during lockdown there are ways to improve your climbing. Maybe a fingerboard can be for you? I have this one and one that is build by a good carpenter. Helps a whole lot on (keeping/gaining) finger strength!
  14. Friday was a day of rest. Today I did the following: Pullups one hand on the elastic band: 5x2 Lockoffs one arm, 140degrees 5 sec, 90degrees 5 sec, top hold 5 sec (5 sec rest): 5x1 Archer pullups: 5x1 In between I did some flexibility drills. I found out that I still have my pancake :). Afterwards I did some routesetting on the boulderwall (I bought new holds!) Really enjoy the relaxed approach to my training atm. I'm not really pushing and still seem able to get progress. When I'm at the gym I want to find something fun to do that relates to a one arm pullup and then start doing some sets. No pressure, just enjoying movement :).
  15. Yesterday was my restday. Today I didn't push myself, but still got quite a bit of training done in the end :): Pullups behind the neck 5x5 (filmed the last set) One handed negatives 5x1 Archer pullups 5x3 Also, I tried to get my toes in the bouldershoes. It worked long enough to get a top on the last boulder on my tiny wall that I didn't have! (this session it took 4 tries, Toes were not having fun, but I managed )
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