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  1. It actually feels less intense than I thought it would. Just requires a little self-control when I see pretty things I want to buy I actually live in an apartment, so my garden isn't by my house, it's in a local community garden down the road. For $20, I have a 30 sq meter plot for a year. It's a nice way to have a decent garden when you're in a concrete block! This week-end has been a little off track though. My work is doing a 4 day crazy week-end festival, so i've been running up a little tab at the canteen. I did plan ahead and bought food with me, but without scheduled breaks it
  2. Oh that art thing is a challenge... I have actually been re-evaluating whether to keep selling my art. But then if I don't, what am I going to do with it all? I currently do acrylic on canvas and when it doesn't sell, it takes up a lot of room in my little apartment! I've been thinking about transitioning more to watercolor and doing a watercolor journal when i'm out and about in the countryside. It's more portable anyways, and the pieces take up less room. A 365 day challenge will sure give you a lot of pieces to find something to do with! I'd recommend to try setting up an Etsy shop
  3. Hello Druids! Long time since i've been here, but i'd like to try another challenge. My challenge this time is not as complicated as past challenges. We have some major expenses due in a month, so we decided to do an absolutely no spending money challenge (except gas and utility bills). No groceries! We have been doing this actually for a few weeks now. We do have a lot of freezer food, and a garden so there is no reason we should be buying groceries anyways! Except for some reason I do, I get junk food and other unhealthy things. So the last few weeks i've been noticing that I have t
  4. Whew it's been a crazy few weeks! Today is a 15 hour work day, and I was only able to get 5 hours of sleep (the result of taking a nap too late)...provided I don't get a tired headache, I should hopefully pull this through, though unfortunately the hardest part of the work is going to be the last 3 hours, when i'm the most tired. But working in a restaurant seems to knock off two of my goals- it gets me moving and after my shift I sleep like a baby. It's definitely a challenge with the food though, because I am working over supper/lunch time and don't get much of a gap in between jobs to ma
  5. Oh the fixed bed time Sunmage, that's the next step! I think i'll aim for 10:30 and try to put everything away by then. I am selling my smartphone, so that should make it less tempting to sit in bed and browse the internet!
  6. Hello! I'm not sure what to say about the sleeping. I often feel tired when I wake up, but yet I have been feeling like I am sleeping better, if that makes any sense. I am sleeping more solid, when I go to bed I am out until the morning where in the past I was waking up 5 or 6 times a night. But yet i'm still tired. Maybe it is the point in the sleep cycle where I am waking? I also discovered an awesome thing...a $5 sleep mask! It is so hot in our place we have to sleep with the bedroom door open so the cool air reaches us. But I need pitch black to sleep and the light from the doorway
  7. For veggie juices, i've just made a mix of whatever is in my fridge. But i've really liked apples, grapefruit, carrots and peppers. I think that was the mix. Maybe there were oranges? We usually have those ingredients lying around anyways, so it would make sense. Oooo, I should try doing something with watermelon! I can never eat a large one myself, it'd be a good way to not let it go to waste.
  8. Well this first week wasn't the greatest. We had some crazy days and then went on vacation, neither of which are good. I decided to hand out some resumes so I can fins something in the next few weeks to tide me over at the end of the month when I leave my full-time job. I got a few calls withing the first few hours and started working the next day without an interview even! It's my favorite restaurant so I couldn't say no. And we were working some late hours trying to help an unorganized friend move house. But bonus with both of those, restaurant work and helping people move house, it
  9. I love you drawings! I have a lot of trouble with the loose illustrative drawings, mine tend to be more tight and stress me out. Sometimes it's very freeing for painting just to do a loose impression instead of stressing about details. Btw, how do you upload pictures of your drawings? Do you have to first upload them to a different site and then link to here or can you upload directly from your computer here? And your challenge accepted gif made me think of this:
  10. I second the Flylady link, she really helped me. I never really got into the routine of her babysteps, but what I really took away from her years ago was to get rid of clutter. At the time my house was filthy and full of junk. I slowly went through and took stuff to the thrift store (or you can try to have a garage sale to make a bit of cash!). Now I am addicted to decluttering! If your house is so full of stuff, it will never be clean, or you will spend every minute of every day trying to keep it looking clean. But if you get rid of clutter, even if it's not as clean as it can be, it wi
  11. A sleep challenge is a great idea. I too have that as part of my challenge, I spend way too may hours staring at a phone or computer in bed! But books are bad ideas for me before bed, as I never want to put them down, and even when I do I stay awake imagining myself as a character in the story! Don't stress the sleep challenge though, as if you're worried about falling asleep so you meet the challenge, it might end up keeping you awake longer. I find when I know I have a super busy day tomorrow so I NEED to fall asleep early, I end up stressing so much about falling asleep that i'm awake t
  12. You know the druids was the guild I completely passed over when I was looking through the guilds yet now i'm back for my second challenge here! Well I’m going to try to keep it simple this challenge, last challenge was a bit much for me! So my main goal: work on my better relationship with food. I made some improvement last challenge with simply just ignoring junk and processed food, and stuffing in extra veggies and fruit. I didn’t go paleo or cut any groups out (except for junk but that’s not really a group). I would like also this time to add more fruit and veggie juices into th
  13. Great concept! And now for some cheering (and gif uploading practice)!
  14. Glad to hear you finished things off with a bang on your vacation, with lots of exercise and also quiet time! Definitely post the chipmunk pictures, that'd be so cool to experience! I think in this challenge I discovered that running just isn't my thing. I made the challenge because my sister and I signed up for a 5K, which i'm glad we did. I played pickleball and that was fun, and I might join indoor soccer. But long distance running just wasn't my thing.
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