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  1. righto lets do this for note my challenge posted in the Level 1's area http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/46958-xpac247arming-up/
  2. 1) Main Quest: Lower body fat percentage (currently at 19%) and and lose the ever increasing gut (currently at a 36 want to return back down to a 32 when I left the Air Force). Goals: 1A. Perform Angry Birds workout plan 3 times a week (Leveling up in at least 2 items per week if not all of them) 1B. Drink more Water rather than all my Soda (at least 18 oz a day) 1C. Eating out for Dinner will be reduced to twice a week. 2) Side quests: Life Quest: While I have already started it its a big desire to keep it going Keeping it up with quitting smoking. 3) My Motivation: So I had gone out
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