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  1. CHALLENGE COMPLETE Six weeks , Three challenges, one pale white boy. ​Now that's everything is said and done time to evaluate my success on each of my goals based on the data I recorded in my fitness note book Dwindle off of soda: 9.5/10!!! Out of my goals this one by far went the best as i only suffered one mess up when i was running on auto piolet and started to drink a can but quickly remember the challenge and stopped after half the can. 6 Servings of Fruits and veggies: 7/10. I struggled to keep 6 servings after the halfway point but still managed 3-4 a day allowing me to average out my final score on this challenge to a 72% Simple Workout and Cardio: 8/10. After a quick struggle with lack of motivation near the midpoint of the challenge i was able to make it out for 6 hikes, 4, runs , 8 walks and 2 work outs. FINAL SCORE : 82/100 Pass!!!!!!! Ps could someone please help me understand the leveling / skill point stuff im kinda confused
  2. Quick Update Hey , yes im still in the fitness challenge ive just been procrastinating on posting . so basically week 2 went well with me meeting all my goals and week 3 being a bit of a slipping point for me where my 4 days of working out became 3-ish and my vegetables and fruit consumption slowed. But now in week 4 im getting everything back together and im almost perfect on fruits and veggies and only 2 workouts away from the fitness one. The soda gola is going swimmingly and when the workouts come to cardio i have on a couple occasions only walked 30 mins and then walked 30 more on a rest day to make up for it or have instead done 20 minutes of hard cardio but both still achieve the goal of me getting out more which is why i put that goal on there in the first place.
  3. Thanks you! Ive found that for my fruit servings i can usually get them as a snack but i have a hard time snacking on veggies so i usually have them in a salad. Right now my fruit/veggie ratio is 2/1 and i hope to even it out as the challenge continues .
  4. Week 1 update on the group ​Successful members : ComebackConn , Nipplebeard, Ty Brazelton , and last but not least DiscoGuy Members in need of rescue : Moonba , BaconWarrior223, Arceas Windfury, and Kolin is kawii Moonba and BaconWarrior223 both were having problems making a thread so they might rejoin the ranks but Arceas and kawii both seem to have lost all intrest in the challenge. signing off till next time ComebackConn
  5. ComeBackConn's 1st week update Yes its me comebackconn and i have decided to post large updates once a week instead of daily because i feel like its easier for me and with that lets begin: SODA: I'm Ahead of schedule with my soda intake for week 1 being 6 Sodas. WOO! Fruits and Veggies: DAYS I GOT ALL SIX SERVINGS: Monday and Thursday WOO! DAYS WHERE I GOT 4-5: Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday DAYS WHERE I ATE 0-3 : Sunday BOO WORKOUT: REST DAYS: Tuesday , Saturday , Sunday ( Saturday and Sunday i was enjoying a very special weekend) WALK DAYS :Monday, Wednesday , Thursday WORKOUT DAYS: Friday I have to go now so i might post more about week one later ComebackConn Sighning out Sorry i rushed this
  6. At the start of day 2 I feel like i should give a report on day one Goal 1 : drank one can of soda Goal 2: 4 Servings of fruit and 2 of veggies goal 3 : went on a 69 minute hike. Hike Photos ​Will post today's success tomorrow.
  7. I just finished my hour long hike. So far so good on day one. Side note not everyone has made there challenge threads yet so if everyone could that would be great. It would suck to have day one drop outs. Also anyone know austins actually account name? PROOF OF HIKE ComebackConn Signing out
  8. *Down from the heavens descends a scrawny looking white male in graphic tee and jeans* Hello I am ComebackConn. *fireworks erupt behind the figure* And i am here to take place in this 6 week challenge. Now let us get right into the good stuff. MAIN QUEST : To form new habits that will set me on the track to becoming fit. GOALS TO GET ME THERE 1: Slowly dwindle my way off soda (again) I will slowly decrease the amount of soda I drink in till it reaches zero. Last year i went cold turkey on soda and lasted 3 months but stared to drink it agian after a stressful situation. My plan is 1st week : can a day 2nd week: only 6 cans 3rd : 4 cans 4th: 2 cans 5th : none 6th none 2: Eat 6 Servings of Fruit and Veggies Each day. This one should be easy. I like fruits and vegetables I just keep choosing junk food instead. My intake has slipt to the point were my doctors are worried so a change may be a good decision. 3: Do a simple workout plan or walk 60 mins 4 times a week Now this , This I'm worried about. I don't hate working out but there is this thing called the internet that makes it hard for me to want to. Any ways i have a small workout that i found on fitocracy that i will be using for days when i don't walk. Well I'll keep you all updated hopefully daily. But now i must go *scrawny white boy is sent back into the sky via clearly visible string* My fitocracy
  9. Hello ComebackConn here to create this thread for the level 1 rebels group The Einherjar. We are a small group who have decided to challenge one another to our first six week challenge. Eight will start upon the road but some may fall. Those who do fall will have to reward those who win in a way that will be decided as we go on. That's all for now. ComebackConn Signing out
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