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    Asa Pond - We Are All Experiments

    ***Cattorney at Paw!***
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    Raptron: Season Finale

    LATE and here is my now-traditional oh hai let me comment on things from TEN DAYS AGO. um yes I always have been feeling this way too. BEEFCAKE. soooo you know that I'm 99% sure that my cat is an ensorcelled fae creature sentenced to life in a cat body as punishment for some kind of terrible act against humanity? once I figured that out, EVERYTHING about her personality made perfect sense.
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    RogueLibrarian enters the 36th Chamber

    AS PER NORMAL THIS YEAR I am running late and I have a lot of things to say to you that are not at all timely!!! oh heck no! at brown belt you really start to feel like you might possibly one day be as cool as master splinter. the forms are magical and intense and SO DIFFERENT than the other forms (at least in my style of tae kwon do) and it's challenging and amazing! please tell me more about what is making you so sore and tired (i.e., how they are teaching these things in your class) because I badly need to wear out the whippersnappers in my class. I always wish we were neighbors but a LOT now because it would be fun to do forms together!!!
  4. hi there, it's tuesday! kinda my week 1 but actually week 2. this weekend we meal planned, and I decided to follow in RogueLibrarian's illustrious footsteps and have a fancy salad lunch week. HOWEVER, yesterday we drove out to see my dad in Boston (he's doing much better! he had very bad pneumonia a couple of weeks ago) and I didn't have any time for prepping so after exercise party today I rushed home at by 610 AM I was cooking up some chx in the instant pot to go on my salad, hard boiling eggs, and also making oatmeal for breakfast. it was a lot and I was a solid 30 minutes late to work. but! my lunch and breakfast were delicious. * monday at exercise party - strict presses. didn't get much stronger than when we did them a month ago. * monday night I went home, threw some jook in the instant pot, and then went to a planning board meeting for the committee I volunteer for. got home late, continue to be stupid tired. * yesterday all day I was feeling really tired and pretty meep about things. but, that's fine. It'll work out. mostly today! exercise party was HORRIBLE. couldn't breathe very well and got in my head about it and that makes me feel like I can't breathe really well AT ALL and so I didn't push as hard as maybe I could have. HOWEVER. * after exercise party I started coughing a lot and some goo is coming out of my lungs, which reinforces to me that the pneumonia-preventative mechanism that is crossfit is probs pretty reliable. (if only my dad could do crossfit right now.) * I was a tiny bit slower than the other woman at exercise party today but then I realized when I was at home lying on the kitchen floor trying to feel better that she was snatching (LOLZ) 10 lbs less than I was, and I felt a little better about that. * for the record it was 20 wall balls / 20 power snatches for 4 rounds. UGHGGGHHHGHGGHHHH. I had to take a lot of breaks because I didn't want to pass out from not breathing right. Tuesday News and Notes: * I packed my lunch today (fancy salad). * I received an amazon gift card at work for being awesome, and I used it to buy an electric milk warmer and frother, and also a pizzelle maker. beautiful life means lots of tiny wafery cookies and also homemade tea lattes, starting thursday. * yesterday I tracked all my calories and I was about 200 cal under the arbitrary # that loseit says I should eat to be me right now. (note, it has no idea what it's talking about, if I calculate my BMR and then my daily calorie for maintenance it's like 400-800 calories higher than the arbitrary # that loseit is giving me.) * Eating what I packed was no big deal yesterday but today I've been grazing on my lunch all morning long, and there might be an emergency bagel snack in my future. * I have to sub for my tkd co-teacher today (she's ill) and Fifteen has started playing lacrosse and is going to be very clearly 100% unreliable from now on because of games and scrimmages and stuff and we currently have 4 white belts and 3 yellow belts and 2 green belts and I really need a higher belt to help me keep up with the newest students - Fifteen is a brown belt and there's a couple of adults who are purple / brown belts but they're not always there and it gets a little stressful. #oneroomschoolhouseproblems. * BUT I am not teaching TKD on sat., because I'm going to a dear old friend's wedding shower (she is like: my mom is making me do it what is this pageantry) which has turned into a sleepover at another friend's house on friday and also saturday night in brooklyn and POSSIBLY sunday brunch (unless I go to boston to see dad) I'm so looking forward to it.
  5. hi there friends! I'm late to the challenge but better to show up late, right? Situation: I'm running late. I'm super tired, and I have a birthday the DAY AFTER THE CHALLENGE ENDS - wherein I will be turning 42. yo, being the answer to life, the universe, and everything is a VERY large responsibility, so I'm focused this challenge on preparing to have an amazing*** birthday! SUPER TIRED - I did better at sleeping during last challenge but I was still only over 6 hours of sleep weekly average 2/4 weeks. I need to keep making this a priority. Go to bed at 910 if you're waking up at 430 the next day. THE FOOD GOAL. I'm not super happy with my size right now. my muscles HAVE been getting bigger, but the insulation is not getting any smaller. SO, I'm going to do some diet restrictions. general guidelines: * plan the meals out for the week, including lunches [<-- this is critical! emphasis on salads!] * eat a tiny bit less than I think I ought to, measured by calories * have lower calories weeks 2 and 4, regular eating week 3. MAKE LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL. ok, I think we all agree that I should have a beautiful life and that it is in my capacity to make it beautiful. I think we can also agree that I'm not motivated by point systems in these challenges. so, this is a prompt to plan to have a beautiful life. Spring is going to happen (seriously, you can''t stop it from coming). It'll be warmer and I can ride the motorcycle. Our lawn is going to start growing again and the days are going to get longer. I've got 3 things that are almost finished on my knitting needles. there's LOTS of room for things to be more beautiful I need to make that work, instead of just GRINDING. I think that's enough! I'm an old lady (LOLZ), I don't want to overdo it., and I'm going to keep on doing the other things I'm doing all the time. I think these goals will get me to a point where I can hit my birthday feeling better about my body, more rested, and ready for the most beautiful spring SO FAR. *** not raptron amazing, don't expect any scavenger hunts or anything! backstory. I'm karinajean, 41 FOR NOW, live in NY state, commute to NJ about an hour each way where I manage projects and clean up hazardous waste. I joined the NFA in October 2013 and transitioned over to the big scary boards (ahem, these forums) in April 2014. Since I discovered NR, I've lost about 25 lbs, tore my ACL / had it replaced with a cadaver ligament and rehabbed it, ran a bunch of running things, took over instruction for a class at the dojo, started with some weight lifting, and have reincreased by weight by about 20 lbs (note NOT all clean muscle lolz). CURRENTLY I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and have a long-time overarching fitness goal of doing good form push- and pull-ups. I accidentally started doing crossfit in February 2018 and have been attending classes regularly since then. I have a crazy mean (yet super sweet) cat and live with my husband full time and my younger stepdude 1/2 time. the 2nd stepdude is In college out of state. I motorcycle, knit and spin, and am endlessly ignoring how messy the house and yard is.