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    HI FRIENDS. so, this last week has not been the greatest of all time? lemme catch up: week 3 goal 1 - classes: I went to class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I didn't actually go the field on Thursday but that's ok. I also did have TKD on Tu and Th. Also I taught on Saturday. goal 2 - food: um yeah, didn't write anything down. goal 3 - sleep: i didn't do TOOOO terribly. early week (M-W) I had very poor bedtime maintenance. I did better on thursday, and then the weekend I got reasonable sleep b/c I could sleep in a little longer. INCREMENTAL. maaaaybe. so the thing that wasn't the greatest of all time - my dad has been in the hospital again - catch up and details in the spoiler. on Saturday my stepmom asked if I could extend my planned sunday day trip into monday, because he was on standby for surgery on monday and she needed to go home. So of course I did, and they DID do the surgery, and I stayed until he was settled and it seemed like his pain management was headed in the right direction before driving home. He kicked me out 3x and I finally left, getting home exhausted at around 1130. All of this is preface for week 4, wherein I was in boston on monday am so no classes, was too tired on tuesday am for classes, and will be flying to denver for work W-F so no classes. Sorry, Goal 1, you're out of luck. I guess I'll try to do better with goals 2 and 3 then? OH, last week I did have my nutrition counseling through the crossfit peeps. The most eye opening thing is that I truly am over-committed - I am on the go for about 80 hours a week. my food is on the right track but for the few days I seriously tracked I ate a LOT of office snacks. that's the thing that happens, right? you think you're doing great, but you don't realize the impact of the grazing? so yeah, I have to work on that a little. ok peaches, I've got a little more work to do. I'm sorry I haven't found all y'all's threads and followed back! at this stage I'm just trying not to get a cold because then I can't go visit daddy-o on sunday next weekend in boston. <3
  2. HELLO OLD FRIENDS. HELLO NEW FRIENDS. it's been ages since I've been here. And I was so excited to start this challenge and then halfway through last week I was in the car or something and realized *F-BOMB* I FORGOT TO SET UP MY CHALLENGE! and then I forgot again. so, it's a 4 week challenge for me, I guess. HI. I'm trying to get things back in order. I've gained weight over the last 1 1/2 years and while some of it is muscle, some of it probably isn't. I'm still hecka busy at work, still hecka busy with my family and supporting my dad as he goes through some Big Health Things, and now I'm additionally hecka busy because I accidentally started / joined a community action group to focus on updating the comprehensive plan so we can have smart development in my little town. BUT, I need to do some things. So, here's the situation: * My parents went away on a weeks vacation. (no wait that's a different story) * My former crossfit coach (the one who TRICKED ME into doing crossfit) got a full-time dream job as a kids PE teacher and stopped classes. So, I didn't really do anything in August at all except TKD. * I found a crossfit class super close to my office, and signed up for that. They have a BIG ON RAMP / introductory jam, so I did 2-weeks of on-ramp one-on-one classes and this week went to my first full class. * I also bought a big package, including an 8-week nutrition package. We'll see how this goes, I had been thinking about getting some nutritional consults/counseling before, and this is kind of all-in. GOALS: overall, I need to get back in the habit of exercising frequently and paying attention to what I eat. Oh and also sleeping so I can be not-a-zombie. Goal 1. Calendar and attend classes. write down what I'm going to do and then do it. This is important because I have to drive for 45 min. to get to cross-fit, and to do the 630AM class it's a little strugglebus. Goal 2. Track food, somehow. (I have a sheet of paper for 3 days this week, but I also still have an app on my phone). Goal 3. GET SLEEP. I've been super bad at getting to bed early early like I need to since my 5AM crossfit classes were cancelled and I could sleep in until 6 or 630. that should do it for a late reentry. yeah? yeah. backstory. I'm karinajean, 42, live in NY, commute to NJ about an hour each way where I manage projects and clean up hazardous waste. I joined the NFA in October 2013 and transitioned over to the big scary boards (ahem, these forums) in April 2014. Since I discovered NR, I've lost about 25 lbs, tore my ACL / had it replaced with a cadaver ligament and rehabbed it, ran a bunch of running things, took over instruction for a class at the dojo, started with some weight lifting, accidentally joined cross-fit, and have gained back all the weight I lost. CURRENTLY I practice tae kwon do several times a week, take weapons and boxing classes in addition, and have a long-time overarching fitness goal of doing good form push- and pull-ups. cast of characters. Ella Olga Babygoat Torturekitty Murderclaws Tip Grundzilla - cat, sweet yet bites all the time, possibly an ensorcelled fae creature because that would actually explain her attitude best. // Twenty and Sixteen - stepdudes. One is at college and the other at home and with us 1/2 time. // Husband - or partner, or whatever. I live with him too.