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  1. aw, darling! another twinning* thing: I have a pretty healthy abandonment complex because of my childhood (not sinister or anything, and maybe not the same exact outcome as yours, but sounds similar?) and.... I really truly HEAR you. it's hard to get past (or to get used to pushing back on), but I believe in you. (hello therapy!) and also, just to pile on with some awkward: you are so worthy of being loved, so so so worthy. it's super normal for your friend to have a sore heart with the starts and stops you've explored, but believe me: you are worth the slow starts (or no starts and staying as a friend!), and I'm sure that friend realizes this. *even though this kind of thing might not feel like winning I'm still calling it twinning because we are doing the things in spite of or because of the feelings and that's really hard!
  2. hi there! pls share garden plot plans when you can. I love planning gardens (and don't have much time to implement) so LOVE hearing about others too. oh, your FEET. I think a podiatrist can definitely help. i hope you get some good answers quickly!
  3. hmmm, interesting perspective. you're probably right. honestly sometimes I feel like I could strum it like a guitar string, it's so weird and tight! that's why knee stuff is a challenge goal for me.
  4. CONCUR. honestly I spent most of my life underestimating the booty and am only just now realizing what a gamechanger it is.
  5. I WILL FIGHT THIS PERSON. with fisticuffs, logic, or karaoke battle. LET ME AT THEM.
  6. oh, interesting. I had a weird *pop* in my knee a few weeks ago and have NOT gotten it checked out yet but was also hypothesizing about it being related to a very tight IT band bouncing around inside of my body. hmmm well you know, it might be something that would be helpful for an assassin, possibly, at some point in their career. although I will note: if you get caught while assassining and need the immunity, then one is not as good of an assassin as one thinks. just saying.
  7. WEEK 1 DAY WEDNESDAY I'm having kind of a slow start on this challenge, and considering I started pretty late, I'm not surprised. Are you surprised? don't be surprised. I will say that I crossfitted yesterday and today, and also we had tkd last night. we're prepping 2 students (one is my stepdude!) to take their black belt test this weekend, and my leg has been.... erratic [not the cadaver ligament's fault] so I didn't do much, but did jump in to sparring with some of the white belts to practice with them. (note to those worried about us beating up unprepared children: we do no contact sparring and start at white belts - which I know is unusual - to get them used to facing off and in the rhythm of a fight. we don't do traditional tourny style sparring either, so it helps them understand how to flow their moves together AS they are learning. BUT, we don't have the white belts start out against the other color belts at the beginning because they don't have control at this stage, and it's important to take things SO SLOW.) Food stuff: I didn't write down my food yesterday, and not so far yet today. but I did pack a good set of food yesterday and put off snacking in the afternoon and waited for dinner. (note to self: meal plan more vegetables into meals.) today we went out for lunch and I def ate too much, so I'll keep an eye on dinner to make it lighter / healthier. I'm trying to work in some actual moderation? it's hard? I am an immoderate soul. knee stuff: didn't call yet for an appt. it felt weird after dumbbell thrusters today (and a general chorus goes up with a "oh really? do you think so? who's a dumbbell thruster NOW?!") BUT I have an ice pack at work and will grab it for part of the afternoon.
  8. ha HA! there are so many of us at this age, I love it! oooh, I'm AMAZING at my job. whenever I fall down I totally blame the other guy. Or that other guy. it's great to have a reason (or 2) to be so clumsy. please accept this phone call from my boss asking why I fell over laughing today at work. thank you muchly. thank you! ❤️
  9. I mean, toMAYto, to MAHto. the communication is one thing, it's the ambulation that's where the money's at. hi! *waving!* OHAI!!! have been lurking on your thread in light of recent news to make sure you are ok! um, this sounds like a pretty awesome friday night, tbh. when he's right, he's right?
  10. here for pants are evil! oh and for you too. especially for you.
  11. hello! Forgive me for missing this while I was off-board -- but when did you start doing crossfit? (I'm doing it now too. tbh I really like people telling me what to do, especially if it's ridiculous things.)
  12. hi there! I loved getting a glimpse of baby-ranger OG EG from 9 years ago. thank you for sharing that!
  13. Tank, do you have a favorite necromancy book? (I'm 100% team Sabriel but you really can't overlook Hold Me Closer Necromancer. )
  14. I KNEW ITTTTTT. you have a very realistic and pleasant simulacrum that I have met in person but I still KNEW. also missed YOU.
  15. hi there!!! aaah there is so much good in this thread. I just can't even.
  16. hey hey! your house things are INTENSE! what a lot of work you did this weekend!!!
  17. hi Lara! and much belated congratulations!
  18. hi hi! yes! I've been doing things but it turns out the non-nf-norms just think you're really ridiculous for trying to do ALL of the things? it's good to be here with like-minded individuals again. hi!!! good to see you too!
  19. I'm so excited to be back here on your thread just hanging out, watching shenanigans, and feeling like my ridic life pace is TOTALLY normal.
  20. HI JONESY!!! I haven't been here for a year either so i'm glad we can come back for this challenge together.
  21. hi old friend! I'm happy to be back here again so I can share in your space. ❤️
  22. exciting to see you challenging. I mean, the battle log is fun and cool and chill, and totally WAY more linear, but there's just something about a challenge thread, right? [I FULLY REALIZE HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN SUPER SPORADIC ON THE BOARDS FOR THE LAST 1+ YEARS} also, totes going to check out that high kicks video. as a tall person with reasonable groin flexibility I've always had good luck at the head kicks -- which I used a lot, because I learned a long time ago that not many people expect a kick to the head. I haven't practiced them much in the last few years because at my current dojo EVERYONE expects a kick to the head, which is honestly pretty messed up of them.
  23. hi have I always lurked on your challenges? like I keep awkwardly lurking in monkspace? and is it weird that you start talking magnesium supplements and I'm like OH HECK YEAH I'M HERE FOR THIS CHALLENGE BECAUSE I AM AGING RAPIDLY? I'm going to drop some platitudes that, tho' platitudes, have helped me a lot when I have these thoughts: there's no such thing as tragedy olympics. comparison is the theft of joy. but mostly: THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TRAGEDY OLYMPICS. also I'm having a hard time seeing this as a problem? tho I understand it's in the way of your challenge goals. but really, this might be a place where you didn't have a fighting chance.
  24. HI WONDERTWIN! thank you for telling me there was necromancy reminding me about this wonderful place.
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