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  1. SO MUCH GOO. the goo continues for me. just... watch out for poisonous toads, ok? apparently that's a problem right now down there! FRIDAY UPDATE well, here we are on friday. wednesday - * did I mention that I ripped my hands reallllly good during kipping practice at exercise party and bled all over everything? and I had to switch out the knees to elbows 1/2 way through because I was just a bloody mess? ugh. * I had a chiropractic appt in the evening so I got home at a reasonable time, which was BEAUTIFUL. My husband was hom
  2. noooo the clip is cut right before we hugged and then everyone wins because FRIENDS.
  3. Oh I mean, we are too. below freezing in the morning and then a nice 30 deg swing during the day... but you can't really stop the earth's orbit around the sun! it'll come! it just has to!
  4. hi there! crochet is magical to me. I generally know the basics and have made mittens and have a never-to-be-finished afghan, but knitting construction makes so much more sense to me. I'm excited to see what you end up with! I"m amazing at tuning out the world too. sometimes I'll manage to multi task and read on the kindle AND ALSO KNIT at the same time but I have mixed results with that.
  5. hi old friend! I LOOOVE that you're doing these yoga classes. also! yay for walking into town! soooo beautiful! allllsoooooo I had a DRZ400 SM and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. sure it's only a 400 cc but it's super zippy and so light weight, you hardly have to think about steering it at all. I put about 20,000 miles on mine before it retired itself!
  6. my stepmom had a full knee replacement several years ago and it went super super well, she went directly to a residential rehab facility, which was AMAZING because they didn't let her slack off from PT at all, and she made a full and fast recovery from the surgery. she feels that having direct and immediate access to PT contributed to her success. That said, my mom just had a hip replacement in September and she didn't do the pre-surgery PT exercises and she had a rough time with mobility immediately afterwards. (I was VERY CLEAR with her that she needed to do the PT beforehand and
  7. hey! I had a challenge once with a knee injury and it was the pits but being here and sticking to the goals you have is 10,000% the best course of action!
  8. also not an expert on squat mechanics but I had a lot of fun watching this youtube video at 0.25x speed and it also looks like you are favoring your right leg, in that you aren't putting as much weight onto it maybe? it could be the angle, the front view is a little skewed. but for real, 0.25 speed was so interesting! ALSO, your cryptkeeper face makes me want to bring you a hearty soup to heal you up. <3 are you feeling better today? OOOOR demon stepson is checking to see if Dunkin would be good to eat! just saying! Demons gonna demon!
  9. hi friend! I am loving this challenge set-up. what a fun story. congrats on the good results! I have the same fears - my dad has diabetes and my family has a long history of heart disease, and I'm always stressed about my bloodwork. so far so good! but I have an annual physical for work and it's always a little fraught. ALSO I think NYS has 4 seasons, at approximately appropriate times.... it might snow up until 4/15 (in my personal experience) every year, but it won't stick.
  10. LATE and here is my now-traditional oh hai let me comment on things from TEN DAYS AGO. um yes I always have been feeling this way too. BEEFCAKE. soooo you know that I'm 99% sure that my cat is an ensorcelled fae creature sentenced to life in a cat body as punishment for some kind of terrible act against humanity? once I figured that out, EVERYTHING about her personality made perfect sense.
  11. AS PER NORMAL THIS YEAR I am running late and I have a lot of things to say to you that are not at all timely!!! oh heck no! at brown belt you really start to feel like you might possibly one day be as cool as master splinter. the forms are magical and intense and SO DIFFERENT than the other forms (at least in my style of tae kwon do) and it's challenging and amazing! please tell me more about what is making you so sore and tired (i.e., how they are teaching these things in your class) because I badly need to wear out the
  12. hi there, it's tuesday! kinda my week 1 but actually week 2. this weekend we meal planned, and I decided to follow in RogueLibrarian's illustrious footsteps and have a fancy salad lunch week. HOWEVER, yesterday we drove out to see my dad in Boston (he's doing much better! he had very bad pneumonia a couple of weeks ago) and I didn't have any time for prepping so after exercise party today I rushed home at by 610 AM I was cooking up some chx in the instant pot to go on my salad, hard boiling eggs, and also making oatmeal for breakfast. it was a lot and I was a solid 30 minutes
  13. hi there friends! I'm late to the challenge but better to show up late, right? Situation: I'm running late. I'm super tired, and I have a birthday the DAY AFTER THE CHALLENGE ENDS - wherein I will be turning 42. yo, being the answer to life, the universe, and everything is a VERY large responsibility, so I'm focused this challenge on preparing to have an amazing*** birthday! SUPER TIRED - I did better at sleeping during last challenge but I was still only over 6 hours of sleep weekly average 2/4 weeks. I need to keep making this a priority. Go to bed at 910
  14. WHAT I DID ON MY "I HAVE A COLD" VACATION: * drove around Fifteen Sat. AM to/from lacrosse practice * taught tkd on Sat. * went home and read 10 regency romance novels all weekend long. * was pretty ill. FIN.
  15. I mean for real it would probably totally solve my sinus issues but MAN it would be ugly.
  17. oh guys, this week was hard. * tuesday exercise party and deadlifts, which was good. and then a pretty stressful long meeting with new-to-me client. but it went well! * wednesday no exercise party - I left the house at 515 and drove to s. nj, and then to central nj, and then home. meetings went well but were incredibly long. Ate breakfast and lunch at a diner (client loves nj diners). got home early enough to get my nails did, but then 1/2 way through I remembered that 1 I was going to cook dinner and 2 that we had Fifteen that day. it worked out, but it says something about
  18. oh hai just popping in for a week 3 recap. * I did exercise party on M-W last week * tkd on tuesday * flew to california for a whirlwind trip on wednesday evening and back friday evening. didn't do any hotel exercise. mostly was thankful I made it there and back again (it was iffy, my connections were tight and equipments were failing) * ate everything I wanted to but I don't think I overdid it. * tkd on sat. was cancelled b/c of snow but it wasn't enough snow to shovel so no workout then either * sunday was errands and beer and books day / RECOVERY which
  19. esp maddening because I'm trying REALLY HARD not to pay attention to my weight right now (which is up about 8 lbs from when I started crossfitting...) thanks! it's been a lot of ups and downs but thankfully there are more ups than downs. YES GO PIZZA BULK!!! legit course of action. people overlook the power of a pizza diet.
  20. hellooooooo weekend was busy, as expected. I was bummed because none of my sibs could get out to visit my dad, and then I felt like I should go on sat. and spend the night through sunday so he had some company, but I was pooped and we had Nineteen at our house on sat. while his mom had plans. so, I taught tkd, Nineteen showed up walking without a cane all the way up the millions of stairs to our house, and we had a good afternoon doing some house stuff together. Sunday I drove out to see dad with my husband and Fifteen, who is a Good Sport. The winds were windy and dad was so
  21. oh, what does your warmup routine look like - or do you attribute this from the karate movements themselves? HELLO TEAM! excited to hear about you and sparring. do you use the "MACHO GLOVES" style?
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