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  1. you're doing so awesome! I'm a huge fan of your budgeting effort. it feels AMAZING to know where all your money is going!!! when I did all my clothes I thought a lot about what I was keeping out of obligation. like, obligation to past me, future me, the money that I already spent on this thing, the person who gave it to me, to the idea of what I think I should dress like at work, etc. it helped a LOT and I ended up letting a bunch of stuff go. that said, I need to do it again, for sure.
  2. ummmm I cast on a new sweater!!!
  3. I just caught up and I'm sorry that you've had so much upheaval! thankful your wife is ok, too. We've had a few car accidents lately in my household and they're horrible. (we've also gotten in the habit of saying "everything is ok...." when we call at weird times or interrupt someone's work day unusually.) hope you can enjoy your day today and have a little more energy! I'm amazed you felt so low and still managed to cook like that. when I feel totally drained I have a bad habit of lying on the couch with the cat and eating fried eggs for dinner.
  4. super excited that you are engaged and happy!!! also super bummed I missed the conversations about athletic supporters. My dad always would say "why do I want to join the boosters club for your school? are they calling me an athletic supporter?!?!?" which always made us laugh and laugh and laugh.
  5. hi darlings! firstly: daddy is doing great. He's been moved down to the cardiac stepdown unit (from ICU)! he's having problems with his shoulders* but other than that everything with respect to the heart is going great. he's still having minimal support to the heart to keep it on-track as it gets settled / wakes up but the doctors are so happy with his progress. secondly: um, Week 2 was kind of a bust. I didn't track my food at all for about 1/2 the week because I was eating weird hotel breakfasts and not having lunch and trying to be practical at dinner. on sat. I dro
  6. ALSO RE THE INTERNET BEING OUT AT MY HOUSE: I know, ritE????!??!!!! also, we were down a landline, and for some reason I thought they would take that more seriously. I guess not!
  7. Hi friends! this week has been the most wild so far. basically, my dad has been on a heart transplant waiting list for about 2 years. he got a call wednesday morning that there was a possible match for him. by 430p he was in surgery - it took 12 hours! he came through so great, and the next day woke up totally normally and is doing SO well. he gets his cardiac care in boston (despite living in upstate ny) so I'm here with my stepmom supporting her and my dad as he gets through these first few days. I drove out wednesday evening once he was taken in to surgery
  8. Hi! I didn't vanish, I promise. I didn't have internet at home for SIX DAYS and so I had limited time to log in here and play. week 1 recap Finish - I showed up a bunch. not as much as I wanted to, but after Tuesday home internet went out and I couldn't balance my screen time. Food - I logged my food 7/7 days (even though sunday was delayed) and even managed to super focus on protein intake. GOOD JOB. Recover - I only get 1 / 5 on this one, darn it! w2 day 1 (monday) exercise party! it was the kind of ridiculous workout that I like - 10 power cl
  9. OH HECK KARATE AND BATTLESHIPS AND PROMOTIONS you are having the best 2019 *so far.* rando thoughts after reading all these pages at once * yo karate is the best, right? what kind of sparring does your class practice - is it contact with full pads? no contact with just gloves? something in between? * that space battleship game sounds freakin AMAZING. also, getting to meet up with MI peeps!!! you're doing amazing, friend. so amazing.
  10. Hey! it's been kind of a long week already, and it's just wednesday. UGH. W1D1 - Monday I woke up at 230 AM because... nerves? I think? and really couldn't go back to sleep. Still not entirely convinced it wasn't the Reiki, also. But, up and to exercise party, which was weightlifting day. We did back squats and we were going for a 2x heavy max, but instead of doing that, I hit my last 1x max and he had me do that a bunch at 2 times to make sure I didn't start to collapse. My squats are SO much better than when I started exercise party - I used to hinge forward a L
  11. WHERE did you get this highly accurate photograph of the two of us? OMG IT'S LIKE OLD HOME WEEK. <3 I do love a good cookie and chocolate bulk. I'm a little peeved that my pants don't fit right this week, but I'm not sorry. I mean, yeah, I was open to the experience but truly not sure? I think it is easy for people to do like, mail order Reiki courses and not really be effective. here is an unpopular opinion for an engineer: I don't really HAVE to understand how or if it works. I'm cool with the results.
  12. happy new year and happy new challenge!
  13. great idea to get some movement in during your lunch break! don't worry, it sounds like you're starting off on a pretty good foot, even if the weekend didn't look like you expected it to.
  14. hey and welcome! I found myself in the habit of having a beer or 3 at home after the holiday season, and I realized I was just accustomed to drinking beer when thirsty? which is the worst idea ever? so I swapped in a hot herbal tea that I enjoy instead. Instant granny-fication to be honest, going from beers to hot tea in the evenings, but it's been helpful for me.
  15. hey and welcome! glad you found this safe-haven for nerds! your challenge goals look good! are you currently strength training? also, pictures of crafts please. I am a knitter and canner and occasional gardener too. (mostly I try to keep the edges of my big yard neat so the neighbors don't call the village on me... I'm really more into the natural habitat look, you know? tough in mostly-suburbia.)
  16. hi and welcome! how frequently do you plan to go to the gym each week? that routine looks pretty comprehensive!
  17. except for the hassle of dealing with a contractor who maybe didn't finish the job correctly almost 2 years ago, this isn't terrible... our house has a savings account for big repairs because, well, it's a big old house and needs a lot of work. This is the room that for sure needed to be 100% gutted but it wasn't at the top of the list.... but now it is! the silver lining on this is that it's really motivated my husband to dig into the piles and piles of stuff that is in our "blue room" (the junk room) and sort through and discard it, so we can move the stuff from the library into
  18. I have to call the contractor who worked on the house last and I'm not looking forward to it! This is the current ceiling status:
  19. omg I was soooo close to just react-replying with GIVE ME THE RECIPE PLS but then I kept reading and you did so yay! when I lived in NYC we had to interview roommates and it was pretty weird, but we generally were only looking for someone who wasn't going to be a huge PITA and would keep washing their dishes and paying rent. it's hard to tell right away with that but we lucked out with all except one of ours. honestly, if we had ended up interviewing you I would have FALLEN OVER to get you to live with us so consider it also you screening them! because if they don't say "
  20. we couldn't do this at the gym on the racquetball courts (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), so I am super happy we are back in the dojo. C -1 Sunday I went to Reiki! it was a community reiki at a library, so every 20 minutes practitioners (generally older ladies) would come out and bring new people in to a dark room filled with tables and other people on tables, and did the thing. she started at my head and worked my way down to my feet, and then back up the other side of the body. it was light hand contact, and her hands were SO warm and I'm CERTAIN that if my mage sight worked on this plane of e
  21. ooooh amazing travel!!! but you WILL eat, right? like, everything? and tell us about it?
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