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  1. Argh, I know, it's just... fucking life and all.
  2. Thanks Teros :] ... A young troll sat and pondered on a rock in the woods. She was tired of being lost and even considered, for a brief but not quite fleeting moment, going back home to the clan she had left behind. It would be so much easier. But no, with a firm grip on the proverbial edges of her will to make a different life for herself, she hauled herself up from the rock and started walking again. The direction was almost random, she just picked the one that beckoned forward and seemed lighter. Soon the trees thinned out ahead of her and she found herself at the edge of a town. It was both exciting and terrifying, having been told stories around the campfire about the hustle and bustle of cities and all the bad things that could happen should one venture into one. Old grandpa Orfeus were always a cautious one, though, so she decided to go ahead and see for herself. There were so many people, it was overwhelming. But above the noise was a single voice, booming across the square and demanding attention. The troll went in the direction of the sound with the intention of figuring out what was going on - the people around the square seemed determined and ready for something. But before she got to ask anyone, the group was heading out! She felt alone and confused as the square empited out and in a desperate attempt at finding something to make sense of in this brave new world, she ran after the group. After a little while she caugth up with the rearguard, tapped the nearest one on the shoulder a bit roughly (she was not used to running and out of breath) and said, in her best attempt at the common language, "Hello" and smiled. After a moment she added, "can you tell me where we're going?" ... For a bit more backstory read the cursive part of the first post on my first challenge thread.
  3. Thanks guys :] I've already lost the option for an A on goal 2 (avoiding slikkerier like the plague - I just had to have icecream yesterday), but the others are going strong. I'm feeling a bit down today, but that's another story... Also, I've joined the RPG Fanatics!
  4. +1 WIS I'm in the RPG Fanatics group (my first group - it sounds awesome!) (By the way, about the points: I'm guessing that this means only 1+ WIS in total, rather than one point for this mini challenge as well as another for the RPG groups mini challenge (which is pretty much the same thing), right?)
  5. Is there still time to join the party? (I've added my name in a vacant spot in the google docs thingy) I'm a newbie in the accountabilibuddies forum though, but I'll tag along and figure it out :] Oh, and quest thread: following a path
  6. Ooh, I'm in! (Maybe there should be more than two teams if there's a lot who signs up?)
  7. New challenge is up :] Wyrdling's Quest: following a path
  8. The second one: Wyrdling's Quest: following a path
  9. Greetings fellow Adventurers! I've realised that it's not so important what path you take, but that it's sticking to it that really matters. Imagine being lost in the woods - if you keep changing path every few minutes, you could be running around in circles for the rest of your life, but if you pick a direction and stick to it, eventually you will find the edge of the woods. You might end up at a paved road or a field or the ocean and who knows if any of those places are what you wished to find - but at least you got out of the woods. So, this challenge I'm going to focus on obtaining my goals = not loosing steam half way, giving up or letting be. Nope, this time I will succeed! And to make sure I got a fighting chance at it, I'm going to make my goals fairly easy (that's not cheating, just strategic planning, right?) Who am I? I'm a 28 year old gal from Denmark. I'm overweight, in poor shape, got no core strength, is allergic to grass pollen, have previously suffered from depression, is unemployed and... well, I'm also in good health (except the previously mentioned issues), is starting on a four week internship as a landscape gardener tomorrow (so exciting!), practices archery and goes orienteering occasionally, and I'm feeling pretty good about life right now :] Quest To complete my goals (meaning getting an average passing grade of D). I'm assuming that life will consist of: get up early, bike to work, work, bike home, shower, sleep, repeat for at least the next four weeks. Throw in some meals too. Weekends will then be "me" time plus fun and cleaning. Goals 1) Eat at least three meals a day, seven days a week. A for 42 days, B for 38 days, C for 34 days, D for 30 days, F for less days in compliance with the goal. Attibute points awarded for an A: STR +1, STA +2, CON +1 points 2) Avoid "slikkerier" like the plague. (Slikkerier is what I call the budget category where I put sweets, treats and all unhealthy snacks.) A for no money spent, B for 100 kr. spent, C for 200 kr. spent, D for 300 kr. spent, F for 400 kr. or more spent throughout the challenge. (This way I don't have to take sweets offered elsewhere into account.) Attibute points awarded for an A: WIS +3 points 3) Include a vegetable in a meal per day (it's okay if it's a snack, but fruit doesn't count as vegetables). A for 42 days, B for 38 days, C for 34 days, D for 30 days, F for less days in compliance with the goal. (This will be the toughest one, since it will require planning ahead.) Attibute points awarded for an A: STR +2, STA +1, CON +2 points + 4) Dress up on the weekends, because a girl gotta look pretty just once in a while. (Dressing up means putting on actual clothes, not PJs, and fixing my hair.) A for 12 days, B for 10 days, C for 8 days, D for 6 days, F for less days in compliance with the goal. Attibute points awarded for an A: CHA +3 points I've decided not to have any workout related goals this time, considering that I will have no time (starting the internship will leave me exhausted since it's new) and no excess energy (because I will be doing manual labor) and said labor will give me quite a workout on it's own (compared to me being such a wimp to begin with). I plan on doing at least weekly updates to keep track of my goals. I might be slow at responding (depending on how wasted I'll be after a workday - I'm so not used to it), but I'll get around to it eventually :] Happy Questing!
  10. What time do we end the challenge (and in what timezone?)
  11. Oh my gods, I've just gotten home from Copenhagen! I thought all of you were at least countries away. (Did you visit the Medieval Fair or Words'14?) PS. I've walked a ton today, but have no idea whether or not that counts (since it was for touristy reasons)?
  12. Just added my 9.6 x2 bike ride from Wednesday. I'm not sure how much help I'll be though, since I have plans out of town this weekend.
  13. Another mini adventure: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/48678-scout-playground-kickaround/page-5#entry1053568 :]
  14. Damn! We were in the lead for about two minutes (just saw someone add new data that put the reds one point ahead)... *shakes fish*
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