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  1. Anyone have experience or knowledge about mark bells slingshot for bench press? According to a nice man at the gym who has one, it helps you get more reps in and also helps keep elbows tight and proper form. Reviews on the internet seem to love it but im wondering if using it will really translate to a stronger bench without it.
  2. Is anyone else not able to find the online store? I searched it on the nerd fitness site which led me to an article with a link that led me to the store but with a message saying it moved with a link that led me to the resources/academy information. I've been trying to get a shirt for months :9
  3. i think ima try the hanging stuff and maybe look into the ab roller. Thanks
  4. I've read here zones of times that planks are the best ab workout, but I just don't feel anything when I do them. I know first question is gonna be my form, but when I went to a open gym type thing at a gymnastic place with my friend who competes there I asked them to go over form with me and they said I was doing it well and couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeling it in my abs(felt some in my forearms at the 2 minute mark, longest I ever held it before getting bored was 3 and a half minutes). I've tried other versions like side plank and mountain climbers in plank position but none really affect my abs and I don't really have a super strong core(no 6,or even 4 pack) so not sure what's happening and what other exercise to do.
  5. Since no one answered I shall give a small peIce of advice and maybe someone more advanced will help too. If you want cardio without running have you tried other options such as biking swimming sports etc? Or if Short on time throw in a hundred burpies, that's good cardio plus help with strength
  6. So I recently found a pair of those perfect pushup things. You know, where it spins. Has anyone ever used these? Are they any better then regular pushups?
  7. I'm kinda new at this and don't really know any good advice... but since Noone else responded yet I just wanna say that it will be better. Just try to think positive and realize that for every down there is a up.
  8. Sounds good. I actually got a 20-40 pound weighted vest that a used to spar in so that's perfect! I'm just trying to cut my body fat to 12ish percent for the summer while taking advantage of the noob ability to gain strength fast.
  9. I have appoximently; 12-10#. 4-7.5# 15-5# 4-2.5#. No idea where they came from just found them in the basement. I have 4 handles and they can hold at least 50# each, probably more. Those sound like good exercises that I'll def use. Do I try to increase the weight each week or a harder version? I like the idea of seeing/feeling progression to help keep me motivated.
  10. I love the idea of strong lifts and squats, dead lifts, bench presses etc... but I only have dumb bells. I can't afford shelling out money for equipment though. I'm twenty.6 foot, around 168 poundsand around 20% body fat. My goal is to lose .bf while gaining strength and muscle. I'm eating at just about my caloric level. I have lots of weights for the dumbbells. I need advice as to what exercise would be best for me(variation of strong lift, bodyweight, etc...) please help, stuck at crossroads!!!
  11. Hello. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I'm kinda new to both fitness and the internet. I can hear the gasps already but yes I'm basically 20 and never had a computer. My only source of internet is a prepaid smart phone I recently got, so I apologize in advance for not knowing what I'm doing(like posting in areas wrong or something.) Anyyyyway, I'm 6'1 and weigh 160-175(it changes weekly). I'm not exactly "unfit" but I wouldn't say I'm fit. My main issue is me belly. Its not huge but standing straight it blocked my view of my toes. I want to lower my body fat % as well as getting stronger with more stamina. My diet isn't the best but it's the best I can do due to family money issues. Right now it's hard to get motivated since I can't really help my diet and thats the main part. I have dumbbells and a 20-40 pound vest. I've read all the nerd fitness articles. Right now I'm just looking for insight on how to get the most out of this site aka how to use it. Also a good path to start on. Its hard to formulate my own workout,
  12. Whoops it does appear I did this wrong... so let's try this again. I will be turning 20 this month. 6' 1 anywhere between 160 to 175 pounds(it changes weekly). My main goal is spit into 2 parts, stamina and strength. Stamina; to be able to run 2 miles without dying. Strength; to be able to pick up people with little effort(used to wwe type wrestle plus to rough house with friends.) My life goal is to save at least 100$ a week for a total of 5000 come 2015(already have some saved). I'm not sure what 3 'steps' I can achieve that works towards my main goal. I wanna start lifting weights/bodyweight exercises during work breaks. For stamina I bought a 20-40 pound vest to wear while jogging. Am I doing this right? Any insight welcome
  13. Hello. Sorry if I'm doing this wrong but I'm new to both fitness and the internet. I used to karate years ago so I'm not in terrible shape but I wouldn't say I'm in good shape either. Mostly I have a decent sized belly. Umm it's hard to get motivated but since I'm competitive I'm trying to get into a challenge so I have something to work for. My only internet connection is a prepaid phone so figuring out the forums and blog's and stuff is tricky. But I Love the nerd fitness site and articles so I know this part of it will be cool once I figure it out. Any and all advice is appreciated about anything haha. THANKS
  14. well I'm new here (and new to te interwebs in general) just trying to figure everything out.

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