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  1. Errrhmmm, Not a double post. Just wanted to post a good quote..... “As muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone, it could be argued that those who sit quietly and do nothing are making one of the best possible contributions to a world in turmoil.â€
  2. Great challenge, keep sticking at what works for ya! And also like the part with honoring commitments
  3. Doing great!! Really impressed with your smokefreeness. Keep it up Also love all the pics in your thread
  4. Been gone a week, but I see you still kick ass I have to say though, to make LQ 2, you should be obligated to post tourism pics
  5. Last week never happened - *Waves hand with the Jedi-mind trick movement* To sum up, all was wrong. But now it’s time to start anew. I think a point system will get me back on track, so here it is: 1 p per day for the following: Eating only healthy foodsWork out (active rest with Triggerpoint on the days where I rest)MeditatingReading only things that put me in a good moodWrite in a journalWill get to my values again next week, now I just have to get back on track. Will followup on all of your threads as well. Lets F-ing do this! :ph34r:
  6. Great week! And congrats on the climbing, It's really a great feeling when you make a new route
  7. Yay for Kung-fu, meditation and basement renovation
  8. Noodle away, will stay tuned!
  9. Ohh, awesome challenge!! Nice combo with the goals with a little bit of everything
  10. Great challenge! Like the point system. But have to ask…. Isn't the max point 49+15? (7 days á 7 points). Or are you counting weekdays? Anyways, sounds like a great challenge
  11. Great challenge Might steel the bit with journaling..... Hoep you recover soon
  12. I like this. Magic and no magic. Havn't thought of it that way. But a balance is a good idea.
  13. Happy to see you again Sounds like a good plan for week 1!
  14. Back to basics. Can relate. Happy to see you again Congrats on your 1 and 3 years!
  15. Cool Challenge Your goals seems to be a perfect combo with a little bit of everything. Great job on the smokefreeness!
  16. Such a horrid last week. Binging, sugar, no meditation, only a little training etc. New injuries.. Seriously, WTF!!!?!?! Haven’t thought of this challenge at all. I wasn’t even sure if I would participate. But I want to. I have to. I NEED to. So this first week will just be “get back on track†but with a focus on all values: Wellness: No. F-ing. Sugar. + workouts Mindfulness: Meditation everyday (time unimportant, but something everyday) Simplicity: Not buying anything unnecessary Adventure: Decide a goal for this challenge related to this value Growth/Wisdom: Find out two subjects you want to learn more about and get books etc Will check out your threads as well Lets do this.
  17. I was extremely happy with my last challenge. Success in all areas. But, the days since then had been crappy. I know I shouldn’t blame others, but G** D*** how much I hate sugar right now…. All my newly formed habits have gone down the drain at a remarkable pace. I have binged and eaten sugar, and I haven’t meditated, rehabbed or read practically anything. WTF. This has to end. Now. This challenge will have another form than my previous one. I have recently read “The happiness trap†(great book btw) and in it there is an exercise where you find your values. What is a value? “Values are your heart’s deepest desires for how you want to behave as a human being. Values are not about what you want to get or achieve; they are about how you want to behave or act on an ongoing basis. “ I think I have found mine. Or at least some values . I have identified 5 values and after these six weeks, hopefully I will be closer to find out if these are “the ones†. Adventure Simplicity Mindfulness Wellness Growth/Wisdom I will focus on 1 of these every week, but have the others in mind as well. I will not track as much as I did last challenge, and I haven’t decided exactly what to do, but I think things will be clearer….. Will post a update on Sunday.
  18. Ohh, sounds like a great hike And awesome job on the challenge! It's easy to forget the good days and focus on the bad, but when you sum it up you sometimes are surprised. Also congrats on the weightoss
  19. Great challenge! Regarding meditation, I see your point. If you see no benefit of it, then it will be hard to motivate yourself to do it. Perhaps as you say you can try another form. I like the approach that says "everything is meditation". You don't have to sit to meditate. You can do anything, as long as you are doing just one thing and put your focus only on that task.
  20. Wooot!! Great challenge LT Congrats on your sugarlessness too! Sorry to hear about your body pain. Hard to give any tips, but listening to the body usually helps
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