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  1. Protein shake with full fat milk and a couple of scoops of peanut butter thrown in is my typical "pile on the calories" solution. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Nuclear weekend! Managed to pull a muscle in my calf on thursday, just before a race. Luckily I was doing it with my two eldest children, so I wasn't too worried about pace. They both did brilliantly. My son is just old enough to do these and he struggled a bit as he is also quite short for his age - but he managed everything brilliantly, if slowly and methodically. My eldest got a bit sick of waiting for us both so she asked if she could come back and do it again the next day with me. I was already coming back to help a friend round so I said sure. I asked the race director and he was fine with it so long as we stuck together (she's only 15). The odd thing is that even though the 6k and the 12k have different age limits, all the tough stuff is on the common section of both courses. We did the 12k in 30 minutes more than the 6k the day before, so pretty happy with that. Of course, I was in severe pain by the end of day two, which showed a bit in the pics. On the plus side, all that appears to have loosened it up a bit.
  3. It was a brilliant weekend. I got a little freaked out by just how many people knew me. The hypothermia was bad, mainly because last year it was pretty warm so I underestimated it - you expect and plan for it at winter tough guy, not this one... You absolutely should do Dirty weekend at least once. Nothing else like it.
  4. Dirty Weekend yesterday. 20 miles, 200 obstacles, completely brutal. The cold water and evil wind meant a fair few people had hypothermia and I ended up falling asleep at parts of the course (have no idea what that was about). Also did this on the friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZBQB9jGmZM
  5. Squeeeee! Best of luck, its going to be fin! http://www.muddyrace.co.uk/latest/why-youre-terrified-of-tough-mudder/
  6. Good luck! I'm in the 10am heat so you'll beat me round. I've never had an issue with going in different heats. The only time I get funny looks is when I go straight back round for another go
  7. So I got to go round the Airfield Anarchy course to (p)review it for mudstacle - looking very promising indeed. http://www.mudstacle.com/2015/04/airfield-anarchy-set-to-take-off-the-first-summer-mudstacle-league-announcement.html I'm working on 5/3/1 at the moment and re-read it in my lunch break. Turns out I should have been adding 5/10 lbs to my MAX each month - I've been adding it to each and every lift. I thought squats were getting a bit brutal. I'll re-calculate at the end of this month. A couple of pics from Dirty Dozen - I've got bored of pics on obstacles and just gurn with UK OCR celebrities these days ... Running in http://www.muddykit.co.uk/shop/icebug-acceleritas4-rb9x-3 at the moment and really like them. My gym also has a full set of monkey bars and a climbing rope, so I'm pretty happy these days...
  8. Dirty Dozen races today. 12k @ 10am - elite wave so I was truly humiliated. Got back @ 12:45, so missed the 12:30 6k elite wave - so I went in the next one. Which was an interesting change of pace. Load of fun, pics to follow.
  9. Right so I've decided the challenge routine isn't really working out for me so I'll be dropping off race descriptions and random witterings here. (Place holder for now). Have a video to watch while you're waiting for something to appear here. Came dead last in this event. That happens a lot . You get to see me @ 13 seconds in. They cut away just before I started coughing up canal water luckily
  10. You'd be surprised. I did my first TM in November 2012 and it felt amazing and tough. That pic is actually from Henley last year where I ran it three rimes in a weekend and I was sulking about not managing a 4th. I should be there on the 2nd, need to check my race calendar but pretty certain its that one - 10 o'clock heat I think. You should have an amazing time tough mudder do like cash but they put on a very slick event. Will sub so I can find out how you get on
  11. Waiting to hear how the -13 went. The water at tough guy was -8 allegedly and that was more than cold enough for me ...
  12. So erm, yeah. Very busy. Combination of a new job (yay-ish)/Father's stroke (boo) and me and my son spending some quality time shouting at the random in our fireteam on destiny means I haven't been around much. Got to be honest, not seeing that change much for a couple of months. I've decided to stop all the fuck-around-itis in the gym and just stick to 5/3/1, as that seems the most amenable to combining with some distance work. Had my BF% taken and it's sitting round 18% - which sounds high but I'd been trying to dirty bulk for a month or two. I've decided to just eat what and when to make sure I'm not fried and not worry about it - even when I get to low double digits, I still have a gut so... SO goals... Do 5/3/1, with appropriate breaks where the weekend features waay too much running. I've been lucky in that the timing means the deload week falls just before the marathon. Which means if do 2x workout either side of it for light weights. +5 STR Run, run and run some more (+5 STA) I have 2 races this weekend (a 10k and a 25k) followed by a marathon distance in 2 weeks. There's an 8 hour cutoff, which sounds like plenty until you realise it's offroad. And I suck. Do the Math (+3 WIS) read up on good form etc. - I've been focussing on doing rather than reading but need to get good form locked in, particularly given how heavy I hope to be going in a couple of months. Actually post/read others (+2 CHA) hopefully tapatalk will start playing ball. The thread title refers to the fact that I was originally thinking of jumping ship to the warriors for this one because I'm starting 5/3/1 ... then I remembered I was also running (plodding? failing?) a marathon distance OCR as well...
  13. yeah, a ridiculously fun (&hard) year. This year promises to be even worse... might go start a challenge(ish) thread while I remember...
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