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  1. Final update! Day 41 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail Day 42 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail And my final tallies... Water - 38/42 = 90%... not bad! Logging - 42/42 = 100%... yay! Meditation - 16/42 = 38%... oof, I guess if I'm going to fail I might as well fail big. Well, based on the app I use for sleep tracking, I really did sleep significantly better on the few nights I meditated. Was it because I meditated, or was it because of the intentional time I gave myself to meditate and therefore relax? Regardless of the answer, I think some
  2. I'm kinda taking a no-focus focus this time, given the short timeline and other commitments. I'm just telling myself that a ranking will be a really hard class... heck, that philosophy has gotten me this far! Anyway, updates... challenge is almost done! Day 31 (last Thursday) Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail... Day 32 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail... Day 33 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail... Day 34 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Success! Day 35 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail
  3. Ugh, eight days without updating... bad bad bad. Last week was really up and down. Our running group went exploring a new trail and had a great time on Thursday. I did something unintentionally stupid and really hurt a friend's feelings on Saturday. Hooray for week 4!... ugh. Day 23 (last Wednesday) Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Success! Day 24 Water - Fail... I was in such a rush in the morning I completely forgot to drink any water. I had some once I was at work but the challenge is to do this when I wake up so failure it is. Logging - Success! Meditation - Fail
  4. Get outta my head! ... OK, maybe it's good advice. You can stay, for this week.
  5. The change that requires the least effort is likely the one with the biggest impact - drink more water. Being less thirsty means I should drink less pop, providing I have a good way to make up the calories my body is depending on. It should also make me less hungry over time, as I'm sure I'm mistaking some thirst signals as hunger. This week wasn't a total wash, despite my silence, though I'm slipping on meditating and have totally ignored my Life Quest for the week. I ignored the Side Quest on purpose (just say no to burpees ). Anyway, a quick summary: Day 15 (last Tuesday) Water - S
  6. Ugh, food poisoning sucks so much. I had either food poisoning or a case of a norwalk-like virus back in November and it was awful, and a friend of mine from work had a similar bout a couple of months ago, although hers was so bad she needed IV rehydration. Your week may have been a wash but it's at least for a damn good reason. I used to work as a quality control chemist for some pharma companies, doing bench work, analytical work, and even some microbiology work. I spent a lot of time weighing, mixing, heating, dissolving, and watching things, and then a lot more time cleaning up afterw
  7. I should update more often, it's hard to keep everything straight in my head when I leave it a few days. Day 11 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Success! Side Quest - Didn't think about it Life Quest - Running was hard this week, partly because it hit 20°C and I was dressed for 10°C. I should work some long-term running goals into my life quest but I'm not sure what they'd be. I don't really want to run a marathon but it might be nice to progress past 5Ks at some point. Day 12 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Success! Side Quest - Again, didn't think
  8. I'm not an expert in striking arts either (yet!) but I do study Karate and this is bang-on 100% correct. The only major injury I have had since starting with karate is a broken hand... min you, it was from a mistimed punch that collided with a kick but the head would have been an equally nasty target. There are techniques for striking at someone's head but they're always (or at least the ones I know) aimed at soft spots - the bridge of the nose, the temple, etc - as the rest of the head is protected by the incredibly-dense skull. It's far more effective to punch someone in the throat, the c
  9. My enemy in this case is time, not fear. May 15th is close! Quick updates, then sleep: Day 9 Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - Success! Side Quest - Fail! Life Quest - Nothing to add! Day 10 (today) Water - Success! Logging - Success! Meditation - In a bit! Side Quest - A new one appeared! I read it, I'll think about it over the next few days. Also, I didn't stretch again this morning. Life Quest - I have an idea for a sort-of-gamified Epic Quest, but I gotta put some thought into making it something interesting yet simple yet usable. Oh, and while I'm at it I'll i
  10. I love a good pun, I'll have to remember that one for later! I think your point about the aggregates backfired; I kinda want to build a calorimeter now and take accurate measurements of my own. Anyway, today's progress... Day 8 Water - Success! Logging - Triple success, as I entered that recipe and finalized three days worth of entries! Meditation - I'm really enjoying doing this before going to sleep, I doze off so much faster! Side Quest - I didn't see a side quest 2 so I did the stretches again. Life Quest - Too busy, didn't think much on it... For a pure off-the-cuff idea, I noti
  11. I'm living in Edmonton as well! And a friend of mine mentioned today that our running group should do the Color Me Rad race this July. I don't know how keen I am to have coloured powder blasted up my nose but it would be nice if our little group had something to work toward. We did Zombie Evasion last October and I'm trying to see if I can get them to sign up again, though I also don't want to wait until October for my next timed race (not that we're all that serious about race times!).
  12. This is sometimes a problem for me, too. I tend to wipe/drain/rinse out the food waste (I don't want a smelly apartment) and then leave the still-not-clean stuff in the sink for a day or three. A bit of advice that will help immensely is to clean what you can while you cook. It's a habit I developed from my days working in a lab and it really helps cut down on the post-meal cleaning needs. This requires a fair bit of pre-cooking prep, though, to make sure you have enough bowls, plates, spoons, etc., at hand for whatever you're cooking, so you don't clean something prematurely just to find
  13. Well, my problem isn't remembering what I eat so much as my scientist nature getting twitchy when I try to enter something with imperfect information, e.g. "Did that chicken burger I bought from the non-chain restaurant in our food court weight 200 grams or 210?" Analysis paralysis can lead to not logging anything at all, when in reality it's better to have a slightly-off answer than a big zero in there. Speaking of delaying entries... Day 5 (Friday) Water - Success! This is a good habit and I like it. It makes me less prone to morning snacks, esp. since I don't eat breakfast. Logging
  14. Day 3 Water - Success Logging - Success; this is much easier when I stop fussing about getting details exactly perfect and focus on not missing anything I consume. Meditation - Success; it really is helping me fall asleep faster when I meditate just before going to bed, though I'm not getting too excited yet as it could just be correlation. Need more data! Side quest - Success; I stretched, I woke up faster, I was grateful to be alive. Life quest - Another obvious goal - I want my black belt! Day 4 Water - Success Logging - Success; much as I'm trying to embrace the fuzziness, I think I
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the support! I should probably be less of a shy hermit and start commenting on other threads, to share the support around. I like seeing what others are doing but I am such a terrible lurker... and procrastinator, because that sounds like a tomorrow kind of thing! Day 2 update Water - Success!... of a sort. It wasn't a giant glass of water but it was water in a glass in the morning and that's what counts. Logging - Success! I'm using Myfitnesspal and have it synced with MapMyWalk (which I've been using for months) and I'm enjoying all this data. I would have mad
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