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  1. You can assign points however seems most reasonable to you :). If you think a goal applies to multiple stats, you could also split the points between them. Your goals look great for this challenge! Your workouts can be modified to fit your goals, and many people on here don't use the NF workouts. I'm guessing you have access to some of the paid NF resources - those are a great place to start, especially since I'm guessing you're already paying for that resource. Keep in mind that you may need a full day in between full body workouts to fully recove
  2. Yeah, too much protein is hard on kidneys if I remember correctly (at least it is for some animals). Sorry that wasn't clear - I meant the legumes could be a carb source that has a bit of extra protein to help balance out blood sugar swings, and therefore an alternative to things like rice, pasta, fruit, bread, etc. for calories. Unless someone's protein intake is already very high, I think it would be difficult to overdo it with something like lentils (~7 g of protein per 100 g, uncooked). I agree that you'd probably need to test larger quantities, too - but worth testi
  3. Egg issues aren't uncommon - they are one of the things excluded from the autoimmune paleo protocol (https://www.thepaleomom.com/whys-behind-autoimmune-protocol-eggs/). If you have some sort of gut damage because of the other issues, maybe that could make you sensitive to the eggs too? And they have fat, if fat is the issue. Are you fine with gluten? That pizza wasn't gluten free, was it? Egg and dairy can both cause issues in people with gluten sensitivities and celiacs. In order to really narrow things down, you'd probably have to stick to safe foods and follow a stri
  4. Thanks. "Better a week too early than a day too late" is a common saying in the UK rat community, but it sucks. Just need to make sure we make a decision that is fair for them and not selfish. --------------------------- Week 0, Saturday Sleep: no sleep to track because I'm shifting Saturday night reporting to Sunday Exercise: went for a longer walk to a nearby leafy neighbourhood that we haven't spent much time in. It was really nice - the colours were really vibrant and the birds were singing very enthusiastically after the rain we got in the morning.
  5. Ugh, sorry to hear about the migraine and the sadistic weather. Hopefully it's not a recurring issue. Great job with your goals regardless - but break that streak if you need to!
  6. Some sort of protein powder might help on the protein side. Legumes and quinoa might help as carbs that have some protein, too, although I still prefer throwing some chicken in with my lentils to up the amount of protein in the meal. Unless I've missed something, you've mostly mentioned cheese, right? Have you found any other reliable triggers? (Eggs? Avocado? Coconut? Fattier cuts of meat like chicken thighs and non-lean beef? Olive oil? Nuts/seeds?) Maybe try a very small amount of one of those and gradually increase your portion size, although it might be better waiting until yo
  7. You really do need to leave Finland 😂 Maybe we've found one of the contributors to your cooking/food block? I'm glad it's not a recurring issue outside of these spheres! The eating issues could definitely have a knock-on effect. Books, bagels, and (grape) "beer" sound like a great day!
  8. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather due to the last vaccine dose - take it easy and rest if you need to! Your body is learning how to join the fight against a global pandemic. I am jealous of your fully-vaccinated status (although it makes sense for me to be near the end of the queue) - I probably have a month or two until I get my first dose. Week Zero looks like it has been going well! It sounds like having the concrete workout plans has helped
  9. In case it helps, co-op/farm boxes with random assortments of veg and fruit have helped me get out of food ruts and learn new recipes. Usually I'd google some combination of the veg and whatever protein I have handy (+ food restrictions - e.g., "AIP turkey leek apple") and find new recipes that way. I also have staple spices, oils, vinegar, coconut milk, and so on handy so it's easy to approximate most paleo type recipes. We also largely cook things in our instant pot or roast them to make cooking easier. I get food feeling like a chore, though, especially when I've had lots of ot
  10. Good news - half of infinity is still infinity, so clearly for your chocolate snacks you just need to put the chocolate on something that you're allowed an infinite amount of Chocolate-covered broccoli, anyone?
  11. Go for it! When I do them, I mostly use challenge themes as an excuse to post some gifs or videos and have a punny/fun title. You can do as little/much as you want to with it. I hope you figure out the cause of your dietary issues soon - that sounds really unpleasant. I know the insurance is an issue, but keep in mind that if you have a major underlying digestive issue, it may be easier to get a diagnosis now while you're having symptoms and possibly physical changes/damage to your digestive tract. Darn A2 dairy. I think I'm okay with buffalo mozzarella
  12. I've been experimenting with allowances and the format for my social media ban, and I've amended my restriction to 10:15 am to 4:15 pm on work days + a 30 min limit on social media from 4:15 - 6:30 pm. That means I have a good chunk of focused time, plus room for breaks later in the day when I'm getting tired. I've also decided that after zero week, I'll report my bedtime from the night before - it's easier for me to log and allows me to do my week reports on Saturdays. That means that my Week 1 will start on Saturday night. We had a vet visit for our pet rats this past
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one 😅. Yesterday my partner and I made candied ginger with honey - I've purposely left home-made sweets off my ban since I can control what goes into them (+ the effort involved makes sure they don't happen too often). The ginger definitely can't be binged since my mouth is on fire after a a few pieces! Thank you!
  14. I'm glad you had a great climbing session! Maybe you need a "take breaks and eat" goal for the next challenge. You Only Climb Once? 😅 You could do pistol squats with me! (once I catch up and can actually do one) Thank you, I will check out his channel too! I just watched a couple of Sean Tucker's more recent videos ("The two halves of your creative journey" and "How I learnt to make more meaningful portraits") during my yoga session and they were very relevant to our conversation! The pole practice atmosphere
  15. Or regional dialect - I cannot vouch at all for how they speak in southern England 😆 The internet says "spark out" = to fall asleep/become unconscious. My partner admits that it is possible he dropped the out and has created his own very local dialect.
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