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  1. I've started seeing a counselor at my uni to deal with the I-want-do-all-the-things-but-can't-because-I-still-don't-feel-100% fallout. Some of my homework from the last session is to track how I spend my time for two weeks, which conveniently lines up with the inter-challenge break. Challenge goals will be formulated based on the data I collect. Now that lifting is feeling better, I'm also in the process of planning a new lifting program, after using 5/3/1 for ages and kind of stalling. Let's see how I respond to some volume... And now that sleep is more stable, it's also time for me to try some more AIP reintroductions, which I'll track here since I need to keep track of them somewhere! The reintroduction for today (6/27): sugar snap peas.
  2. Didn't do quite as good a job tracking during Week 4. Cashew butter: 6/7 - missed one day because I did the maths too late and went 13 g over Tracking as I ate: all the days Bed by 9:30: had at least a few misses this past week, but most were near misses - still, I need to work on this more Drawing: only 1/2 Overall: I've been successful with keeping to my cashew butter limits I've been successful with tracking as I eat. Getting to bed on time as improved, but still needs a lot of work. And I need to make time for drawing (instead of just thinking about drawing) #collectingunderpants
  3. Because object permanence. Yep, I disappeared during the last challenge I tried to complete, mostly because sleep wasn't happening, despite my efforts to sort it out. That's improving, though I still have bad nights, probably thanks largely to orange goggles, magnesium powder, high-ish dose vitamin C, and preliminary attempts at stress management. Thankfully my PhD supervisor gives me a lot of flexibility for when, where, and how much I work, so my newly started graduate studies can take a back seat when needed to sort out the health stuff. Also on the plus side, I pulled 147.5 kg for a single during my 1+ deadlift session yesterday, so my deadlift is almost back up to its previous glory (152 kg). Goals: Be in bed by 9:30 pm (but aim for 9 pm so I actually hit this target). Track my food either in advance or as I go (I shouldn't have to log more than two past meals/snacks at once). Exception: I don't need to track this first weekend (June 3-4) while traveling, though my diet will remain the same. Go easy on the cashew butter (limit: 150 g/day). Without it it's hard for me to get enough calories on AIP (+ some reintroductions), but I don't need aaaall of the cashew butter. LUYL: Draw and/or paint at least 2x/week. I'm waiting on a set of brushes so I can try watercolours Oh, and don't disappear.