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  1. This sounds like a really exciting challenge - you have a lot of very creativity-themed goals in for fitness, work, and hobbies! Your job sounds cool, too - how did you get into that field if you don't mind my asking? Oooh, any idea what part you're going to record? Or do you have to write your own monologue based on the work?
  2. I'm glad the lunges are going well! Are you interested in trying different lunge variations, too, once you have a solid foundation? It really is, I'll often leave gaps when I writing so I don't have to interrupt my thought process to look up my exact methods... but then I have a bunch of stuff to add later. Family can be tough - I hope they are supportive and simply glad to see you after such a long time.
  3. I have not been a very good sleep accountability buddy, sorry! I'm glad the routine building/evening relaxation seems to be going well so far How do you like her work? Her "Mist and Magic" novel is sitting in my to-read pile, and I think I have access to a lot of her books via Kindle Unlimited too. I'm in a bit of a reading slump and could use a good series to break it!
  4. Ah, teenage courtship rituals. It's either that or he recognised your skating skills and was showing off as some sort of dominance display 😂. Either way, a nice compliment! Great job with Week 1!
  5. Great job with week 1! By sore, do you mean muscle soreness from lifting, or do you think it's some sort of overuse injury/pain? What does the soreness feel like? Is it limited to certain parts of your arms? Are the sore areas warmer than the surrounding areas? Muscle soreness from lifting can usually be worked through - there might be some discomfort (e.g. "walking up stairs after squat day" type stiffness/soreness), but there shouldn't be any sharp pain. For soreness/stiffness that isn't an injury, I recommend 1) dynamic warm-up/stretching and foam rolling before lifting, 2) s
  6. That's a huge improvement from when you started Integral Strength! I've also had periods where I'm not able to progress (or even maintain) my overall strength, and in those cases it's nice to have one thing that is still improving over time. Chin-up work is also a lot of fun - I hope it continues to go well for you
  7. I like how you phrased this as your "second best" side when (unless I've misunderstood something) you just have two sides so it would also be correct to say your "worst" side. It's just interesting from a framing/mindset perspective - your wording sounds much more positive! Great job not using the heat as an excuse, while still making sure to take care of yourself and adapt your routine and hydration accordingly I'm glad you found an art class that will work well for you, too - and you are paying them to take away the braining so you can just practice, so that sounds
  8. I'm sorry you had to deal with his ignorance on top of everything else, even if he meant well. I agree with Mad Hatter - it's not your responsibility to explain what chronic tiredness feels like, and if you want to educate others, you can also delay the conversation to a time when you have more energy. I hope the CFS research helps you find some strategies that work well for you, and I'm interested to see what insights you gain from tracking your energy expenditure. It is so frustrating that there isn't more known about the causes and management of chronic fatigue. Maybe over the
  9. It surprised me! How are the shrimp squats going with Integral Strength?
  10. Week 1, Friday-Saturday Sleep routine Thursday night I hit all my targets early (I was in bed before 11 pm!), probably because I was tired from a combination of the early waking earlier in the week and allergies. Friday night was a difficult one from a routine standpoint - I kept losing momentum and interrupting my routine to do other things, largely from stress - we have a lot of upcoming life changes that involve figuring out what we want our lives to look like for the next several years. I was only 5-10 minutes late getting in to bed and turning off the lights, th
  11. I am! I haven't made much progress since my last challenge since I took a few weeks off, but I re-tested a full pistol squat and I can now do a full negative (vs. getting halfway down, having my quads/hamstrings cramp, and falling over). I still can't balance at the bottom, but I can roll backwards under semi-control. I think I need to mix in some more strength-focused squat work like Bulgarian split squats or shrimp squats, too.
  12. Thank you! I was wondering if you might use CeraVe - it's sad that "scent free moisturiser" narrows down the field so much. I use their moisturising lotion and really like it. It looks like the First Aid moisturiser is available in the UK! It would be great to have something stronger for winter - I will definitely keep that one in mind.
  13. That's a great draft routine - fingers crossed it helps with your sleep! I'm curious what scent-free/sensitive skin moisturiser you use, if you don't mind sharing. That's completely fair - I guess my point is more that don't feel like you have to have a "perfect" or "responsible adult" bedtime right away. Even chipping away at it and bringing down the average, or narrowing your range from 12 - 3 am to 12 pm - 2 am for example, is a huge improvement.
  14. Hopefully you don't have mould or something similar down there!
  15. That is exciting - hopefully it helps with the home workouts! Out of curiosity, are you following a particular programme for lifting?
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