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  1. Goals No sugar beyond ~1 small jar of honey/week Lift in some fashion 3x/week Be in bed by 10:30 pm Read and work through a chapter of the Mindfulness Compassion workbook
  2. Still need to put those videos together - thanks in advance for the feedback! Got to bed 5/7 times over zero week, which is an improvement - I’ll move my target to 11:15 pm. Nothing on the data analysis side yet - I’m hoping to get a couple books from my supervisor soon, which will make that easier (I prefer reading with a paper book, as opposed to on a computer). I have a rough plan for my workouts, but will be refining that over the challenge Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll improve my push/pull movements on stable supports first (ring pull-ups seem to be more difficult for me - but I haven't tried them in awhile) and then work on ring skills, with the goal of working towards that muscle-up. Good to know about Overcoming Gravity - based on the reviews, it sounds like the 2nd (2016) edition has improved a lot of those flaws, but it still is a lot to absorb for beginners. I'll keep it in mind because eventually I do want to do my own programming and set specific goals, but I'll focus on the free red
  4. Think I might have found the underpants I need: Overcoming Gravity This book jumped out at me on the reddit page because it was described as not a program, but a resource for learning the principles of bodyweight programming and progressions. And the first review on Amazon describes it as "the body weight equivalent of Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" on barbell training" which would be perfect. Anyone here familiar with this book?
  5. Following! Good luck with the tumbling :). I had to learn some similar moves for aikido a few years ago, and could have definitely seen and raised you when it comes to rolling struggles :P. Eventually something clicked - though I'm not sure I still have those skills! Let me know if you have any advice for handstands - I also think being upside down is scary... Hope the meditation helps on the mental front, as well.
  6. Following! Look forward to seeing how your ring practice goes :).
  7. Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions, everyone ! I'm looking forward to following your challenges and learning more about bodyweight training :). Just FYI, I tend to disappear when life gets crazy, but I do return eventually... Yeah, the GMB programs are out of my price range at the moment (I'm working with a PhD stipend here :P), especially since it seems like I'd ultimately end up buying three+ programs to learn all the skills. I'll keep it in mind, though - maybe I can invest in it come Christmas and my birthday. I am opening to investing some money (preferably closer to $
  8. Hi Assassins! Since joining NF about four years ago, I've mostly focused on developing my strength using barbells and other free-weights, along with some bodyweight work as accessories (finally got my first pull-up in 2016!). However, for my upper-body work, I'd like to switch my emphasis to bodyweight exercises (calisthenics, crossfit-type gymnastics, etc.), which means figuring out what skills I'd like to focus on, and how to attain those skills. One of my (very) long-term goals is to do a strict muscle-up, but for now I'll need to focus on improving my pull-ups and getting my
  9. FIFY ;). 95 lbs is still heavy - and probably quite a bit heavier than you started with! The weight range you're working in should be fine for the roll of shame (and there is nothing shameful about having to do it, despite the name), though you might want to try it with an empty bar first so you know how to do. I wouldn't resort to it for every workout (if you're failing reps every workout, your programming probably needs to be tweaked), but it will be fine to get you out of the occasional tough spot.
  10. Congrats on getting starting with the barbell lifts! I was also in your shoes a few years ago :). As other people here have said, you'll learn when you're getting close to failure/getting fatigued - so, based on how your previous set felt, you may know that you need to ask for a spot. As you found out, strangers in the gym are happy to help out - just ask for a spot and tell them how many reps you're going for. I typically also tell them whether or not it may be a grind, and politely ask them not to touch the bar unless it is absolutely not moving - I can grind out some slow reps i
  11. These look pretty good to me, too :). The one other thing that I noticed was that in your top set at 140 kg, you sit back a tad too much, dropping your hips a bit too low and putting your shoulders behind the bar. When you initiate the pull, you rock forward, into the correct hip height and shoulder position for your body. You don't do the same motion in your warm-up deadlifts, though, which makes me wonder if it's a psychological reaction to the heavier weight (e.g., you're trying to brace harder and leaning back as a side effect). I just notice it because I used to do something similar, and
  12. Thanks for the quick response! On that note, are there any specific changes you'd recommend for women running the base program (e.g., increase the working, back-off sets by 1-2 sets?). My bench needs all the help it can get! (My bench max is ~65-67.5 kg, compared to 145 kg squat and 170 kg deadlift @ ~85 kg bodyweight). Thanks so much for this advice - I see lots of programs that recommend eating at least maintenance during the programming, but that left me a bit uncertain of what to do during a deficit. I think in the past I've kept my volume and/or
  13. Just started this program last week because I've had a bit of a case of f-around-itis since my meet in April, and I needed a break from writing my own programming. Thanks for providing an alternative to the more common low-frequency, low-volume programs! For now I'm going to run the main lifting days (squat/bench/deadlift/OHP) 3x/week, while taking a fourth day to focus on chin-ups and some other upper body calisthenics work - I'm finally starting to see some progress with chin-ups by focusing on them at the beginning of my workout, and want to continue building on that momentum. I
  14. This works perfectly with some of the things I've been working on :D. Just to double check: - active hangs (shoulders packed, lats engaged) would count, but passive hangs (i.e., deadhangs) would not? (unless the grip isometric contraction counts in the passive hangs?) - whatever these are (wall planks?) count?
  15. Late to the party... is the water mini-challenge for zero week only? Sleep week would be VERY helpful :). Possibly with extra points for bedtime/amount of sleep before midnight, because I generally sleep enough - just need to shift my sleep schedule to an early time.
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