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  1. I've neglected hypertrophy training for a while, but NO MORE. The next four weeks are going to be all about those gains... I just started a new mesocycle with sets of 8 for the big lifts, plus lots of accessories to address my weaknesses. In order to make sure I have enough energy for this work, I'm going to focus on bringing my calories back up after losing a couple of kilos the past couple of months. I'm aiming for maintenance since I'm just in my weight class at ~83 kg in the morning, but if I undershoot or overshoot a bit, it's not the end of the world - if I'm still at a deficit, then the volume will help me keep muscle, and if I bulk a bit, then a good chunk of the added weight should be muscle :D. Goals for the GAINS: Goal 1: Track calories on MFP and eat enough. I've been having trouble eating enough because I'm on a very restricted diet at the moment and have also just not been that psyched about food (exception: goat cheese. I CAN EAT GOAT CHEESE NOW!). It doesn't help that I haven't been tracking on MFP recently. However, in order to keep my energy levels up, I really need to eat enough. Calorie targets (rest day/lifting day): >2000/2250 (bronze level - must hit at least this) >2250/2500 (silver) >2500/2750 (gold - this lower limit is probably a little under my actual maintenance, though it depends on how much walking I do) Goal 2: When I go in to work, take a decent sized snack for the afternoon! In order to get enough calories (Goal 1), I usually need to eat four times a day, and if I wait from lunch until dinner at ~5:30-6, I'm foggy and hungry. To pass this goal, I need to either be at home for part of the afternoon (by 4 pm) and eat a snack/small meal then bring a snack in to work to have in the afternoon, before leaving work have a late lunch (~1:30-2 pm - happens sometimes on lifting days) and be back home by 5:30 pm Goal 3: Make sure I go to bed on time by enforcing a screen curfew (continuing this from last challenge). 8-8:30 pm on the nights I have to work the next day 8:15-8:45 pm on other nights using my computer or phone to track food or meditate after this time is fine Goal 4: Take time to de-stress each day. December is going to be very busy and I need to make sure I can turn my mind off when I need to. I'm going to try meditating again, but if it doesn't work well for me I don't want to force it. Other activities might be yoga, going for a relaxing walk, crocheting, reading...