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  1. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Ha, I was just asking because your daughter was born around the time I disappeared - hope she's doing well!
  2. [Alanna] Lioness Rampant

  3. Grumble Gets Graded

    Good luck from a fellow student! What are you studying?
  4. Leigh Tries Not To Die

    That sounds hectic - good luck! Making Christmas gifts... that's something I should get on top of. Last year I crocheted a ridiculous number of scarves (+ one pair of handwarmers) in a short amount of time because in December I had the bright idea of giving hand-made gifts.
  5. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Following! Look forward to seeing how autoregulation works for you since I've been experimenting with a similar approach recently. How's your family? Still have Zoey?
  6. JustCallMeAmber visits Halloween Town

    Hi! Can't we just channel a cat's enthusiasm for waking up, instead?
  7. Miss Marissa cuts the excuses

    Looks like a lot of us are using this challenge as a re-set! Great goals - what lifting program are you running these days?
  8. [Alanna] Lioness Rampant

    Hopefully it works as well for my main lifts! Thanks - welcome on board! Always enjoy meeting another Tamora Pierce fan :). Have you read her other Tortall series, too? Don't think I'll have toooo much trouble with it now that I've made it a goal - I don't browse the internet/social media when I'm actually at work. The tricky part is that I work at a home a lot, and sometimes weird hours, so the lines between work and break have blurred. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------- Challenge Update Monday, 17 16 Oct Food diary: check (and MFP too) Fermentation: no progress yet - need to swing by Lakeland to pick up supplies Post progress: 0/2 Screen curfew: check Cold turkey: check Tuesday, 18 17 Oct Food diary: check (and MFP) Fermentation: not yet Post progress: 1/2 (posted yesterday's bench this morning) Screen curfew: nope... I did stop working on my computer at the right time, but then, via a conversation with my boyfriend, learned that I needed to get attend a certain number of silly PhD workshops not by the end of my first year (my impression), which is April 2018, but by my first year progression, which is January 2018. Ensue frantic booking of workshops to make sure I meet the requirement. Ensue frantic booking of workshops. Not a good excuse, but at least I was more sane afterwards. Cold turkey: check
  9. Constructing the Battlestar Blocktacular

    Following! I like your programming white board :D. I might add back some dynamic effort work myself, in a month or two - I miss speed pulls!
  10. [Alanna] Lioness Rampant

    Ha, I'll PM you! I'm keeping it private for now, but if anyone would like to follow me on instagram, just ask here or PM me - I just ask that you keep my RL name off of here and my NF name off of instagram :). Hazard! Long time no see :). I'll have to follow your new battle log! Luckily I have it a bit easier than the full protocol - I've completely eliminated the worst offenders (onions and garlic), and then I'm just limiting/mostly avoiding other FODMAP fruits/veg (I already don't eat dairy or grains, so I don't have to worry about those categories). The biggest change for me is moderating sweet potatoes, since only ~70 g portions are compliant - I'll have more parsnips and squash (besides butternut) instead. How long have you been on this diet? Cabbage and carrots to start, I think, but I have a book with a lot of recipes. My nutritionist is also going to give me some starter grains for water kefir. The confusing thing is that on the Monash FODMAP app, fermentation changes the FODMAP quality of some foods (e.g., cabbage), so I'll just have to be careful - especially since fermented varieties aren't listed for most foods. Glad to hear a RPE success story! I was talking to the coach for my uni's powerlifting club about it, and he seemed a little skeptical because it's an "advanced method" - which it is - and there is a lot more tracking (that I'm not doing) to do if you're following the full recommendations of the lifter who came up with the program. But he's also fine with me trying it out. It definitely has a learning curve to it - I'm still getting used to gauging RPE for my lifts.
  11. Spezzy Focuses

    Following! I've also been struggling with a string of lackluster challenges - look forward to seeing your strategies for breaking that cycle. Best of luck with your goals!
  12. [Alanna] Lioness Rampant

    And once again, I'm back! The past several months my challenges have been pretty lackluster (and usually abandoned), largely because of lingering health-related symptoms (fatigue and insomnia, among others…) that have thrown me off track. What's been more difficult to deal with than the symptoms themselves, though, is how I've reacted to them - I've been putting many of my fitness goals on hold until my health is more stable and certain. As a result, I've been feeling stuck, frustrated, and a bit aimless for a while now - especially since I don't know when my health will be more predictable. While many of my goals still need to be health-related, it's also time for me to figure out how to work around set-backs and uncertainty, rather than waiting for a time when everything comes together (because that probably isn't going to happen!). I have made some progress during my hiatus, however. First, I switched my powerlifting programming to a RPE-style approach - I go in knowing what lifts I need to do and how many reps per set are on the table, but adjust the weight and volume depending on how I'm feeling. This has been a huge help energy-wise (I burned myself out on the Juggernaut volume) and mentally, because I don't feel like I'm failing when I can't keep up with my program (and I can push myself when I'm feeling good!). It's too early to tell how I'm progressing with this strategy, though - I'll re-evaluate in about a month. Second, a little over a week ago I met with a nutritionist who has experience working with clients with health issues and food intolerances. We talked for almost three hours about my health history, current issues, things I've tried, and goals for the next few years. One of the things that came out of my initial tracking for her is that I might have some sensitivities to FODMAPs - certain types of carbohydrates found in foods - so I'm going to go a "lite" version of the FODMAP elimination diet ("lite" because my choices are already pretty restricted on AIP Paleo). This will be temporary, though, and ultimately we hope to expand my dietary choices soon. Finally, I joined the instagram bandwagon and started posted lifting videos, largely as a way to remind myself of what I can still do (even if it's not where I'd hoped to be yet) and to help me see my progress over larger time scales. It's also encourages me to film my lifts regularly and check my form! My goals for this challenge are designed to keep this momentum going, and start channeling my namesake's determination once again. Goals: Nutrition Food Diary: Track my food intake and any symptoms 6+ days/week. Bonus: also track on MFP to keep an eye on my macros. This record is necessary for figuring out if I do have additional food sensitivities. First Fermentation: Pick up fermentation supplies (jars, weights, etc.) and start some ferments by the end of the challenge. Post Progress: Post something fitness or food related on my new instagram account at least 2x/week. Screen Curfew: 8:00 - 8:30 pm work nights, 8:30 - 9 pm weekends. Exceptions: I can use my itouch for music, meditation, and tracking apps, and my computer for MFP. This type of goal has always been the most helpful for me for getting me to bed on time, and I've also found that I'm more likely to do something ahead of schedule if I give myself a time range, rather than a specific cutoff (so hopefully I'll get off my computer at 8 pm some nights, rather than always 8:29:59 pm). LUYL Goal: Cold Turkey: Don't use the internet for non-work activities (e.g., social media) when I'm working. 30 min over my lunch break is fine, and I can also use my phone for sending Facebook messages to my boyfriend if need be. To help me with this goal, I'll be using an app called Cold Turkey.
  13. ElvenEngineer Escapes Emelen

    Hiiiiii. Sorry for disappearing. I've read at least the first 9 books in that series and enjoyed them, but don't remember much about them because it was a while ago, and I never re-read them numerous times (like I did with the Tortall books). Still, good inspiration for a challenge theme! Think I might have to go Tamora Pierce for my next one, too... Glad the first two weeks of your challenge went well - hope you're happy with the last two, too!