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  1. I'm glad the diagnoses are firming up and that you've gotten more confirmation for your POTS. I think it's also great that your doctors don't want to put you in a single box in case new information comes to light later - although I can also get how not having certainty can be frustrating. Some ramblings of my own: I also agree that switching up the mind-body practice sounds like a good plan. Maybe you could do tai-chi-esque taekwondo (same forms, but slower movements)? Or could you do meditative painting? I think the loading for squats and deadlifts can be really tiring - e.g., belt squats tend to cause lower fatigue (probably due to a combination of lower weight and less spine loading). I've been having pretty good success with bodyweight strength training, sans cardio, too - you could work towards pistol squats with me (but I also get the allure of the barbell)
  2. I'm in a similar boat - I see a lot of my friends doing regular outings, frequently visiting family on weekends, going on far-away trips a few times a year, etc., and I wonder how they have the time, energy, and money. Your weekends sounds a lot more manageable, but still very productive and fulfilling. They're pretty similar to what mine and my partner's look like (unless we're completely wiped by the week), in case that makes you feel better. If you really want to have more outings or a change in the routine , there might be ways to work in some extra things (e.g., maybe you need a three day weekend to have a one day outing, or the outing needs to be something nearby so less time and energy is spent travelling). But, if you're happy with your weekends, I would just carry on - you don't have to do the same things as your friends. And I would find talking about a hike, workouts, and board games interesting :).
  3. So for art... halve the time and work on an easier variation of the skills from the most recent "block"? Or do something purely for enjoyment rather than skill building? And what would your overreaching, final week of a block be - working on a more complex project that incorporates multiple skills? It's fun thinking of what volume and intensity mean for other skills! I need to figure out what else I can periodise in my life.
  4. I'm glad you had a great trip! Closing some of the open tabs in your life - literally and figuratively - sounds like a great plan for the rest of the challenge. Hopefully it also decreases some mental load and gives you more space for your hobbies and practices next challenge
  5. This one? https://return2health.co.uk/nutralife-magnesium-complete-forte# My understanding is that magnesium oxide is the form that isn't absorbed very well, so if you continue having signs of Mg deficiency, it may be helpful to talk to the practitioner about a different form (e.g., Mg citrate or glycinate). Mg oxide actually tends to be used to treat constipation since it isn't absorbed very well (giving it its laxative effects). That property also makes it tricky to increase the dose if it's too low . I'm not sure about the absorption of magnesium phosphate pentahydrate, though - maybe that's enough to make the over bioavailability decent. Just wanted to mention it in case you continue to have issues - not all supplements are created equal, and sometimes it takes time to figure out what forms work best for you. How have Weeks 2 and 3 gone?
  6. I'm really happy for you - I love seeing you make progress on something that is meaningful for you. Don't stress if the same level of effort isn't feasible 365 days/year - deloads are a part of life, and not just for fitness. I'm also glad that the Charite took you seriously and has had some helpful insight, even though it's frustrating that you still don't have a definitive diagnosis on the fatigue. Hopefully your GP can help you with any remaining tests.
  7. I did have a bath + a short hose attachment, so I promise I have cleaned myself regularly since moving a few months ago . But showers are definitely much easier and faster. ---------- There's been a fair amount of blipping the past week and a half due to the ongoing stress, but I'm trying to get back on track. It has definitely impacted my sleep this past week - at some points I just gave up and started reading again to distract myself. I'm also going to blame the stress for actually falling out of my bed at about 4 am one night, which I don't think I've ever done as an adult. I didn't do any food prep during Week 2, but made up for it during Week 3 - on Sunday I cooked/prepped about three servings of salmon, sweet potato fries, and salad; Tuesday I cooked a couple of sweet potatoes in the microwave (I'm counting it), and on Friday I made a couple servings of salad again. Training is going pretty well - I'm still being flexible, but I have some structure and am focusing on specific exercises. This past week I reached the milestone of being able to put my heel (on the squatting leg) on the ground in long-legged monkey! Since then I've also added what are either cossack squats or side-to-side lunges (based on Google images, there appears to be a lot of variability in exactly what these exercise look like). So, basically ending up in this position: ...minus the jumping-down-from-the-ceiling part.
  8. I love the cross country photos of you and Daisy! She looks like she's really relaxed tuning in to you, too, with her one ear flicking back over the jump. I think you've gotten some great advice on the fitness/exercise front, so I'll just chime in with a few points: I definitely agree that it's better to find exercises that you enjoy, as they are more likely to be sustainable - however, I'd consider lowering the expectation to something "tolerable" as long as it is easy in other ways (e.g., low financial and time investment, doesn't aggravate injuries) and supports your goals and your true passion (horseback riding). I think most, if not all, fitness enthusiasts need to spend some time doing unenjoyable things because they recognise it's necessary for their bigger goal - e.g., many strength athletes aren't fond of prehab/rehab/mobility, many swimmers cross-train with other forms of cardio, and some equestrians prefer jumping but supplement their training with dressage. I think @Waanie suggested monitoring the impact of other goals on your riding - I think that's a great idea, especially if horseback riding is a big part of your "why" for fitness. So, maybe walking isn't fun (arbitrary example - feel free to pick a different poison), but regular boring walking means you can easily haul your gear on hiking/camping trips and have better stamina when cantering. And maybe there are ways to make something you hate either neutral or even enjoyable - e.g., maybe walking (again, arbitrary choice) can be time spent with your partner, dogs, or a podcast/audiobook. On the subject of prehab and rehab, it sounds like your feet and calves are limiting a lot of your options - can you sort out those issues? If you can't walk or dance, can you do mobility work instead? I also think it's admirable that you want to find something that works for you and Mr R, but I wouldn't discount something that would only work for you. You're both still figuring out what approaches work for each of you, and in the end you might just need different things. Maybe NF coaching would give you the day-to-day planning that you need, while in-person coaching once a week would be best for Mr R. Once you both have systems that work well, you could see where there is potential overlap - e.g., maybe you'd both have the fitness to go on longer hikes (and thus still get to spend more time together), or Mr R might have the confidence to invest in a power rack and help you start lifting, too. Finally, if weight loss is still one of your main goals, you don't need to figure out the exercise part right now. Nutrition will give you the most bang for your buck and I'm guessing it would support your riding goal, too. You'd still get a decent amount of exercise from riding/grooming a few times a week, DIY, gardening, and occasional hikes/camping. I personally find training for something, rather than just trying to lose weight, is easier mentally - however, you already have something to train for so, you don't necessarily need to add another activity at this stage.
  9. I think outsourcing some of the gardening work, and setting it up so that it is easy to maintain, is a great solution . I like the style you've chosen, too.
  10. Week 2 so far: I'm doing okay, but having a lot of small "blips" - generally missing the time goals by around half an hour or so (which does make a difference). I'm feeling a little overwhelmed in a lot of different parts of my life, so I haven't really had the spoons to engage on the forum much. We're making progress with the house, though, and we have some new things like a dishwasher and shower that are making our lives a lot easier.
  11. On the plus side, that means the 72 hrs will probably consist of work days!
  12. Definitely a win - great job sticking to moderation! What form of magnesium are you taking if you don't mind my asking? Some forms are absorbed better than others. Hope your leg feels better soon!
  13. That looks like a lovely place to hike! House stuff:
  14. Great job upping your protein levels this week! You're inspiring me to investigate how I'm doing, macro-wise, too - I think I'll do a tracking challenge at some point in the near future. Some thoughts below based on my personal experience in case any of it is helpful for this challenge I also find that I tolerate/need more carbs on days when I'm more active - I think I kept closer to 20/25% on rest days back when I was tracking regularly. I think the calorie budget matters a lot, too - over the years I've tried to keep my protein levels relatively consistent regardless of whether I was eating at a deficit or maintaining. I just calculated and 40% protein would have meant 280g of protein on my training days back when I was powerlifting, which is definitely excessive . Yeah, it takes a lot of effort and planning - batch cooking in our house mostly comes down to cooking the protein. Usually we* cook 2 kg of chicken breast at a time, either on baking sheets in the oven or in an instant pot. The latter chicken then gets shredded or thrown into soup. We also often roast whole chickens. Some of the batched cook meat gets frozen, but we also go through it pretty quickly between the two of us. *I say we - my husband handles most of the meat prep these days. On the volume side - do you like chicken breast, turkey breast/turkey breast mince, or white fish? I noticed you've been gravitating towards types of meat that have a relatively high fat percentage, assuming the beaf isn't lean. That's absolutely fine (I tend to get a lot of calories from fat, too), but you could consider mixing in some leaner meats if you're having issues with food volume. The fat grams might then be easier to get in as vegetable fats or oils. Lean meats do tend to be more expensive, but I'm not sure how it works out on a cost per protein g basis.
  15. Following! Moving can be super exciting (especially when it is to your own house!) but it's definitely also very stressful. I like your balance of tackling what you need to while also making time to stay healthy and sane. That's about a third of the attic books that you won't have to move - that's a great start! I approve of the amount of fantasy books, too
  16. Pretty good Week 1. The blip on Friday was because I was a bit slow starting my training session (~6:15/6:20 pm instead of 6 pm). And the recent sleep blips are because I've been having trouble fall asleep while the other half is travelling, so I end up reading or watching TV kinda late. He's back tonight, so I'll make sure to get back on track too. Since he's away, it meant that the usual salmon cooker in the house is also away, so I made salmon in our air fryer yesterday and also chopped up vegetables for a salad. Training (posing) sessions have been a little light, but I'm seeing some strength and muscle gains so I'm doing enough to make progress. I think having a protein shake during is helping with recovery, too.
  17. Still going strong! I need to do another harvest soon. Ah now I remember that test you gave me - I hadn't tried it out with single leg variations yet. Thanks! That makes a lot of sense, and it's the maintain-during-movement training that I probably need the most. I'll add this to my routine - thank you!
  18. Sending hugs and metaphorical hose for Flame fighting. Hope work calms down soon!
  19. Always here for strength training and protein Hmm, maybe adding some nuts or nut butter (for fat and protein) would help?
  20. What do you mean, I tweaked my goal and everything! That will definitely save me from the same situation I think I need to switch to estimated time left instead of % left ----------- Week 1 so far (Sunday - Tuesday) Not much to report - everything is going smoothly for now (and I successfully put my book away before midnight the past few nights). Still kept yesterday's training session relatively light - worked on long-legged monkey and did a couple sets of Bulgarian split squats as I test out/expand the limits of both my recovery and my right knee. I think I need to pay attention to my foot arch during unilateral squats, so I was focusing on big toe pressure and clawing the ground. Any tips for developing my arch so my ankle doesn't collapse would be appreciated.
  21. It was an extra sneaky trap because it was three books in one in a digital format, which means that 4% left is still a good amount of words But you can buy the next book in the series!
  22. Ah so that's the Esperanto conference! Thanks for sharing the link I read it for school many years ago - it is super short. It's a quite unique premise - hopefully it's a nice addition to your read list!
  23. Always here for food and protein . Great start to the challenge! Yoghurt with peaches is one of my favourites - I need to get peaches more often.
  24. Week 0 Recap Decent start to the challenge. I got in another training session earlier in the week, too, making for three total. Recovery is still hit or miss (mostly miss), so I'm going to experiment with having a protein shake during the session (like I used to at the gym) to see if that helps. Editing a single tracker is working really well for me, too, especially with goals spread across the day. Week 1, Sunday Had a lighter training session and went for a nice walk. I hit my bedtime goals, but from here on out I'm going to add a new one - lights off and phone away by midnight - because I fell into the trap of "I'm almost done with my book" and ended up reading until 2 am
  25. Following! I like the nutrition approach - being mindful of veggies and carbs is a nice way to manage calories without tracking. Maybe get some canned tuna for emergency protein? Or protein powder?
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