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  1. Well, still in the 'merge with work. Two more days of morning shift plus a few hours, then a full day, then I'm taking a day off. Then an overnight shift... It is rough, but we are doing something important. Getting in some foam rolling, high carb dinners to put me into early bed time. First two meals of the day go well. Lady - it is all trade space. I've carried a small amount of debt purely to keep my credit rating up (what a backwards system...) so I can get a good rate if I chose to buy and dig in. Buying a house that meets criteria is worth it, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. D&D joke. Darkfoxx - can you send a data dump on the insuring side? I've spent 6+ months living in half a conex container and before that I worked in a very small space underground where we spent 24 hours at a go. I can Tetris a small space into a usable space pretty well these days. The insurance info could facilitate heading toward my preferred, but unlikely course of action. My "dream" would be a Unimog based RV, but I'd have to put a lot of money, which isn't an option, or time into that, which I may not have. Something in the scale of a RV is more doable. In life, we often have time, or money. Rarely both, often neither. As I'm all in on work, my time is, well, nearly non-existent, and work doesn't pay *that* well. A well loved, but well used RV is the 80% solution, and pending having the right place drop in my lap, will be a good holding pattern until the housing market collapses out here. The Denver Diaspora and the California Invasion have not been good for sustainable housing prices. There is a low probability that I can pull off the Unimog setup, but having a house like Baba Yaga that I can move anywhere sounds really cool. If you didn't research what a Unimog is, they are ridiculously capable off road trucks. They'll exceed a Jeep about any day of the week. With a multi-ton payload capability. If you have the time, you can find one cheaper than a Sprinter Van, and then build out a cabin in the back. A Unimog is a Mercedes by another name, same engineering, no frills. I was experimenting, and have a spoiler section with nothing in it. Doh! - Murphy's Roommate
  2. Way to go getting out on a run! That is awesome! This might be a victory in disguise for you. If the workers are gone long enough, maybe you can finally get rid of them? - Murphy's Roommate
  3. Whoooo.... What a week. Burned the candle at both ends? Check. Working the weekend too? Check. Next day off? Thursday, maybe. That part was less than amazing, but we got a LOT done and are making the world a slightly better place. Food was rough, I got a few small wins, but mostly it was eating anything I could find to keep going. Ran out of forward motion to work on the other two goals. I'll be eating better over the weekend, only 8 hour days, so i should have gas to get back on track. Also starting to entertain RV living as the house hunt is stalling out here in the 'Springs. While the rent is affordable, I just don't like renting anymore. If anyone has thoughts on that, the floor is open. - Murphy's Roommate
  4. Food, 3/3. Tai Chi - Foam rolled. Camping, no joy. But, I am gaming tonight so I'm feeling good. Zombie survival horror, we're all playing our selves. Fatalities are assured. Then we bring in purpose built survival characters. The only question is how deep into the game we can get before we go down. It has been helpful in helping us wargame some CDC worst case scenarios. We are playing this as the Spanish Flu, mixed with E. Bola and Rabies. If you don't want to sleep tonight, visit the CDC website and look at what happens in a pandemic. - Murphy's Roommate
  5. Got in some foam rolling today, eating was okay - 2/3, the exception was a salad so I'll take it, and I fiddled with the overlanding mobile. Once it gets dark out, I need to test the scene lights. I'm experimenting with different lighting options. I suspect that over time I'll end up with full zombie lights, but one step at a time. Once you've added off road lights to your vehicle, you'll be shocked as to how much more visibility you get. Just don't use them on the road - blinding other drivers is not cool. - Murphy's Roommate
  6. I've had good success in the past, but when you leave your foam roller in another country... Bright side is my replacement is using it and he didn't have to wait for one to get shipped over. I'll give an update over the next few weeks as I clean out those tight spots. Highly recommend it. - Murphy's Roommate
  7. Great to be doing a challenge with you again Jakkals! At least you're posting pictures, I finally upgraded to a smiley face in my posts. I'll be watching for your bunny rescue's as they grow up! - Murphy's Roommate
  8. So no joy on the hike - I got lost looking at houses on line yesterday morning. We looked at 9 houses on Saturday. Good grief. This has become a part time job. Instead, I got out of the apartment, got some hobby time in. After that, had a good hour and change of reading and looking at the mountains. A brewery visit to meet friends later, and my day was basically complete. Not what I intended, but satisfying. I may have to work over the weekend, so that won't be conducive to hiking but that is life in the fast lane. Today I finally got another foam roller and am working on mitigating that old injury! Additionally, food went very well, 3/3, and I got a portable toilet setup in the mail! I think I made progress on all three goals today. - Murphy's Roommate
  9. So, did some Tai Chi. I has regrets... not stretching is a surprisingly bad idea, even for Tai Chi. Good news is I re-re-re-re...re-re-re-discovered an old injury. You'd think I'd learn. Better news is, I can take a go at hiking tomorrow anyways! So onwards! - Murphy's Roommate
  10. Day 2 - just fell flat on my face. Work was a hot mess (try being at two day long conferences at the same time...) and everything reflected that. Day 3, much more better! 2/3 meals, Day 4, same, but had a different win. Three of my favorite authors came to Colorado Springs for a book signing, and it was pretty neat. It is neat to see that these people who make amazing worlds are geeks just like us. For my next trick, I'm looking up some camping areas tonight. I doubt I'll make it this weekend, but I should get a hike in for partial credit. Blodgett Peak sounds like an option for an early hike on Sunday. Maybe even a sunrise hike! Tai Chi - let's aim for tomorrow morning to get at least one rep in! Keep trucking! - Murphy's Roommate
  11. Alrighty, day 1! Breakfast and lunch were on plan, dinner was pizza and scavenging the fridge. Not a win, but not a total loss. Tai Chi - no joy. Ran out of motivation today pretty hard. Mountains. Time to start doing my map recon for distributed camping. I have my other logistics pretty well figured out, time to find locations. It is good to be back. Looking forward to following the rest of the Druids as we go forth and find harmony! Thanks for the encouragement! - Murphy's Roommate
  12. After a bit over a year in Korea, I'm back in Colorado. The move was, as usual, discombobulated. I have things in storage scattered across the country, and need to find a permanent residence in a stupidly hot housing market. Darn you Denverites, invading Colorado Springs! Well, I can't control some of that, what I can control is: Tai Chi - I got the bare bones down of the 42 form before I left Korea. Time to start doing that again. Lets aim for 5x days a week for the 9 and 24 form, and 3x days a week for the full 42. I went to Korea trying to lose 30 lbs, now I'm working on 60 lbs. Good news is I can afford food prep delivery (cheaper than eating out) and am executing on that. Goal is to stick with the food prep plan and not arbitrarily deviate. 15 meals (3 meals for Mon thru Friday) and then the weekend to do with as I will. Lastly, I went from a stressful job, to a very stressful job. The difference is, I now have the mountains to escape to. Goal: 3 nights a month in the mountains. Car camping, camping, even a hotel room, just getting away from the grind. This is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Long term goals are to do the Bataan Memorial Death March again, start overlanding, figure out where to live, find a Tai Chi group locally, and maybe grow a few more active hobbies. - Murphy's Roommate
  13. In true challenge fashion, all progress crashed and burned and I am now back at square one. Mostly. My typing is becoming tolerable. I suppose that is some form of a win. Forward! - Murphy's Roommate
  14. Jakkals - What were you a gunner on? I had the joy of living next to some Polish DANA's in Afghanistan. When they fired, stuff fell off our walls. I don't know if they were 152's or 155's. We didn't like it when they went loud without giving us a heads up. For anyone who has not experienced artillery being fired, it is something unique. You feel the shockwave in your chest, the ground shakes, it is an order of magnitude difference between firearms and artillery. Technically several, don't hate my poetic license You are correct, I should spend more time shooting, but being in Korea slows me down. When I get back to Colorado I'll step it up. The good news is that ammunition prices are returning to normal and I can get ahead of consumption on the range. I had to deal with people not working properly recently. Good news is, while they do not work for me, their boss and I are on good terms and they are being encouraged to work better. That was a good news. The bad news is, often, all I can do is let go and accept that very few people will do their job right. Those who do, I cultivate and build relationships with. Those that don't, I stop helping. All I can do most days. - Murphy's Roommate
  15. Well then. My shoulder gave in again. I was rampaging on pushups, and that old problem reared up. Giving it a few days to recover. Typing is doing far better. It has gotten a lot more fun to actually type and I now somewhat resent normal keyboards. Tai Chi is proceeding apace. The problem is that I am running out of time before I go back stateside. It kinda kills me, when I watch my teacher do it, and then my wood shop butchery of what he does. That would be the difference between me and someone who had trained for decades. - Murphy's Roommate
  16. I hope all goes well with your mother! A wise man (Kipling) once said a man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition. Books don't go bad. Keep reading! My challenge is shelf space. Kindle helps with that but good books are worth getting in hard copy. I prefer other beverages over red wine and we won't comment on ammunition. The pond sounds great. Keep paddling! - Murphy's Roommate
  17. Your favorite speak and spell is still at it. Typing is going quite well. Okay. Less worse. Pushups are coming along nicely, three days in a row! Tai Chi is back on track. I've gotten the 24 form down reasonably well, gross movements, working on the 42 form now. Started watching "Stan Against Evil" and I can't but think how gamers would handle it. Kind of like the Evil Dead series. Pretty sure my gaming group would have a different response. - Murphy's Roommate
  18. Hit 100 pushups on 2 days, did some typing, and some Tai Chi. Good week overall. This week should be even better. - Murphy's Roommate
  19. I think we are all members of the "make injuries worse club". Not sure why, but when I get hurt I always have to get worse before I get better. A not so useful trait. On the other hand, the stubbornness that leads to the above behavior is also how I've accomplished the good things I have done. I have seen the Expendables. It went from pretending to be an action series to being a comedy that had action elements. There is no realism at all. - Murphy's Roommate
  20. And still hacking away. I can generally get in one of the three, but today is different. Today, I practiced Tai Chi, typing, and still have time to get after pushups. Yep, red letter day! - Murphy's Roommate
  21. I have been using typing club. No membership just hacking away. I am meticulous in proofreading my work, I loose a ton of time fixing typos. These sentences had a typo error every other word (or a glacial pace) to give you an idea as to how bad the first draft is... - Murphy's Roommate
  22. I visited Glacier many years ago. It was amazing! Looking forward to feedback about how intermittent fasting works for you. It seems both effective and achievable. - Murphy's Roommate
  23. That is drawer nirvana. When I grow up, I want to be that squared away. - Murphy's Roommate
  24. Hello Nerds! It is good to be back! I fell into work for a few months there. Work life balance kind of completely fell apart, all the good stuff I did for myself went on back burner, and now I am in recovery mode. Beyond me complaining about life, I have to confess to a personal shortcoming. As a nerd, someone who has finished a nanowrimo novel, someone who uses a keyboard for a living, I am a hunt and peck typer. It is ugly. Hackity tap tap urgggh thwack thwack thwack backspace backspace groan. And I am going to change that. I have a keyboard that forces me to type properly. It looks weird, but it makes my bad habit painful enough to drive change. So goals. Wouldn't be a challenge without some goals. Typing: practice 15 min a night. Target number at end of challenge... 20 wpm? My end goal is over a hundred wpm. Pushups: 100 a day. Tai Chi: 3 classes a week, back to daily practice. Good enough for government work as they say. - Murphy's Roomate
  25. Yay - still here! Workouts, missed one, but kept it solid. This is a good habit. Tai Chi - first lesson was tonight. Success. I have opened the door. Classic Korea - in person is the way to go. On one hand, I like being able to leverage the internets for everything. On the other hand, face to face - meatspace if you will - is actually real. For a tremendously net enabled country, the Koreans I've met are still very grounded. Reality is pitiless, gravity is always 9.8 m/s (+/- local variances), there are no do overs, and the only at bat that counts is the one you are at. I can't imagine anything more awesome. - Murphy's Roommate
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