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  1. Did chest and triceps. Gonna be sore for days... Said F off to the food plan.
  2. Day stats: Didn't eat food plan. Thought of lunch salad made me gag. Had pizza instead and it fed and soothed my soul, so I regret nothing. Did chest and triceps, again, because my command "hates" me and is forcing me to do strength training. Going to bed.
  3. Day stats: Forced to do weight lifting because my command "hates" me Leg press: 161 lbs, 3x12 Leg extension: 70, 3x12 Wide squat: bar, 3x12 Leg curl: 70, 3x12 Standing calf raise: 80, 3x12 Seated calf raise: 145, 3x12 Supervisor said form looks good because it's leg day, and I never skip leg day... Upper body day is another story 28 mins elliptical with weight loss setting, went 2.04 miles Stayed within food plan. Didn't feel as bad today as I did yesterday. Yesterday was the longest day ever and today was a normal day. Mum says that I'll get used to food plan in a week-ish and stop being angr
  4. Day stats: 10:26 3.35 mph .58 miles Felt like passing out, which is why I stopped. Food plan complete
  5. Day stats: Couldn't do morning walk because of fasted blood test. Ate within food plan, except with jalapeño popcorn, to raise calories to 1200 Elliptical fat loss program: 2.03 miles in 28 mins. Added 15 min more with 1782 strides (stupid thing wouldn't let me see mileage)
  6. It's a big leap, because it has to be one. The little steps aren't helping me, because it's too easy for me to break them. Also, my command is getting mad at my lack of progress and I have to show progress on my last PT test on 25 Aug, since I failed the last two. The food thing is an everyday, at least until pt test. Afterwards, I can focus on getting a better combination. I worked out 3x week at 60 mins. It is al elliptical, because running causes extreme pain in both legs. It feels like my muscles are trying to separate from my bones, but dr says its shin splints. I have to practice walk te
  7. So, its been a while since I have been in a six week challenge... Epic Goal: get back to size 10/165 lbs Mini Goals: -Eat food plan --Breakfast: Eggs and Sausage --Lunch: Chicken with Salad --Dinner: Smoothie --Snack: Veggies --Snack: Banana -Exercise 5x week --MWF ---Morning: Practice walk test (1.25 miles <17:44) ---Evening: Elliptical (Fat loss program: ~ 30 mins) + (Reverse: 15 mins) --TR ---Elliptical/Treadmill walk (45 mins) --SU ---Long walks -Write --Since not taking classes this semester, get some writing done ---Minimum 15 mins, no matter the story ---No Netflix until wr
  8. Water, Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper (I honesty drink it for the flavor and for the burning feeling at the back of my throat), and Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade
  9. Stopped working out: I live on a military base in Japan and I HATE lifting weights and body weight exercises. We have a track that I run on, but they took away my climbing wall and the punching bag, so now the only thing I enjoy doing is the running. As for stopped going to the gym: Besides hating to lift, I've been laughed out of a military base gym. It wasn't even for doing something wrong, but it was because I wasn't as strong as them. The marines flat out pointed and laughed, "Look at that weak ass bitch over there with her 20lb dumbbells." the only time I've been okay with going into a
  10. Address in East Bend, but planning on going to NCSU as soon as I can escape Japan and get accepted into the college
  11. Was wondering if anyone else is doing the USAF Marathon on Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio on 19 Sept 2015. http://usafmarathon.com
  12. So... I completely suck at this... Gained weight and inches, failed PT test, going to fail this next one, trying to escape AF etc... So, Yesterday, I restarted. Goal is to go from 220 to 170/165-ish by 1 Jan. Went to Gym and used the machines (Yes, I know, machines are bad, but there's one gym for over 3000 people and we all have about the same shifts, making it almost impossible to get free weights in). Ended up not being able to finish workout because by the time I got to my 6th exercise, I felt sick. Went home, had a protein smoothie (because normal food for dinner makes me gag), then
  13. I suck at this whole tracking thing. Failed pt test, so I have 90 days before retest. I failed the waist measurement by 3" and woulda needed 3" more to have gotten the 75 I needed. Luckily, one of the runners saw that I was depressed (and have been for over a year) and was able to suggest how to get the anti depressants I need to function. As it is, I sleep 12-15 hours a day, binge eat, have no motivation, get really bad headaches and body aches. I'm supposed to see commander tomorrow to listen to him yell at me for failing. The problem is, I just can't bring myself to care about it. Today, I
  14. Got back on track today, since last two weeks were a pretend war. Walk/jogged 2 miles then jogged second 2 miles. About to head to lunch where you grill your own food, which is mostly meat
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