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  1. Competed my first run (that counts) of the week yesterday, 40 minutes on the treadmill at a very moderate pace. Yoga Day 6 finished yesterday, and Day 7 (crow pose) completed today. I was not actually able to do a crow pose, but see that it would be possible with practice. I plan to start working on this pose once I have completed 3 sets of 8 pike pushups. I last completed 5,5,4 so have a ways to go yet, but it was nice to get a preview of one of the abilities I will be working on in the future. Plan for the rest of the day is to complete a bodyweight workout. I hope to work in a walk, but am not sure that will happen. I have some chores I need to complete today, and I am not sure if I will be able to work it in or not.
  2. Completed my first run of the week yesterday - 40 minutes on the treadmill at a very moderate pace. Two more to go. Week 1 Challenge: My personal challenge already includes doing some form of walking/running/hiking/biking,etc. 2X per week. This week, I will up the movement days to 3 days instead of the two.
  3. Cheerful Dame continued with her training as usual. She noticed some of the other recruits making preparations to join the reaction force, and that others had already left. She was in no hurry, as she realized that the most interesting objects in the tomb had probably already been removed by the explorers. She decided to wait and continue to observe. She decided to walk around camp, just to see & hear what was being said. I don't really know much about the Star Wars Universe, and have never participated in any form of role playing, so I am keeping the story line relatively simple. Week 1 Challenge: My personal challenge already includes doing some form of walking/running/hiking/biking,etc. 2X per week. This week, I will up the movement days to 3 days instead of the two.
  4. So far this week, I have completed one bodyweight workout - two more to go. I walked/sprinted a short distance on Monday (mostly walking), and took a walk that lasted a little over an hour on Tuesday. Part of Tuesday's time involved taking pictures at a local park, because fog is so pretty. Not enough running or steps to count either day toward my goal, but worth doing nonetheless. Will step up the cardio before the end of the week. Intend to get a run in sometime today. I have made it through day 5 of the yoga challenge, and will do Day 6 today. The past couple were abs/core focused and were pretty difficult for me. I am already thinking that at some point I will need to retake this challenge because I should be so much better by the end than I am now.
  5. Character Name: Cheerful Dame Alignment: Jedi Race: Human Class: Smuggler Force Skills: Hibernation Trance, Revitalize General Knowledge:Food Sourcing & Preparation, General Movement, Repair of Random Things, Improvising Light Saber: Orange (Jedi that prefer orange-bladed sabers tend to be conflicted individuals, and while they tend to gravitate toward the light side of the Force, it’s usually begrudgingly. Jedi with orange lightsabers have typically had a brush with the dark side of the Force, and despite the fact that they’re usually morally good, they tend to have a mischievous streak.)
  6. Interesting goals, subbing . . .
  7. Love your challenge, following along. The daily pictures are a great idea. I look forward to seeing them.
  8. Cheerful Dame is wandering alone in the woods when she begins to hear strange sounds. As she moves closer, she notices light emanating from a clearing. She steps into the clearing to investigate and finds a group of Rangers gathered around their campfire. She listens for awhile, and then steps into the light to say "hi". My last challenge was in April with the Adventurers. Since then, I have been continuing to work out on my own and have been making very slow but steady progress. I tend to do a challenge, and then go it alone for awhile before starting another challenge. I like to do a mix of activities, so thought it might be nice to wander with the Rangers for this challenge, if there's room at the campfire. Main Quest: Increase Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance using whatever means I find interesting. I don't forsee this quest ever ending. Side Quest: Another sewing side quest - Make a Route 66 lap quilt for the car using scraps. This side quest has two purposes: increase my sewing abilities since I have never made any kind of quilt on my own, and to keep me warm! Winter is coming and it is important to be prepared. Methods for Achieving Main Quest: 1. Increase Strength - Continue to progress with the workouts on Startbodyweight.com by completing workouts at least 3X per week. I will know my strength has increased if I have added reps or unlocked new skill levels within the program. Current Status: Bulgarian Split Squats (5,5,4), Pull Up Negatives (2,2,1), Pike Push Up (5,4,4), Forearm Knee Leg Raises (8,8,7), Box Push Ups (6,6,6), Straight Leg Bench Dip (5,4,4), Inverted Rows Bent Legs (5,5,5), Side Plank (25 seconds) 2. Increase Flexibility - Complete 30 Day Yoga Challenge from doyouyoga.com. This is a daily challenge. However, I know that I may occasionally have reasons to skip a day. I should easily complete all 30 workouts before the end of this NF challenge. I have already completed the first two days of the challenge, and have realized that my flexibility is worse than I thought. Increased flexibility will be obvious as I go about my daily life, and as I continue to level up with my bodyweight workouts. 3. Increase Endurance - Run, Walk, or bike at least 2X per week. This is probably the most flexible part of my challenge. I have been going through the C25K workout at my own pace. Last run: Week 4 #1. If I do not run, then walking will count as well, but only if I hike 3 or more miles in a given day or reach 10,000 steps on my pedometer for the day. A bike ride will also count toward meeting this goal. Obstacles I Need to Overcome: Myself - I tend to start strong, but struggle to finish. Hoping that with practice and the right cues I will get better with consistency on these challenges. These challenges help to increase my mental endurance. My family - Sometimes family members want to join me on walks/runs, and I end up waiting around to do things with them that don't end up happening and I am derailed, or sometimes the distance they are willing to go is less than I need to go to meet my goals. Also, if I go for a walk with one family member, then another will have hurt feelings that I didn't wait and go with them, but if I do that the first feels left out. Their schedules rarely converge, and I don't like to deal with the resulting friction. I have quit walking more than once due to frustration with this. I say that they are the obstacle, but in the end, isn't it really me? I'm still the one who needs to find a way to balance my desire to workout vs. pleasing others. I have decided to be less flexible and do my walks/runs alone, which I actually prefer anyway. Also, I probably won't bring up the fact that I have started walking again. Pull-Ups - I would love to be able to do a pull up, but seem to be stuck with my pull up progressions. I am experimenting with working my way up to 3 sets of 12 negatives so I can progress. But any advice would be wonderful and most appreciated! Planks - My side plank times have been decreasing for the past two workouts. Not sure what's going on with that. If I don't see improvements next time, I will need to figure out how to address this. Scoring: Bodyweight Workouts: 17-18 =A | 15-16=B | 13-14=C | 11-12=D | 10 or fewer=F Yoga Challenge: 27-30=A | 24-26=B | 21-23 =C | 18-20=D | 17 or fewer=F Walking/Running/Biking: 11-12=A | 9-10=B | 7- 8=C | 5- 6=D | 4 or fewer=F Looking forward to Monday!
  9. It's can be hard when your spouse is not on the same page. The important thing is not to try to force them to make the same choices as you, as this may cause them to feel resentful or deprived. If you don't already do so, can you start building "microbursts" of exercise into your lifestyle. For instance, the idea of a long walk may be daunting. But how about choosing a parking lot that isn't as close to the store, if you don't already do so. You can park a row further away than normal and gradually increase the distance until you are parking at the far end of the lot and walking a longer distance to enter the store. (Bonus points if you beat the person cruising in circles to find the closest parking spot into the building). If you consistently make small lifestyle changes, she may start to notice little changes in herself, which may give her the hope to try something more. Also, setting a good example, but not picking on her choices can make a world of difference. Not judging her choices is important. Give her time to observe what you are doing and she may ask why you are doing/eating X. If she does ask, frame it in a positive manner as something your are doing because you love it (which should be the truth), rather than as good vs. bad choices. She may even tiptoe into making small changes, which may eventually lead to bigger ones. It could take months before you notice her trying anything different, or she may never do anything differently. Either way, it has to be her choice. What you can change is yourself. As far as food choices, try to find healthy foods that taste absolutely decadent to you. As you eat more of these, you will feel less need to eat other desserts, or will find yourself eating smaller portions of the dessert because it just isn't as good as what you usually eat. Chances are, if you truly are enjoying your healthier treat, she will want to try it, and if she likes it you can add it into the treat rotation. You could both still eat ice cream occasionally, but it would naturally happen less often as you would both be enjoying other treats as well.
  10. Hah! Funny!!! I read it as "in pots on" - didn't notice the poison.
  11. Checking in, wondering how your challenge ended.
  12. Sounds as if you were smashing your challenge last time you posted. How do you feel you did overall?
  13. Glad you are taking advantage of the nice weather. Shoulder is better. Very slowly gaining strength but I still really notice the weakness. Completed my second NF challenge, kind of lost momentum the last couple of weeks, but regaining it again at the moment. As long as I keep going I will do just fine - just won't make progress as quickly as I could. Will be doing a 5K this weekend. Due to my lack of consistency, I will be walking/jogging. I am curious to see how I do.
  14. I see you went silent for awhile too. Curious to know how your challenge turned out.
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