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  1. 4 blood draws and 2 days later and I can happily say I don't have the baby beetus! We started working from home at my office, which meant me switching to a different program than the one I have been comfortable with for the past 10 years. Fortunately I used it before while in school and I have an awesome co worker that has been a ton of help getting back up to speed. It has allowed me to get a bit of extra rest, ill be saving about 30.00 a week on tolls, and I don't require pants! But I'm sure my steps have gone down, and I need to focus more on getting a bit of exercise e
  2. I am still here, and alive, and doing fairly well with my goals This past week was a bit of a mess, and today the family and I decided to cancel my baby showers up in MI since it required me traveling so I am pretty bummed about that. I also failed the first glucose test for gestational diabetes so I need to go back Monday for the 3 hours one. I have been eating way too much sweets so after that phone call yesterday I sat down and made myself a proper meal plan structure. Tomorrow we shop for supplies (mainly cottage cheese, plain yogurt, berries/citrus, and veggies)
  3. This week has been going well, though I wasn't getting enough veggies still and my hunger is increasing (normal at this stage from what I am reading). After snacking on too many sweets during work yesterday I stopped at the store and picked up fresh veggies, yogurt dressing, and popcorn. Had a salad plate of fresh veggies with 2 tbs of the yogurt dressing and a few olives with my sandwich for lunch today, so my plan worked at least for today. I have taken walks every day this week, and today is my first Barre class of the week. I also charged my fit bit so I can keep a better ey
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement!
  5. So this weekend I got myself to my first Barre class, I read that it was a good choice for pregnant ladies and found a groupon. While it was completely out of my normal realm everyone was extremely nice, it kicked my ass (need to wear my fitbit to better watch my HR this week), and I'm not so sore that I hate my life. These classes will be my workouts for the remainder of this challenge Last weeks final scores: Walks 4 of 4 Workouts 1.5 of 2 (I did a BW workout but it was rushed and kinda lame so only half credit) Veggies, not sure the exact coun
  6. Still on track with things overall, though my next day prep still eludes me. Tuesday I made myself veggie stir fry with egg over rice for dinner, and last night we made homemade stroganoff and I chopped up a cucumber salad to have with it. Yesterday I got a couple short walks in but it was too warm and sticky to enjoy my usual longer walk around lunch time, and I didn't get in my first workout but I'll be tacking that today. To tally things out so far this week: Walks - 2 of 4 Workouts - 0 of 2 Fruit/Veggies every day - 3 days
  7. So far so good this week. Got my walk in and helped the Mr. get the crib upstairs yesterday so he can put that together today. Veggies were on the low end Monday, but I basically skipped lunch and we had breakfast for dinner. I at least got a decent amount of protein in which was difficult at the start of my pregnancy. Today I'll be taking some time to do some bodyweight work and light KB arm exercises to see how sore I am the following days and help gauge where I'm at. Didn't make my 9:30 get ready for the day thing happen last night, mainly b
  8. Those are some good ultimate goals, I remember when I hit 200 on my squat and felt like a tiny god For the lifting goals you may want to work in some additional accessories post cross fit once you get the classes down. Floor press for bench and leg press/speed squats/pause squats helped improve my numbers really well. Good luck!
  9. .TIFF

    RES: FEeD me

    Showing up late but really liking your challenge, and never realized you were a fellow FL resident up until now. I give you props on the mud run, I did one a couple years back and felt way too short to do a lot of the obstacles safely, lol.
  10. So I wrote up a bunch of stuff last week for this and then didn't touch my computer once I got home to start it properly. I have been MIA for a while, mainly due to the fact that I couldn't seem to even think of goals I wanted to tackle let alone put them down and keep up with them on here. Yesterday marks week 23 of my pregnancy, and I am happy to say things are going well and all is normal this go around I have however also stopped working out, haven't been to the gym this whole pregnancy and as I get further along I know I need to start getting a bit
  11. HI!!! Now I am sad and went all MIA due to my (very wanted) parasite.... You saying hi on IG has brought be back, and with a better username The Mr. completely understands how bad twitter can be, for a while he was sucked into that and we both agree it gives you brain worms, so good on your for getting out. I also wish I wasn't due 2 months prior to your adventure challenge course because I would totally at least do that hike with you.
  12. So I decided to try out Keto again because that seems to be the only diet I can stick with for a decent amount of time that gives me good results... Here is hoping. I also found my new fav keto breakfast, full fat cottage cheese with tomato/cucumber/red onion salad and half an avocado. Last week wasn't as good as it should have been, but I wasn't lazy too often. Yesterday was so nice I even got some work done on the front porch, so while I didn't walk I didn't just sit and play video games which is a win overall. Weekly Stats - Week 2: Mile Goal Hit
  13. The Mr. kind of ruined my plan so I didn't have the lamb Friday, but I did make it for myself last night and I get the leftovers too! Haven't been on top of my walks but I did get a decent amount of calories burned from cleaning out the closet in the front and organizing things yesterday. I had to get up super early and get the Mr. to the airport for his work trip so that put me off kilter. Ordered some wall hooks to finish up the closet and then I am moving on to another couple projects that have needed to get done for some time.
  14. Yesterday I clocked in almost 5 miles total. Even got a bit of running in, and by bit I mean like 30 seconds, lol. I jogged a decent amount as well but it felt more difficult than it has lately, limbs just felt heavy. Today like every day after I jog/run during my walks my left knee is angry, and even my ankle is not happy so I will be icing it today and foam rolling my calves. Making lamb tenderloin chops (I think, the ones that look like mini T-Bone steaks) with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted green beans tonight, super excited.
  15. Wednesday was a rest day that I didn't plan but did need. Ended up taking a 4 hr nap, which I don't do naps really ever so my body was telling me something. I also got a lot of training in/portfolio work, and while I went out for lunch I came home with half of it so my portion control was pretty spot on. A bit disheartened today because I feel like I am making no progress on the scale, just found out I didn't get the job I applied for, frustrated with life... Got out for my AM walk with Fish though, and I will be doing jogging/walking intervals this evening once it cools down a
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