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    Tiffany D - Embraces the Endomorph

    "In bodybuilding lingo - an endomorph is a person whose bulking period is marked by a large amount of fat gain in addition to muscle gain, and whose cutting period is marked by a long and difficult attempt at fat loss." ^ This is me... So today was Day 1 of a 42 day plan that includes paleo-ish (because some people aren't ok with the potatoes) eating, no adult beverages, and more workouts than I have ever done on a consistent basis in my life. But F'it, I'm rocking this. Yesterday I took about 4 hours to meal prep, and already learned that the meal plan I got was a bit too involved with switching days and such so I am going to switch out some proteins and carbs and make it a bit more meal prep friendly. But I still have 4 full days of meals made and substitutions for the SO (he still get's tacos, the bastard). I will stick to the macro counts, ect, just not going to make ground beef and eggs for my breakfasts, ect. I really need this go to work for me, and not just because I am sick of hovering between 184-180 (seriously 179 need to show the F up), but I also groupon'd a new age sexy glamour shots when I was feeling super down on myself and it's fast approaching it's expiration date. Goal 1 : Stick to Macros/Meal Plan - Only deviations allowed are my quest bars, and fasting requirements since I will be working out twice a day most days. * People are not on my menu Goal 2 : Stick to workout plan, it's cardio/HIIT and at home training so no excuses. Goal 3 : No Adult Beverages - NADDA for 42 days * Me being consoled for my loss I know I will see some serious results, I just have to be serious * Will be adding measurements tomorrow AM, just didn't have time this morning and this weekend was my farewell to dairy and pasta...