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  1. Yesterday was kind of a bleh day where I didn't do much. I did still go for my walk, and I did not spend anything on stupid shit so it's still a win. I haven't been tracking so far this week and I do need to get back to it but I also haven't been going overboard and only eating between 12/1 - 9pm daily so I am glad that as long as I make decent decisions I can still see the scale going down. Today I am working out, I don't know what that means yet but it will be a thing.
  2. Oh yeah, I am more thinking ladylike light, lol. If anything I just want to be better at hair and makeup for when I feel like putting that effort in. And my hair is getting pretty damn long, like almost hitting the tramp stamp (18 and stupid) length now. While I have an under cut now, I am going to need some braids and buns to get through the FL summer for sure. I will also admit that I love having hollywood hair, so being able to pull that off on my own would be nice.
  3. TiffanyD

    Adaptation is What Rangers do Best! Tanktimus Deals With a New Schedule

    As someone that has gone through a lot in general in the past few months, and also has been dealing with a less than lovely work situation I really understand both how important it is to look for the positive, and how difficult that can be sometimes. Since the changes at my office I have felt that the last 3 years of my efforts were tossed in the trash and that no one is really looking out for my team in the way they should be. I also now have no personal growth goals to focus on which is a big motivator for me. We can say that I have been less than positive, so I started with "this is a paycheck that will let me do the things I want to do", and little by little I have gotten out of my tailspin. I hope you continue to find the positive, and something good comes out of the changes for you.
  4. Weekly Checklist: Week 2 No Spend Walk Monday [x] [x] Didn't track my food last night, though it wasn't too far off the usual burned 2466 with 56 active min. Tuesday [x] [x] Didn't track food again but also didn't go overboard with anything, burned 2102 with 31 active min. Wednesday [ ] [ ] Thursday [ ] [ ] Friday [ ] [ ] Saturday [ ] [ ] Sunday [ ] [ ]
  5. Well Fridays lunch kicked my ass, I know it was a mix of the circuit training/less calories/more working out all week in general that did it. So I am going to plan out lighter/heavier days to keep from burn out this week. Saturday and Sunday I was in fact lazy and enjoyed a bit too much food and wine. So while I want to make sure I stay on track during the week I will really focus on getting a solid weekend as well. This is already in the works as I have a workout session with a friend that is interested in using the free weights more, this is planned for Sunday. This was noticed on the scale since Saturday morning I was down to 184 from 188 the previous week, and today I am at 186.6 Today I will be jogging over lunch, and have some band/resistance exercises I want to do when I get home as well. I have a protein bar and some pistachios for lunch because I didn't meal prep, so I will have cottage cheese and a diced tomato when I get home, and then dinner is steaks and potatoes with roasted brussels sprouts.
  6. Had a good walk and workout yesterday. Figured out me new 1 rep max bench with is 125lbs, I was sad I didnt hit the big girl plates. At least I know where I'm at now and can work towards getting back to 160lbs. Going for a run today over lunch, and relaxing once I get home and get some chores done.
  7. So I am going over the things that I want to improve upon this year, and it seems I can't just stick with something which is what I really need to improve but I am going to take a new approach and just focus on small fixes. Things I want to improve: 1. Overall Fitness and Health 2. My ability to be ladylike 3. My savings and budget 4. My organization/home This challenge I am going to focus mostly on 1 and 3 with a small bit of two rolled in. This challenge I will not buy any crap on amazon/online, no clothes, no projects, no STUFF. This will help me get my CC's paid down because while I am fine financially I could be better. This challenge I will track my calorie intake and protein with a goal of 1500-1700 calories total and 130 grams of protein daily. If I have a super intense day I can add an extra 200 calories of carbs, but the work must be accounted for as well. *March 7th and 8th are freebie days because hockey game/mini getaway. - This may also change up after 2 weeks if I need to add/subtract based on weight loss and calories burned on average. This challenge I will take a decent walk or hop on my max trainer every single day. I am more than welcome to have other workouts, but I also tend to get super hungry when I train hard and I am trying to stay away from that monster. On Feb 27th I have a "Buns and Braids" class to help with my ladylike goal, once this is complete I will practice what I have learned 3 days a week. It's a bit far into the challenge to be a steady goal but I did want to write it down. Extra Credit: Post 5 things on Poshmark for sale, all proceeds of my sales will go toward CC/Other debt. *will flash this challenge up a bit once I get home and can hunt for gifs *FIXED