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  1. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    Last week was the first week I have been happy with hitting my goals for a challenge in a really long time, it wasn't 100% but it was solid. 4 of 5 workouts complete, including the worst squat day I have ever had. I didn't do leg accessories yesterday, but it was mainly due to the fact that I really felt they needed a break. 5 out of 7 days were good on macros, not perfect, but good. The weekend went to crap in part due to a holiday party, and I am struggling to not enjoy adult beverages on my days off and in general for the holiday. I have been drinking all the water, even on the weekends.
  2. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    Yesterday was solid besides forgetting my pre bed protein shake, so I was a bit low on protein and 200+ under on calories for the day. I did do my cardio though, really not sure how I am going to get through squats today.... Hopefully my body acclimates to this stuff quickly.
  3. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    Yesterdays Bench session along with the leg DOMS has me feeling like I've been hit by a bus, lol. Was a bit low on protein and carbs last night, but not too horrible overall. Weight seems stable as of this morning. Today is a rest day, but a walk is in order and some stretching. I am supposed to do a HIIT cardio session, but I don't know that my legs will take that today so ill play it by ear. Cooked lunches for the rest of the week yesterday, so pesto chicken thighs, with wild and brown rice and zucchini is on the menu with teriyaki beef and broccoli tonight.
  4. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    I am alive! And still in this challenge, but things have changed up a bit I decided to work with this lady trainer I found on IG, and got my new schedule/nutrition sunday. Keto was switched to a full balanced macro plan, and I was really worried yesterday morning when I woke up to an extra 2 lbs and a ballooned gut, but it's starting to subside already and I am down one of those pounds today. I have been going solid so far, and did my first heavy workout in months last night. My back and bum are reminding me today. I did: DL 4 x 5 at 210, after 2 warmup sets with 135lbs and 185lbs Supersets of Bulgarian Split Squats and Goblet Squats 3 sets of 12 each leg and 12 Both Hamstring curl machines (sitting and prone) at around 60lbs for 3 sets of 15 each 10 Jump Squats for a final burn out... could have done more, but I didn't. Today is Bench Day... And macros are pretty solid but we have a communication lunch so I need to watch my portions on that.
  5. So the last week of my last week of my last challenge I decided to go keto again. And it was the first time I had stuck to anything for over a week in a long time, and I made some serious progress before thanksgiving food fest 2017. I know a large part of my issue is that I haven't wanted to be at my gym. It's odd how a sentence or two coming from someone you thought was a friend can do that. And really while my work has been a shit storm since Sept I could make it in, I just let myself use the excuse that work has been busy. So this challenge I am going to start off with the one thing I know I can stick to, and let myself stay home, but I have to have a happy medium and actually put in some work too. Goal 1: 90% Keto until Christmas. I have found I can treat myself with a bit of wine, or a small bowl of ice cream here and there and not jump ship so those are allowed. Goal 2: Do something with weights once a week. I am allowing myself to stay away from the gym, so I can go if I want to but I can also use all the damn equipment at my house if I want to as well. Goal 3: Do some Cardio. I have a few yoga videos that are also serious cardio and a max trainer, must use them twice a week. Note: Drink all the damn water. This helps me stay on track more than anything else so it needs to stay in focus. Starting Stats Go Here: TBD tomorrow AM since I am late to the end of year party.